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Sep 16, 2018
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A Character Application is the initial form you fill out in order to apply for your character. The template and rules can be found here, along with all extra details.

Once your character has been accepted, your application will be moved to the accepted characters forum. You will not have to (nor should you) edit the original application. The original application should stay as it is, as a record of how the character originally was upon acceptance.

When a character is accepted, their original application is converted into a Character Sheet. This sheet has multiple tabs, which by default includes the overview and discussion tabs. You can find all your character sheets by clicking the 'Your Characters' button at the top of the site.

To start out, your characters original application is on the overview section. After acceptance, you are responsible for updating your character sheet to fill out the mandatory sections. Character sheets are edited by clicking the three dots to the right of 'Post an update' in the upper right of the overview, and choosing 'Edit character'.

Mandatory Fields:
You must choose a prefix, depending on if your character is a primary or supporting character.

You must fill out the Title (your character name), Species, Age, Birthday, and Gender fields. The Grades field is mandatory for students and teachers, and the Field of Study field is mandatory for college students and teachers. If your character has a job, the Job field is likewise mandatory.

If your character uses an image, the credits field is also mandatory.

The 'Description' field should contain your full application.

If your character is going to be roleplayed in our ICC, the mini-profile field must be fully filled out with a completed Miniprofile.

Optional Fields:
The tagline, used to provide a brief summary of your character, can be filled out how you please or else left as your character's name.

Pronouns are optional.

The Relationships and Tracker fields are separate pages of your character sheet, both of which are optional.

You are not required to have a character icon, but if you do, remember to credit it!

Basic Info on Character Sheets:
Most people will have two copies of their Basic Information (name, age, grade, job, etc). One will be at the top of the app, and one will be displayed on the sidebar. If you'd like to remove the copy on the top of your app, that's fine! However, if both copies exist they must both be kept up to date to avoid confusion.
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