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Mar 24, 2018
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From a dollmaker by Y_at


Hesiod Proxenitis

92, looks around 30

September 23rd


God of Requited Love And Ties


Matchmaker/Business Owner

-183cm; 6'0"
-Lean and slim, looks like he works out but isn't overly ripped. Has wide shoulders and long limbs, has a tattoo that covers half of his left shoulder and upper arm.
-Long neck and attractive features, has no visible imperfections. Has two vertical beauty marks under his left eye. Has so-called bedroom eyes, that are silver coloured.
-Has wavy, bright pink hair that reaches his neck.
-Wears either simple but stylish clothes, like tight t-shirts or shirts and denim or leather jackets, and jeans, or wears business casual clothes like dress shirts and ties and straight pants.

Protective - Hesiod protects whoever is close to him fiercely, and if someone hurts anyone he cares about Hesiod's revenge will be imminent and possibly horrifying.

Possessive - Hesiod likes to keep both his belongings and loved ones close, and is prone to jealousy. Hesiod is suspicious of anyone who tries to claim what he considers his.

Drama Queen - Everything is just so dramatic with Hesiod, and he likes putting up a show, whether it's about him or something else. He often overreacts, and things are blown out of proportion more often than not. Then again Hesiod can also read the room, and knows when to turn his showmanship down a notch.

Cunning - When Hesiod knows what he wants he will get it, even if it took forever. Hesiod knows proper ways to get his way, and is excellent at manipulating people without them ever noticing. He tries to avoid it though, Hesiod doesn't like using people.

Proud - Hesiod takes things personally a bit too easily, and when his pride is bruised Hesiod will not back down before it is avenged.

Self-Indulgent - Hesiod enjoys pampering himself, and he is used to the finer things in life. Naturally he will bear with more modest accommodations if needed, but if he could choose Hesiod would always pick the most expensive option.

Impulsive - Hesiod has a bad habit of just jumping into things head first without thinking them through, and has often gotten into trouble bevause of it. Hesiod always sticks with what he starts though, and strives to not regret the things he does.

Mostly Honest - If possible Hesiod would always prefer to tell the truth, but he also cannog bear to be honest to a fault and slips out white lies here and there. And part of his job is saying things that aren't entirely true, so lying is a must.

Emotional - Hesiod is easily overwhelmed by emotion, and he can feel a lot in a short time. He tries to not let his judgement be always controlled by emotion, but what can you do when most of your work involves dealing with emotions. But then again, in crisis situations Hesiod is very calm and controlled, because adrenaline and high risk situations cool his head and make him efficient and steady.

Heart Of Gold - Hesiod, despite his faults, is a good man, and thinks about common good and other people first. He has hard time saying no to heartfelt requests of help, and helps those who are doing worse than him. It can maybe come off as nosy or meddlesome, but Hesiod just cannot help but try and support others.

What Heart Desires: Hesiod has the ability to make people realize their feelings, if they are vague or the person is uncertain about them. This acts as a kind of nudge to the right direction, and Hesiod can't change how a person is feeling about something.
To use this ability Hesiod needs to be within 10ft of the person and they have to have a tie between them that Hesiod can see, and activate this ability. It allows Hesiod to detect, if the person has feelings he isn't aware of or is uncertain about., and what those feelings are and towards whom For example, if someone is uncertain whether they like someone romantically or not Hesiod can make them either realize that they like the other person romantically, or that they only feel platonic love, depending on which way the person is leaning more emotionally. Hesiod can make the person realize their true feelings, and clear their uncertainty or hesitation. This effect is subtle, and to the one affected seems like a heureka-type realization.
Immortal: Hesiod stopped aging when his body reached the age of 27, and he is incapable of dying from aging and sickness. If Hesiod dies his body will disintegrate and then be reborn few days later in Olympus.

-Supernatural Beauty: Hesiod is supernaturally beautiful and anyone can find at least one feature in him attractive.
-Hawk Eyes: Hesiod's eyesight is as good as hawk's, but his other senses are that of a mortal.
-Animal Whisperer: Hesiod can tell, how animals are feeling if they are within 10ft of him and through touch Hesiod can read their thoughts.
-Wine Body: Hesiod's blood and all the liquids his body secretes(sweat, tears, urine etc.) are sacred wine. This wine is among the best known, and if a mortal were to drink one mouthful they'd become drunk nearly instantly. If Hesiod drinks this wine it has no effect on him, though he can still taste it. This wine also has healing abilities, and if it's applied directly onto any wound it heals within a minute. The amount of wine applied on the wound in question has to be enough to cover it in its entirety or it won't heal. The healing has no effect on Hesiod either. And if a person drains Hesiod's body completely of its blood before his body disintegrated and drank all of it they would become immortal.
-Easily Intoxicated: Hesiod is very easily affected by alcohol that is not his own sacred wine, and it works on him 60% quicker than it does on a normal human male his size. It also affects Hesiod the same amount longer, but his hangover's are nearly nonexistent and he is immune to alcohol poisoning.

Connecting Strings: When two people get within 25ft of each other Hesiod can see what kind of connection they have or if they have any via the string, or thin flow that he can see between them. The string's colour is different for, for example, friendship, romantic partner, hated rival and family. How clearly Hesiod can see the string shows how strong the bond is. And through that string Hesiod can see how the parties feel about the other via how much the string quivers as the two interact. When the string is at peace and smooth it means the relationship is steady and working, and is it trembles and twists it means there is disturbance is the relationship. And if Hesiod touches a string with the index finger of his right hand he can tell what both parties are thinking about the other at that moment. Doing this gives Hesiod headache and he avoids doing it too much.
Between two people, that have never met there is no string, but the moment they interact with each other a string forms, that gradually gains colour if the two keep interacting with each other.

Sun & Moon Peak: When sun or moon are at their very peak Hesiod gets a power boost for one minute after either celestial body reaches its highest point. All Hesiod's abilities double in power, and he becomes twice as physically strong.

Fated Meetings: When two people, that are compatible with each other in any shape or form get within 20ft of each other and Hesiod is within 30ft of the two he can feel it as a kind of tingling, that is similar to having butterflies in your stomach.
Twilight & Dawn: The times between night and day, when the sun is either setting or rising Hesiod is at his weakest both physically and mentally. During the times the sun is only partially showing in the horizon he cannot use any of his abilities, and his physical strength goes down by half and he feels weak. The moment the sun is either completely gone or completely out again Hesiod gets all his strength back.

True Love's Curse: Hesiod has been cursed since birth to only be able to romantically love one person during his eternal lifetime. Once he falls in love once he cannot stop loving the person he fell for, and he cannot fall in love with other people.

Hesiod's, and his twin sister's, birth wasn't...an ordinary one, by far.
Aphrodite one day got curious about what would happen if she combined the essence of her lustful self, and that of Artemis, one forever sworn to celibacy and virginity. Despite the long-lasting rivalry and hatred between the two goddesses, or perhaps because of it, Aphrodite wanted to prove Artemis could pursue and attain sex and love. And if she could show Artemis a being born from her could attain both it could act as proof. It would be the greatest "Screw you".(Only Aphrodite was not aware of what had happened between Orion and Artemis, and thus these plans were doomed from the start)
And so Aphrodite offered to give Artemis a haircut, saying that a shorter style would greatly fit the huntress. Artemis declined at first, but after some convincing, agreed. Aphrodite proceeded to give Artemis a rather stylish pixie haircut. Artemis liked it very much, thankfully, and Aphrodite got what she wanted. She kept Artemis' hair, and similarly cut off almost all of her own hair(shedding many tears while at it). Aphrodite took the essence from both her own and Artemis' hair, creating new life, and put the newborn seed of life to incubate in a sacred bottle of wine Aphrodite had received from Dionysos. And in that bottle this new, immortal life matured. Or actually it was two. Years went past, until finally the bottle broke and out came Hesiod and his twin sister, now with a 10-year-old bodies, two brand new gods of requited and unrequited love.

Aphrodite told everyone the twins were just another result of an affair, and no one questioned it. The gods whose essences were used to make the twins were slightly suspicious, but they mostly ignored it.
Hesiod and his sister were raised on Olympus, learning about as much as he could about his powers without knowing how he actually came to be. The two grew up very fast, and Aphrodite didn't waste any time pushing them both to be more like her so her plan would work. And the twins did so, sleeping with anyone they found even slightly attractive and quickly earning reputations as slu-, I mean, charmers just like their mother. But Hesiod was not void of Artemis' heritage, and each of these sexual encounters left him bit more empty inside, and often Hesiod had to use medication and other ways to, well, get it up. He never fell in love, he couldn't without...something more. But Hesiod wanted to please his mother, make her proud, and thus he continued on this path of becoming a god just like his mother.

Hesiod had other siblings on Olympus, and he was close with all of them. Hesiod didn't hesitate sharing all kinds of love outside romantic, especially familial love.
Unfortunately Hesiod's closeness with his siblings evoked...unsettling thoughts in Aphrodite, and in her matchmaker way she started shipping Hesiod together with one of his sisters. This was disturbing for him and said sister, they could never love each other as anything beyond family, but when Aphrodite settled on a ship she didn't cave. She did all kinds of things, some quite unnerving, to try and push the two together.
Around this time Hesiod learned of his true roots. He heard Aphrodite talking to her reflection, as she often did, talking about her plan to use Hesiod to convince Artemis as soon as Hesiod would finally fall in love with someone. Since Hesiod obviously was very lustful and a romantic. Hesiod felt betrayed, disgusted even, and left to see Artemis.

To Artemis Hesiod told everything. Aphrodite's plans, his own feelings, and grief. Artemis' heart went to the man, who was similar to her in surprising ways. Artemis promised to help Hesiod escape Aphrodite's expectations, and decided to cast a "curse" upon him. In truth there was no curse, but Artemis wanted Aphrodite to lose her interest in her golden son.
The next day Artemis called the gods together, and pretended to be enraged as she blamed Hesiod for seducing one of her virgin huntresses and defiling her. And in front of the whole Olympus pantheon Artemis cast this curse of hers upon Hesiod, making him impotent, and unable to have sex or love. Hesiod pretended to be shocked about this, and Aphrodite surely was.

Hesiod pretended to be crushed, and although Aphrodite consoled him the best she could Artemis had been right. She stopped expecting Hesiod to fulfill her plan now, that he couldn't have sex or love. He had never fallen in love before getting cursed, so Aphrodite couldn't use him to convince Artemis. But this experience had really taught Hesiod, that this wasn't a good place for him, or where he wanted to be. So Hesiod took a big step, and left Olympus.

Hesiod ended up going around Earth for few decades, familiarizing himself with human societies and ways. He was happy to learn about how humans celebrated love and ties and took part in said rituals, and on the way he might've accidentally gotten a cult created around himself. And while traveling Hesiod found his passion towards matchmaking, and getting two matching people together and seeing them happy. But Hesiod took it as his honour code to never force feelings or meddle with ties, like his mother did. Romance was most beautiful when it happened like nature intended.

After about 50 years of wandering Hesiod found his way to Manta Carlos, and after seeing the diversity of the island he decided to settle there. Hesiod started his matchmaking agency by doing free consultations, but gradually his popularity rose and Hesiod had to start a business to deal with the growing demand.
Hesiod has been on the island for 5 years now.

Owns a rather successful small business
Lives in a large house alone with his dog
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Name: Hesiod Proxenitis
Apparent Age: Around 30
Gender: Male
Species: God
Height: 6'0"; 183cm
Build: Lean and slim, muscular

Notable Features:
-Hot pink wavy hair
-Silver coloured bedroom eyes
-Very hot

Physical Quirks:
-Very theatrical

Abilities Summary:
-Can give people a nudge and help them realize their true feelings about something
-Supernaturally attractive
-Can see really well
-Can feel what animals feel
-All his body fluids are sacred wine
-Gets drunk really easily but can't get alcohol poisoning and barely gets hungover
-Gets a power boost both when sun or moon is at its highest peak
-Can see ties between people
-Knows when two people are compatible

Reputation: Has been on the island for 5 years now, his matchmaking company is still pretty small but pretty well-known and has appeared in some magazine articles over the years

Misc Information: Owns a rage demon poodle names Waffles~
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