Gabriel “Monday” Rademaker

Gabriel “Monday” Rademaker


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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Name: Gabriel “Monday” Rademaker
Age: 30
Birthday: August 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Category: Citizen
Career: Antiques Dealer

Appearance Description

Monday has fierce blue eyes and light brown hair that he keeps styled impeccably, along with an immaculate beard kept short. He is fairly muscular, having decided long ago that if he has to keep moving anyway he might as well be productive about it. He has a few tattoos scattered about, most with some meaning attached to them for him. He dresses sharply and carries a collapsible walking stick almost everywhere to pick up things that might fall in the water.

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Personality Description

Monday is a man in the moment. He lives for tomorrow, sure, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy today. He’s fun and jovial much of the time, joking with an at people in an effort to keep things light hearted even when they are bleak. He's also very sensitive about personal space and personal belongings. Underneath, he has an intense fear of the water and having children, for good reasons. He is also leery of commitments to others that are longer than a few months. Yet strangely he loves feeling the rain hit his face. He has a bold, creative mind and gravitates towards people who he feels like he could be a good influence on (or who could be a good influence on him). He obsesses over hygiene and is never seen without hand sanitizer and a handkerchief.

Active Abilities

Mirror, Mirror

Using any reflective surface, primarily mirrors, Monday can scry events happening in other locations. How much detail and how long the scrying lasts depends on a number of factors. If he is attempting to scry a person he does not know in a location he has never been to or seen, he will get only a brief, foggy glimpse. The more insight he has into what he is attempting to scry, the better his results will be. Having a personal belonging of the person in question or an object from the location he is attempting to view helps.

As the Sun, so the Moon

Monday can cast any spell he has seen cast in the last thirty seconds as though it were his own and he has all of the proper reagents and incantations prepared. How powerful the effect is depends on the phases of the moon. During a full moon he replicates the spell at full strength, while during a new moon he is incapable of using this ability.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Monday has recently had Sunday craft him an amulet (his pocket watch) that when he wears it, it repels any type of water - still or falling - within a two-meter radius, keeping him safe while he wears it from his curse "The Endless Sea".

Passive Abilities

Gift of the Everwakeful

Due to an enchantment placed on his very bloodline, Monday neither requires sleep nor feels the effects of fatigue from normal, moderate activity. This cannot be dispelled by any means.

Arcane Knowledge

Monday is gifted with knowledge of many types of magic. Most of this is from study, but a decent portion of it comes from the inherent magical nature of his heritage.


The Endless Sea

Monday is not stalked by an entity as the others in her coven are. He is marked by an entity that is a plane of existence unto itself. The Endless Sea, which touches the water wherever Monday is. Small amounts of water trickle in his direction unerringly if he is within 100’ but do not fight gravity. Larger bodies of water are not noticeably affected.

If any part of his body falls within standing water of greater than one inch (2.54cm) in depth, the Endless Sea will attempt to claim him by pulling him through the water into its realm. If it grabs his hand but the borders of the water are not wide enough to get past his shoulders, he can fight and pull himself free. Monday must avoid large bodies of water and even wide puddles as he does not know their depth.

Curse of the Listless

Monday has to constantly move in some fashion. Any joint he does not move for more than ten minutes will begin to stiffen. Over the course of an hour it will solidify into a solid piece, being unable to move.

True Name Curse

If Monday’s true name is used, any request made of him will be treated like an absolute command. As long as he is physically capable of doing it, he will attempt to carry out the command.

Common Magical Items


Even before Gabriel was conceived, preparations were made to ensure his survival. After the family’s second curse took the lives of more than a few members, turning them virtually to stone while they slept, the remaining members collected together and enchanted their very bloodline to never need to sleep again.

From a young age, Gabriel was terrified of the water. He’d seen the Endless Sea drag his sister into a puddle she thought was shallow enough. The eyes that stared back at him in the brief moment after she vanished haunt him to this day. His parents always warned him about water. But his father was claimed when the house flooded during a storm. Caution was not enough. His mother and he moved to a veritable desert to escape. He went off to university and left with an undergraduate degree in art history. But while he was gone his mother’s paranoia and fear eventually got the better of her and she filled the tub up and stuck her arm in in the hopes of seeing her husband again.

It might seem strange, a man hounded by a being that lives in all water, to come and live on an island. But for Monday, it is not so strange at all. After watching or hearing of so many of his family be engulfed by the Endless Sea, he realized something. A puddle is far worse than the ocean. At least you know where the ocean is and at least you know if you fall in that it’s over. A puddle could spell doom without you even realizing it.

He began working as an antiques dealer on the island, mostly taking commission from the museum and private collectors. He took the name Monday due to his true name curse, after an old proverb his father used to tell him about the day, as a symbol of starting over and taking charge of his life.. “Monday has the word "mon" in it. That's French for "mine.” It makes me think of it more as "my day," and frankly, that sounds like a much more promising start to the week.” He hasn’t given up hope on breaking the curses, but takes each day at a time.


Lives above his shop in a rather spacious second-floor apartment. He makes a liveable, and very comfortable, income from his work.

Additional Information

Primarily written by @Kada with permission to use the app.

He has recently acquired a new assistant, Candle, living and working with him.

Monday has also taken in a Neko by the name of Ganymede Lind (played by Kait).
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