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Gray Ghost


Kinky and Wholesome all in one package!
Apr 2, 2015
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Name: Gray Ghost
Age: Unknowable
Birthday: October 13th
Gender: Male
Species: Mascot (God-like entity)
Category: Citizen

Appearance Description: Blue Iris and black sclera, gray and dark gray fur with a collar of fluffier fur that is dark gray, gray wings, longer arms and a red jewel in the middle of his forehead, he is 2 feet tall, and weighs 5 lbs.
Art from Picrew Image Maker
Personality Description:
  • Typically bored
  • Trickster
  • Calculating
  • Charismatic
  • Adorably Evil

Active Abilities:
  • Magic World! - Gray Ghost can open a portal to a limited pocket dimension that mirrors the real world but allowing for the use of Magic Girl abilities. This world can be altered slightly to Gray Ghost's (Or any other Mascot's) Will. This can include anything from Evil Monsters to Altered Physicis.
    • Ghost is also able to craft items to bring into the real world. However none of them are able to be magical.
      • These Items are small, either articles of clothing or weighing less than 2 lbs. Like glasses, rings, or small books.
      • Gifts of Friendship are the exception to the magic rule but only by making items shinier than normal outside of the Magic World.
    • Monsters created in the Magic World cannot leave the Magic World
  • Mcguffin Muffins! - By investing nearly insignificant portions of his power into objects it allows them to gain special properties that are usable in Magic World, Outside of Magic World these object hold no real power other than looking marginally shinier than normal.
    • Powers gifted by the Mcguffin's vary from power amplifiers for Magic Girls powers, to unique abilities produced from the objects
  • Gift of Friendship! - Ghost is able to invest his power into people of interest to him, this allows these people to gain transformations into Magic Girls. Their powers are determinate upon each individual's personality, Ghost cannot control how they manifest but he can revoke his gift at any time.
    • The powers of the Magic Girl's will only be usable inside the Magic World.

Passive Abilities:
  • Immortal - Ghost cannot truly die. If his form is wounded in which he appears dead he reappears after one minute. His old body disappearing and a new one forming nearby
  • Cuddly and Adorable - Gray Ghost's appearance makes him appear as cute and hug-able to most living organic creatures. Making it difficult for them to attempt to harm him and they find his words more agreeable. Is often mistaken for a stuffed animal.
    • The aura of non-harm from Ghost only extends 5ft from his form
    • Gray Ghost is easily mistaken as a stuffed animal no matter the distance. Though this is easily dissuaded if they see him move.
  • Illogical Movement - Ghost is almost nearly floating about instead of walking, this doesn't require him to move his wings or any other part of his body. This also allows him to move at incredible speeds. Quickly getting up to 100 MPH.
  • Self Sustaining - Ghost does not need to eat or sleep, his body collects energy from the universe around him.

Gray Ghost used to be like other Mascots, trying to defend the world from great evil and to shine a light of Friendship through the world with the help of Magical Girls. Ghost being an effective Mentor and guide for his charges he was able to defeat the evil he was fighting. After years and years of not having anything to do Ghost eventually found his way to the Islands and has been living there ever since defeating the evil trying to find something to entertain his eternity left living.

Resources: Ghost doesn't have Money or a source of income, he is able to Make items inside his Magic World if he needs anything.
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