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Harmonia Proxentias

Discussion in 'Citizens & More' started by Zora, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Zora

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    Apr 8, 2018
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    #1 Zora, Mar 29, 2019
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    Name: Harmonia Artemisa Sappho Herasia Proxentias
    Age: 92, looks around 30, tells everyone she's 25
    Birthday: September 23
    Gender: female
    Species: Goddess of Unrequited Love And Ties
    Category: Citizen
    Career: Interior Designer

    Appearance Description:

    Commission done for me by https://artistsnclients.com/people/CommonArtist

    - Harmonia is Hesiod Proxenitis's identical twin.
    - She is about 6'0"
    -Lean and slim, but with curves in all the right places. She also has a tattoo, but it is on her lower back.
    -Long neck and attractive features, has no visible imperfections. Has two vertical beauty marks under her right eye. Has so-called bedroom eyes, that are silver coloured.
    -Has wavy, bright pink hair that reaches her neck.Although, she is known to wear wigs often to suit her mood or the outfit she's wearing.
    -Wears expensive stylish and often sexy clothes. Would never be caught in just any old t-shirts or jeans - they´d have to be designer. She often wears business clothes like shift dresses, fitted shirts, skirts, and dress pants.

    Personality Description:
    Unorthodox views on life and love
    Quick wit
    Easily bored
    Very spoiled, enjoys luxury, good eye for quality
    Detail oriented
    Quietly but ferociously protective of Hesiod. (She would never openly admit it, and strangers might think she dislikes her brother by the way she sometimes talks about him. But the truth is she loves her brother and secretly believes she is the only one who can criticize him and has been known to put others in their place for bad mouthing him.)

    Active Abilities:

    What the Mind over the Heart Desires:
    Harmonia has the ability to make people realize and possibly act on any sexual attraction or desire they might have or harbour for another person. This ability acts as a kind of nudge toward enacting on a this emotion. However, Harmonia can't instill a feeling of lust or desire if it's not already there.

    To use this ability Harmonia needs to be within 10 to 12ft of the person and they have to have a tie between them that she can see, so she can activate this ability.

    This ability allows Harmonia to detect if the person(s) has feelings of a sexual nature they aren't aware of or are uncertain about, and towards whom.

    For example, if someone is uncertain whether they are lusting after someone, Harmonia can make them recognize that feeling and clear their uncertainty or hesitation around it. This effect is subtle, and to the one affected, it seems like a eureka-type realization.

    Passive Abilities:
    Immortality: Harmonia stopped aging when her body reached the age of 27, and she is incapable of dying from age or disease. If Harmonia dies her body will disintegrate and then be reborn a few days later in Olympus.

    -Supernatural Beauty: Harmonia, like her brother, possesses supernatural beauty and therefore, each person who sees her will find at least one feature attractive in her.

    -Hawk-like Hearing: Harmonia's hearing is as good as hawk's, but her other senses are that of a mortal.

    -Animal Whisperer: Harmonia can tell how animals are feeling if they are within 10ft of her and through touch, Harmonia can read their thoughts.

    -Wine Body: Harmonia's blood and all the liquids her body secretes (sweat, tears, urine, etc.) are sacred wine. This wine is among the best known, and if a mortal were to drink one mouthful they'd become drunk nearly instantly.

    If Harmonia drinks this wine it has no effect on her, though she can still taste it. This wine also has healing abilities, and if enough is applied directly to cover the wound it heals within a minute. The healing has no effect on Harmonia either. And if a person drains her body completely of its blood before her body disintegrates and they manage to drink it all, they would become immortal.

    Connecting Strings:
    When two people get within 25ft of each other Harmonia can see what kind of sexual connection they have or if they have any via the string or thin flow that she can see between them.

    How clearly Harmonia can see the string shows how strong the bond is. And through that string, she can see how the parties feel about the other via how much the string quivers as the two interact. And if Harmonia touches a string with the index finger of her left hand she can tell what both parties are thinking about the other at that moment. Doing this gives Harmonia headache and so she avoids doing it too often.

    Between two people who have never met, there is no string, but the moment they interact with each other a string forms, and that gradually her to see how much attraction there is between the two, especially if the two keep interacting with each other.

    Fated Meetings:
    When two people, who have strong feelings for one another - it doesn't matter if the feelings are negative or positive - get within 25ft of each other and Harmonia is within 30ft of the two she can sense it. It as a kind of tingling, that is similar to having when you get goosebumps

    Twilight & Dawn: The times between night and day, when the sun is either setting or rising Harmonia is at her weakest both physically and mentally. During the times the sun is only partially showing in the horizon she cannot use any of her abilities, and her physical strength goes down by half and she feels lethargic. The moment the sun is either completely gone or completely out again Hesiod gets all his strength back.

    Never to Find True Love Curse: Harmonia has been cursed since birth to easily become infatuated or fall in love, but to never find true love during her eternal lifetime. Once she falls for somebody, the relationship will fail over time and discord will prevent any chance for true love to take hold.

    In fact, it has become a running joke that Harmonia only sows disharmony where she goes.

    Common Magical Items: n/a

    Harmonia's and her twin's birth wasn't ordinary by any means.

    Aphrodite one day got curious about what would happen if she combined the essence of her lustful self, and that of Artemis, one forever sworn to celibacy and virginity. Despite the long-lasting rivalry and hatred between the two goddesses, or perhaps because of it, Aphrodite wanted to prove Artemis could pursue and attain sex and love. And if she could show Artemis a being born from her could attain both it could act as proof. It would be the greatest "Screw you".(Only Aphrodite was not aware of what had happened between Orion and Artemis, and thus these plans were doomed from the start).

    And so Aphrodite offered to give Artemis a haircut, saying that a shorter style would greatly fit the huntress. Artemis declined at first, but after some convincing, agreed. Aphrodite proceeded to give Artemis a rather stylish pixie haircut. Artemis liked it very much, thankfully, and Aphrodite got what she wanted. She kept Artemis' hair and similarly cut off almost all of her own hair(shedding many tears while at it). Aphrodite took the essence from both her own and Artemis' hair, creating new life, and put the newborn seed of life to incubate in a sacred bottle of wine Aphrodite had received from Dionysos. And in that bottle, this new, immortal life matured. Or actually, it was two. Years went past, until finally, the bottle broke and out came Hesiod and Harmonia, now with 10-year-old bodies, two brand new gods of requited and unrequited love.

    Aphrodite told everyone the twins were just another result of an affair, and no one questioned it. The gods whose essences were used to make the twins were slightly suspicious, but they mostly ignored it.
    Hesiod and Harmonia were raised on Olympus, learning about as much as they could about their powers without knowing how they actually came to be.

    The two grew up very fast, and Aphrodite didn't waste any time pushing them both to be more like her so her plan would work. And the twins did so, sleeping and flirting with anyone they found even remotely attractive and quickly earning reputations as easy which never really bothered Harmonia.

    Following in her mother's footsteps, Harmonia was quite easily one of the many favoured guests at parties and had a lot of admirers which suited her fine. To her life was good and since she was basically following in her mother's footsteps, Aphrodite had no real concerns and doted on her daughter, allowing her the freedom to do whatever she pleased.

    It wasn't until after her brother's very public humiliation that she became aware of their heritage - thanks to Artemis who took her aside one night and explained everything except the true nature of the curse she had placed on Hesiod.

    Feeling somewhat betrayed by Aphrodite, Harmonia started to feel discontented with her life as it was, and she also ended up leaving some years after her brother.

    Joining her brother on Earth, and quite deliberately appearing in whatever city or place he did - always pretending it was a coincidence of course, and not ever admitting she cared or was concerned -, Harmonia soon discovered her ability to coax feelings to the surface and with much amusement, enjoyed meddling in human affairs much as her mother had.

    Finally, Harmonia found her way to Manta Carlos (following shortly after Hesiod as she always did) and shortly after after watching Hesiod open his matchmaking business, decided to open an interior design business using her keen sense of fashion, charm and eye for quality to make quickly a name for herself.

    Harmonia has been on the island for 5 years now.

    Resources: Owns a rather successful interior design business. Has an expensive loft apartment and has a Yorkie called Creme Brulee that goes almost everywhere with her.

    Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of? Harmonia was made to compliment Emirose's Hesiod, much of the characters characteristics are the same or similar on purpose and discussed beforehand. All content that is similar or the same has been taken with Emirose's knowledge and consent.
  2. Lotharingia

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    Sep 16, 2018
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  3. Zora

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    Apr 8, 2018
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    Name: Harmonia Proxenitis
    Apparent Age: Around 30, tells everyone she's 25
    Gender: female
    Species: Goddess
    Height: 6'0"; 183cm
    Build: Lean and slim, tall, curves

    Notable Features:
    -Hot pink wavy hair
    -Silver coloured bedroom eyes
    -Very Attractive

    Physical Quirks:
    -Very droll

    Abilities Summary:
    -Can give people a nudge and help them realize they are attracted or not to each other
    -Supernaturally attractive
    -Can hear really well
    -Can feel what animals feel
    -All his body fluids are sacred wine
    -Can see ties between people
    -Knows when two people are sexually compatible

    Reputation: Has been on the island for 5 years now, her interior design is fairly well-known and has appeared in some magazine articles over the years.

    Misc Information: Owns a Yorkie terrier named Creme Brulee.

    Art is by the above artist Commission done for me by https://artistsnclients.com/people/CommonArtist

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