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Mar 24, 2018
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Calm Before The Rain
-With: Nyota Magarian-Xia(Pallas)
-About: Varvara is in the woods waiting for the rain and bumps into Nyota.

Look What I Got!
-With: Bobby Blake(Kadakism)
-About: Varvara and Bobby meet in the park and Bobby shows Varvara how to use her new cellular phone.

Fine, Or Not, Dining
-With: Tristan Braddock(Saber)
-About: Varvara and Tristan agree to go touring around the city together and eat various street foods

Weaseling In The Moonlight
-With: Galvão Freitas Moreno(Boop)
-About: On a full moon night Varvara encounters shifted Galvão and has to use her singing to calm him.
Faraway Past
-With: Tristan Braddock(Saber)
-About: Varvara remembers her past life and Tristan is there to listen

Illiterate Troubles
-With: Samuel 'Sam' Fowler(WuffyWuff)
-About: Varvara is in the library practising her reading when she meets with Sam and his jackalope Jacky.

Aodh Diarmaid Driscoll
The sound of...Awkwardness?
-With: Morgan Cessair(Darion)
-About: Aodh goes to the roof trying to find solitude and contemplate but finds Morgan instead.

Early Spring Reading
-With: Steven Rosett(Steven)
-About: Aodh is at a book store when Steven collides with him

Tomomi Hikari
Looking For Trouble
-With: Eli Pelham(Schrodinger's Cat)
-About: Tomomi is in the oceania park looking for victims to prank and accidentally jumps on top of Eli.

I dislike being alone, But still...
-With: John Miller(Ephemreal)
-About: Tomo is walking as a cat on the edge of the roof and find's John pigging out and hits up a conversation.

Eruption Of Conflict
-With: Lucas(Ballerina)
-About: Tomomi and Lucas make a baking soda volcano together

A Colorful Night In
-With: Jii(Goblin)
-About: Tomomi and Jii spend a night in at Jii's room
Mixed Emotions
-With: Jii(Goblin)
-About: Tomomi is wandering in the forest and smells Jii, surprising her.

Cats By Coincidence
-With: Tadashi Yoshimori(PixelatedGlory)
-About: Tomomi and Tadashi meet in the woods and find out they're siblings.

Eve Dawning
Shine Of The Encounter
-With: Sinaloa Mazia(Cypress)
-About: Eve is sitting in a coffee shop painting and asks Sinaloa if he can sketch her

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