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Nov 22, 2014
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Hell yeah, an easy one!

At least, that was what Riley thought, until she thought about it more. And as she thought about it even more, it became downright terrifying. Even worse than her initial impression of the ballroom.

She was certain it would be in the abandoned classrooms, first of all. Desks and dust, forsaken, forgotten. The young scholar's past place of learning. What else could that be, right? But the thing was, people made out in those, even more often than in the ballroom. Riley had almost walked in on that once. And she might have to look in a bunch of rooms.

That was because she was looking for a "token of littlest earning." A penny. She couldn't imagine there were normally a lot of pennies laying around on the floor of -

wait, didn't the clue say between desks and dust? Actually it said "betwixt," which was just a fancy old way of saying between, but that meant she could narrow her search to the tops of desks. Since, you know. There's the desk, the penny on the desk, the dust on the penny. It would be between the two. She didn't want to risk getting the wrong penny, unless she couldn't find any pennies on any desks. She guessed she could settle for a penny on the ground or a chair or something, but only as a last resort.

Hopefully nobody would be making out over there.



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