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Mar 24, 2018
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House Of Volkov
Russian restaurant, Wolf's Den vodka bar & microdistillery

Owned and run by the VFI(Volkov family international) House of Volkov offers you the finest Russian cuisine at its best. The menu includes traditional Russian food as well as old recipes given new, delicious spins. The microdistillery on the premises produces the best Russian vodka, that's also widely used in the food, and offers several different interesting flavours.

The building itself has two stories, the downstairs is the restaurant and the second floor is reserved for the vodka bar and liquor store.

The restaurant is inspired by Russian architecture and the interior is built from dark wood and metal and the decor is designed in warm shades of gold and red. All furniture was picked thinking about comfort and style. The menu has unique dishes and there's a special menu, that changes every week. The staff if equipped to deal with any special needs and diets and the chefs can improvise a dish, that matches your exact tastes.

The restaurant is open from 2pm to midnight.

Wolf's Den

The vodka bar at the second floor is accessible through a staircase at the back of the restaurant, an old ornate elevator by those stairs or a separate, wide entryway at the side of the building. The bar carries it's own separate name and goes by Wolf's Den. It's interior is slightly brighter and more colourful than the restaurant downstairs, and ia decorated by many different Russian works of art.
At the bar you can also enjoy all the different kinds of vodka and simple Russian bar foods, that are as delicious as the cuisine downstairs. You can also purchase bottles of the vodka handmade at the site.

The bar is open from 6pm to 4am.

Prices & Services

The price within both establishments ranges from easily affordable to high. The restaurant takes both reservations and drop-ins and it has a 2 VIP rooms that are available to book ahead of time. Both the bar and restaurant are available to rent for private events, if the reservation is placed at least 4 weeks before the event.


If you are interested in having your character work at House of Volkov please contact me, EmiRose, via DM either in SA or Discord

House of Volkov also acts as a cover operation for the Russian Volkov mafia, that has recently established itself in Manta Carlos. This is kept under tight wraps, and only people deeply involved in the illegal activities on the island know about it.
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