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Mar 24, 2018
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Helena, Regalia of the Angelic Visage

16, 17

September 16th




High School



-168; 5'6"
-Petite and decently curvy pear-shaped body, wide hips. Long legs, small frail hands and narrow shoulders. Has no thumb on her left hand.
-Rather cute, has round face and cheeks, that have constant small blush. Small nose and narrow mouth with plump pink lips. Big and round brown eyes with long, dark lashes.
-Light brown short hair, that reaches just over ears. Has longer bangs, that reach jaw on the sides.
-Dresses according to latest trends and in bright, cheerful colors, likes using accessories. Always has her purse with her.
-Uses a small amount of makeup to enhance her naturally cute features
-Has a rather large knife scar between her shoulder blades and other smaller scars mostly on her sides and few on her chest.

Bit spoiled
Hard on herself
Cares about the well-being of others
Easily immersed in things
Occasionally feels superior to others
Gets tunnel vision
Open minded
Kinda impulsive
Has a responsible side and uses it when needed
Gets excited over things fast but can also discard them as fast
Bit possessive
Tends to get jealous
Afraid of the dark and small spaces

Beauty Manipulation: Helena is capable of manipulating the beauty of herself, objects, and others via sight. Helena simply needs to have a clear visual of her target and use her powers on them. She is capable of manipulating to either end of the spectrum, making someone supernaturally beautiful, or ugly. The permanence of this ability is dependent on the amount of time Helena spends on an individual. Using a short time on someone, 10 seconds or so, will only make the effect last a two minutes, and the target is brought to a full state of perfection or imperfection. Other people witnessing this may be distracted, either because they're so attractive or incredibly hideous.
For inanimate objects, they will have similar effects on people seeing them. A rock will look like something worth adding to a collection. Or someone might be more inclined to drink a glass of water because it looks refreshing. On the opposite end, people will shy away from objects if they are made ugly. The effects stil only lasts for two minutes.
In order to get more permanent effects, Helena must look at a person or an object for an extended period of time and this might take several hours. This process is something like sculpting the person or object. This process can take longer if extra features the target has are added. This leaves Helena tired when it's over and she cannot use her ability for an hour or so afterwards.
When utilizing this ability on herself, it more or less works like shapeshifting. When Helena is in a state of physical perfection, people will find her much more approachable. Making herself plain, makes her difficult to notice immediately. Finally, making herself repulsive will make other people afraid of her, and more difficult to approach.

Illusion From Inside: Helena is able to cast illusions, that reflect her inner state at the moment of the casting. If she is feeling neutral the illusions are neutral in nature as well. If Helena is highly emotional her illusions become more lifelike. When Helena is experiencing negative emotions she can only cast negative illusions and other way around with happiness.
The illusions have a range, and anyone within that range experiences the illusion. When in a neutral emotional state Helena's illusions only reach about 5 meters around her. But when highly emotional the illusions can even reach 10 to 15 meters, changing depending on how her mood swings when casting the illusion. The duration of Helena's illusions and their toll on her also depend on her mood. While feeling neutral Helena can cast multiple illusions, up to 5 an hour if they don't last more than few minutes, and after that they sap her energy to a point she feels sleepy. If Helena casts an illusion in a highly emotional state, be it negative or positive, it will sap her energy greatly and after keeping an illusion up for 5 minutes Helena will faint immediately.
Helena can decide what the illusion looks like, but it's nature and details change based on her inner state. For example, while happy if Helena casts an illusion of a puppy the puppy will act accordingly, lavishing whoever sees the illusion with affection, and if Helena casts the same illusion when angered the puppy will insteadlook scary and attack whoever sees the illusion.

Alternate Plane: All Regalia are able to abandon the physical plane for their own which contains the heart of their civilization. This plane exists parallel to the physical plane that humans and most other supernaturals live on. Occasionally, someone may stumble upon a hole in the physical plane that brings them to the Regalia's alternate plane.
Inmortality: Helena is immortal and incapable of dying through natural means. She can, however, be killed in which case she dies for good.

-Slowed Aging: Helena's aging will slow significantly when she reaches early adulthood and will from then on age very slowly.
-Sustenance: Eating is not necessary for Helena to stay alive, but she still does it out of personal preference.
-Omnilingual: Helena automatically understands and can communicate in all languages that have at least one native speaker.
-True Sight: Helena is able to see all supernatural for what they are, whether or not they are trying to hide themselves. She can also see them if they are naturally invisible to others.

Image Of Beauty: Helena has an aura, that emerges when she is expressing her inner self. When Helena is being generous and kind towards others or in some other way expressing her inner beauty, anyone who then looks at her will find Helena beautiful, no matter the person's standard for beauty. This aura works other way too, and when Helena is being selfish, mean, jealous or otherwise expressing her inner ugliness anyone who looks at her will find her repulsive.

Helena is a Regalia, who are a race of guardian spirits that live on a plane separate from others. Helena was born on that plane, when both her parents wished for her to come into existence. She was their first and would remain their only child.
Helena's family is wealthy and in high position, and from a young age she was able to have almost anything she desired. Helena was, perhaps due to her powers, very fond of pretty and beautiful things and people and she was spoiled, her parents granting her wishes even when Helena didn't ask them to. Already as a child Helena was very well aware of her privileged position and saw it as a duty of hers not to let herself be coddled and treated like glass. So, even against her parents' wishes, Helena tried to spend her time with all kinds of other regalia and she even visited our plane and explored the supernatural community. Helena learned quickly that outer beauty was not everything. She still appreciated it, but knew that beauty could be both inside and out and that her powers only changed the latter. So Helena aimed to be beautiful inside as well as outside.

Helena was homeschooled all her life and since she was quite the sharp student it left her a lot of time for her adventures. This life continued until Helena heard of the Game of Divine Right. She decided to take part in the tournament as a regalia, in her hopes to meet new people and discover our plane more thoroughly. Her parents, yes again, were against it but Helena took part anyway and went to Earth to be one of the contestants', Destra's, regalia.
Destra and Helena grew close during the game, and began dating towards the end of it. And when the year neared its end Helena was kidnapped. During this time Helena suffered great trauma, and lost a finger. The colour of her hair and eyes changed as well, and gained new abilities. Helena now struggles with these new abilities, as she tries to live on from her hardships.

Lives in the dorms
Is supported by her family, has a lot of money at her disposal
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Helena
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Regalia
Height: 168cm; 5'6
Build: Petite and decently curvy, kinda pear-shaped and has wide hips and long legs

Notable Features:
-Pretty damn cute
-Light brown short hair
-Brown eyes
-Wears colourful and stylish clothes and lotsa cute accessories
-Always has a purse with her
-Doesn't have thumb on her left hand

Physical Quirks:
-Carries herself like royalty

Abilities Summary:
-Can manipulate beauty of people and objects
-Can shift into an alternate plane, her home, at will
-Immortal and very slow aging
-Does not need to eat to stay alive
-Able to see all supernatural creatures as they are, even if they try to hide their true form or are naturally invisible to others
-Can cast illusions
-Has an aura that makes her look very beautiful when she's expressing positive, "beautiful" feelings, and hideous when she's expressing negative, "ugly" feelings

Reputation: Relatively known in her grade, people may have heard that she was kidnapped and lost her thumb in the ordeal.

Misc Information:
-ICC image from a dollmaker
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