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Sep 30, 2019
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Name: Adrien Bastian Astor
Age: 8
Gender: Male "He, him"
Species: Half Demon, half human / Incubus
Job / Grade: Student / Elementary School

Description: 4'5", short brown hair, green eyes, usually wearing shorts and oversized hoodies. Oftentimes has scratches all over him due climbing trees or getting into trouble.

Abilities Summary: Adrien inherited his abilities from his father. He can manipulate people around him to get them to bend to his will, but he's only ever tried it on his sister.

Reputation: The little brother of the cellist, Waverly Astor. He's a sweet kid who loves his big sister, but he gets himself into trouble constantly.

Misc Information: Adrien is a good kid suffering from devilish tendencies. As he's a literal child I'm having it so his incubus powers haven't fully activated, but he's still got that charming personality. He wears his "Human Shape Charm" at all times, because he's self conscious.

NPC Status: Allowed to be referenced by others, playable by myself.

Adoption Status: If you like him, please adopt him :')
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