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Huilu Ehr'Sha

398, 399, looks about mid 20s

April 5th


Ice dragon



Freelance artist/Ehr'Sha clan leader

Human form:
-175cm; 5'9ft
-Curvy and frail, long thin limbs, doesn't look muscular. Has long fingers, doesn't have pinkies in either hands, ring finger and index finger in left hand, middle finger in right hand and is also missing two toes from both feet. The fingers and toes have been replaced by replicas made from magic infused ice.
-Delicate features, narrow mouth with small plump lips and small, slightly upwards tilted nose. Pointy chin and smooth, slightly round cheeks. Has heavy-lidded eyes with long dark lashes, left eye is bright yellow and right one is green. Has a beauty mark under her lip on the left side and under her right eye.
-Wavy and pretty thick egyptian blue hair that reaches slightly past shoulders, likes to keep it loose or on a small ponytail.
-In clothing prefers comfy but stylish style, like simple and little too big white or black shirts or sweaters, long skirts or leggins and sneakers or ballerina shoes. Likes to play around with jewelry and can sometimes have a ring on every finger. Uses some makeup, usually only mascara, light eyeshadow and lip gloss.

Dragon form:

Saphira(Eragon) by Neboveria
-11 meters tall, 23 meters long with her tail.
-Feline-like slender but muscular body with small paws.
-Bright ice blue scales, tail, stomach and area along the spine from top of the head is covered in thin long ice spikes that resemble fur. Also has the ice spikes on her cheeks, elbows and knees.
-Has long sharp bone spikes on her neck, sharp claws and needle-like teeth.

Calm and collected
Affectionate with those she cares about
Creative and artistic
Has childlike wonder
Pushes herself too hard
Wants her clan and community to thrive
Still unsure of her capabilities as a leader
Has trouble relying on others
Tends to think her opinion is the right one
Bit bossy
Won't quit what she has started

Shifting & Partial Shifting: Huilu has a dragon form that she can entirely or partially shift into. In this form Huilu has supernatural strength and senses and a body designed for surviving in harsh mountain environment with sharp, tough claws and teeth that can shatter rock.

Ice Creation & Manipulation: Huilu can create ice and manipulate it at will. The biggest amount of ice she can create and manipulate at a time is a rectangle that's 2 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide on all sides. Huilu can only manipulate ice she herself has created. Huilu's own ice is twice as dense and hard as normal ice and can only be melted by magical means.

Calming Touch: Huilu can calm emotional turmoil through physical touch. Huilu has to have skin to skin contact with the one she wishes to soothe, and they have to be emotionally agitated. This ability has no effect on those that are already feeling calm. The effect lasts as long as Huilu is in contact with the person and disappears immediately when she lets go.
When Huilu uses this ability the person affected feels like their mind and emotions are wrapped in a cool, soft blanket, they find it difficult to get riled up or agitated anymore and feel calm and level-headed. Their body heat, if elevated, will also return back to normal temperature.
The effect can be fought back, if the person has stronger willpower than Huilu.
Huilu can control the degree of soothing she puts upon a person. She can either slightly soothe them, or straight-up force them to calm down. The first one can easily be pushed back and aside, but the latter can only be fought back by a person with great mental strength.
As a backlash of using this ability whenever Huilu uses it her body temperature lowers. The more intensely she soothes someone more her body temperature lowers. After slightly soothing someone her body temperature goes down to 36, maybe 35.5 degrees celsius from the normal 37.5. But if Huilu uses her full capacity her temperature can go down to 33 degrees celsius and she starts getting hypothermia. This backlash does not have a time limit and simply lasts until the body temperature rises naturally or Huilu is transported into warmer surrroundings to get it to rise.
Long Lifespan: Huilu will live around 40 000-50 000 years and at the end of her life will be unable to remain in human form anymore. At an old age starts gradually turning into ice and ends up as a large ice statue of a dragon.

-Strength: Huilu's body is at the peak of human condition and in total she can lift 500kg, and her top speed is around 40mph.
-Regeneration: In both dragon and human form Huilu's body has regenerative abilities. In dragon form wounds heal in couple of minutes and broken bones take about half an hour. In human form wounds heal in 15-30 minutes and broken bones take a day or so. In dragon form Huilu can regrow limbs if they are torn off in that form but any limbs she loses in human form won't grow back. Brain damage and lethal injuries won't heal. Burns heal twice as slowly.
-Supernatural Senses: In both human and dragon form Huilu's senses are on par with nature's greatest predators.
-Ice fingers: Huilu has lost a large amount of fingers to frostbite, and they have been replaced my fingers made from her own unmelting ice that has been infused by magic that links the fingers to her will and allows them to move almost normally.

Cold Bringer: Huilu has an aura that makes the air around her feel colder. The temperature around her is always about 2-8 degrees celsius lower. The range of this aura is 6'5ft and it is outside Huilu's control. The aura doesn't affect Huilu's own body temperature and it's effects disappear when Huilu is asleep.
The aura is linked to Huilu's emotional state, and negative feelings cause the temperature around her lower and positive feelings cause it to heighten. When Huilu is angry or sad the temperature around her can get even 8 degrees celsius lower than her surroundings, and when she's happy the temperature is only around 2 degrees lower. When she's neutral it's around 3 degrees celsius lower.
Cold: Huilu's human body is more sensitive to changes in temperature and she gets hypothermia more easily than normal. In dragon form Huilu's body can handle low temperatures.

Fire: Huilu is weak to fire and all fire-based magic. She gets burns more easily and fire-based magic does twice more damage than normal, and burns take twice as long to heal.

Anemia: Huilu has a weak constitution and her body produces less blood than normal. If she doesn't keep herself properly nourished she gets anemia.

Huilu was born to community of alpine ice dragons. She is the current community chief's cousin and the leader of the Ehr'Sha clan, which is the clan of the current chief's mother is from.
Huilu was and is the only child of the Ehr'Sha clan's old leader Khoro, who was the Rukt'In siblings' mother's brother. Right from the beginning she was meant to inherit the leader's position in the clan and, despite her resistance at the beginning, Huilu was thoroughly trained and educated for the job.
From a young age Huilu had a weak constitution and the rare weakness against cold, that ran in her family. Huilu was quite sheltered and was pretty much forced to stay inside most of the time, though she wanted to go outside and play with the other kids. Even if it meant risking hypothermia. But Huilu's parents, knowing of their daughter's adventurous personality, kept her under strict surveillance and her days were spent studying or playing inside. Which was boring her to death.
But at night no one was watching her and Huilu had the habit of dressing in her thickest clothes possible and sneaking out to see the Ancients, the giant ice statues of dragons that the community was built around. Seeing those intricate, beautiful giants was partly the reason why Huilu took up ice sculpting at a young age.
Huilu always took good care to not stay in the cold for too long in human form, because she was very well aware of her weakness. But one night she had been up late sketching and, despite being tired, went out to the Ancients. Huilu liked looking at them in human form, they looked bigger that way, and thus when she fell asleep in the snow Huilu had no protection against the freezing cold air aside from her clothes.
Huilu's mother found her couple of hours later, after she had discovered her daughter's bed empty. She followed Huilu's scent and found her nearly frozen to death. Huilu was rescued thanks to her mother finding her soon enough, but she lost multiple fingers and toes to frostbite.
Huilu was completely forbidden from going out without permission and someone to watch her for many months afterwards, and from then on she had a guard assigned for the night so she couldn't sneak out.

When she became a young adult Huilu became more serious about her studies to become a chief(mostly because her mother half forced her to). Surprisingly Huilu discovered she had a knack for leading despite her tendency to daydream. Her methods were un-orthodox and didn't follow those of her father but Huilu cared for other people and had an air of authority and dignity similar to that of her father. But when Huilu, after a couple of decades more training, started working as her father's assistant advisor she started seeing what kind of leader he was. He was manipulative and unjust to those he did not favour, but did a good job at hiding it from the chief and other clan leaders. And none of the clan members did not dare complain, as they were scared and thus just kept their heads down in hopes nothing happened to them or their families.
Naturally Huilu, who did not want her clan to be treated like this, took it up with her father multiple times. But her father, in his manipulative way, was always able to dodge all accusations and pleads from her. No one inside the clan was ready or willing to stand up to Huilu's father, and he had many people outside the clan bribed or scared to submission. So when Huilu asked help from the previous chief himself no evidence of foul play was found.

Huilu, now around 120 years old, was frustrated at her incapability of doing anything. And when her mother, her father's balancing force, died because of an illness around that time Huilu's father in his grief even tightened his iron grip. Huilu was also forced to obey him, and she was elevated to the position of an official advisor. Not that her father ever actually listened to her.
A century went by and Huilu, though she kept herself busy with her duties and ice sculpting, felt her frustration grow. She saw the community's and her clan's state and was one of the first ones to think their ways should be changed, although she did not voice these thoughts. She knew she was ahead of her time and instead observed the minds and opinions of her fellow citizens, looking for the right moment to step up.
Suddenly the Rukt'In clan miraculously started producing heirs, and the community started bustling about the future chief. And so did Huilu. She was quite sure the chief was purposefully turning a blind eye to her father's actions, and she hoped the new chief, her cousin, would help her free the Ehr'Sha clan.

Huilu got along with all her little cousins and like their other cousin Liun from their father's side she played and spent time with all of them and tried to work as a peacemaker between the siblings, using her calming touch if necessary. Huilu was shocked when it was decided that Shul was to be banished and was strongly against it. After that incident she also started voicing her thoughts about opening the community and joining together with the outside world, and as Fweiu was appointed as the new chief Huilu stood by her through the outside influences and divide within the community. Huilu never wavered in her conviction to make things more modern and better for the community she cared about so deeply.
During those times Huilu also openly spoke against her father and made him her enemy.

Years went by and the great divide of the community came to be. Although Huilu's father was against integrating he did not go to Antarctica, refusing to let his leadership position go. And as people from the Rukt'In family started traveling to the island of Manta Carlos Huilu wanted to go too. But she felt like she couldn't leave the community, like watching her father was her responsibility. But then Huilu's father was killed. The killing was staged as a suicide, but the people investigating could see he could've been killed, and an investigation was launched.
Huilu suspected her father had been assassinated, probably by someone inside the Ehr'Sha clan. Her suspiciouns were proved right, when she received a message telling her to step down, or she would be killed next.

Huilu, knowing she wasn't safe in the community, left one of her older cousins, that she knew was loyal to her, in charge as her representative and travelled to Manta Carlos. She's there to take refuge but also to learn about the outside world and, as an artist, Huilu wants to know about different styles and techniques she is not familiar with.

Lives with her adoptive son Eein in a rented house, also has two other teenagers Whisp and S'loo from Akt'Anir living with her
Gets supported by her community and sells some of her ice sculptures
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Name: Huilu Ehr'Sha
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Gender: Female
Species: Ice dragon
Height: 175cm; 5'9ft
Build: Curvy and frail, long limbs

Notable Features:
-Quite beautiful
-Bright egyptian blue shoulder length hair
-Different coloured eyes, right is yellow and left is green
-Missing multiple fingers and toes that have been replaced with ice replicas. Move same way as normal fingers

Physical Quirks:
-May click her ice fingers together when thinking
-May get anemic or cold

Abilities Summary:
-Ice creation and manipulation
-Can calm emotional turmoil through physical touch
-Strong, fast and has regeneration
-Has an aura that makes the air around her colder, wears a warning bracelet

Reputation: Has only recently artived on the island, but may be known as just part of the bunch of ice dragons that recently came to the island

Misc Information: ICC image is commission by @Keen
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