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True Name:
Frollo Reid

106, 107; looks mid-30s

February 22nd





-Lean and toned, muscular but not excessively so, long limbs and wide shoulders, large hand and long fingers. Brown skin, has small scars all over.
-Sharp, tired and kinda mean-looking features, pointy chin, straight nose, ide mouth with thin lips, small light gray eyes.
-Long, dark brown dreadlocks that gradually turn red towards the tips, reach stomach, keeps them either free or on a big ponytail. Has some white and pink feathers woven into them.
-Clothes look like a combination of a pirate and a biker gang member. Always has on a long, black leather trench coat, light pink bandana around his forehead and a heavy-looking metal rings on his neck and wrists. Wears sturdy work boots, ripped and usually oily jeans and simple t-shirts and tank tops.

Wants to be blunt but holds back
Mostly states just facts
Relatively literal but understands wordplay
Witty when wants to be
Strict on himself
Attention to detail
Tries to stay calm
Concentrates bit too much on details
Likes to take care of others
Nervous under the open sky

Ageless: Saturday has an enchanted artifact around his neck, that stops his time and makes him practically immortal. The artifact cannot be removed in any other way besides decapitating.

Witch Genes: Saturday is, simply put, a witch, and he has innate magic powers. His family specializes in time related magic, but Saturday can use his magic is several different instances through different channels such as rituals, enchantments and spells. Saturday needs these conduits for his magic powers, he cannot use his magic spontaneously to, for example, make an object float or read someone's mind. When casting time-related spells Saturday's magic powers are twice as effective, and when casting sky-related spells his magic is half as effective.
The amount of magic Saturday can use on a spell or a ritual depends on how many stages and components it has. Reading out a simple spell with a simple effect only takes about 5% or so of his magic, such as a healing spell to close a small wound. Bigger the effect of the spell more magic it requires. But doing an enchantment, summoning or other such ritual that requires different components and has a system can claim even 80% of Saturday's magic, even if the effect isn't that great. When he enchanted his Ageless artifact, that required a magic circle, human sacrifices and precise runes and a chant, it took away nearly all of his magic. Summoning his familiar, which required some blood and a chant, took about 70% of Saturday's magic. The draining of his magic can be lessened during rituals, if the strain is divided between other people.
-Time Tells: Saturday has a special magical ability, that allows him to see the past and future of an object or a person. This power works through touch and requires concentration. Saturday can see as far into the past as it is possible, all the way to when the person was born or an object manufactured/made. But he cannot control what he sees, and he can only see moments that were highly emotional, like person experiencing a bad break up or a knife being used for murder. This same rule applies to seeing the future, and in the case of both past and future Saturday cannot tell when the image he sees happened or will happen. He can see a person fall on a bike for the first time but not be able to tell how old the person was, or he can see a person fall down a cliff and it can happen in two days or ten years for all he knows.

Familiar: Saturday summoned an angelic spirit, that acts as his familiar and takes the form of a large white and light pink parrot. The familiar has a set of its own magical abilities, that can be temporarily amplified if Saturday channels his own magic powers into the familiar.
-Protection Aura: The familiar has an aura, that fends off any malevolent or demonic beings, such as eldritch, demons or evil spirits etc. The range of this aura is 7 meters and the closer the beings is more effective the aura will be. The effects if the aura include, at the edge of the aura, headache and the urge to get away, and standing right next to the familiar is painful and almost unbearable.
-Barrier: The familiar can choose to cast a temporary barrier around itself and its master, Saturday, and it keeps out anyone and anything the familiar doesn't let in. The barrier can last up to 5 minutes, and it saps the familiar's energy. After keeping the barrier up for 5 minutes it will need to sleep for few hours and won't be able to use the barrier for 6 hours, and its aura will he half as effective as long.
Got The Time: Saturday is always aware of the exact time in every part of the world.

Child Of Earth: Saturday gets energy, when his bare skin is in contact with the earth and ground. When he's Saturday's bare feet are against the ground for 2 minutes that contact has a similar effect as 3 cups of black coffee. This contact is also the only thing that replenishes Saturday's mana and being in constant, uninterrupted contact with earth through his bare feet will replenish half of his mana in 5 hours.
Saturday's energy and magic replenish faster the more skin he has against the ground and if he is lying on his back naked against the ground 75% of his magic is restored in two hours, if he won't move.
Time Flies: Saturday is cursed to age unnaturally fast. He ages about 10 years in one year, and the only thing keeping him from dying is an enchanted iron band around his neck that stop his time.

Death From Above: Saturday carries an old curse, that makes him haunted by a dimensional horror, whose purpose is to kill every member of his family, including him. The horror hunts his family from the sky and if Saturday spends too much time under open sky the horror will eventually try to pick him up and shred him to pieces. One of the effects of the curse is, that Saturday can only stay under a roof or other such surface between him and the sky for a set time. Saturday has to stay under open sky for at least half an hour once every 48 hours, or else he starts losing his sanity.

New Coven Curse: Saturday's true name holds power, and if it's used in a command Saturday is compelled to obey the said command as long as it's something he can physically do.

Saturday is a descendant of a coven of witches, whose summoning ritual went horribly wrong. His ancestors got cursed to be haunted by the very beings they had tried to summon and the coven split back into the 7 different families that had formed it in the first place, who all had their own methods of trying to get rid of the curse.
Saturday's family was haunted by a horror, that swept down from the clouds and made it rain the blood of whoever was taken each time. The family was horrified, and their solution to this problem was to flee and hide under fortified roofs. And the creature continued pucking them up one by one whenever they all had to stay under the sky. This continued for almost generations.

Eventually, around 100 years ago, there was a man in the family that was determined to free them from the curse. His wife had been claimed by the horror that haunted them, leaving him to care for his 6-year-old son Frollo, aka. Saturday, and he wanted revenge. The man was able to win the rest of the adults in the clan to his side, and together they gathered to perform a ritual that was supposed to banish the creature. This ritual was performed under the open sky, and the children were inside waiting while it happened, including Frollo. And from the window Frollo watched the adults chant, while the horror picked up a few of them and made the ground red with blood.
They spent many hours doing the ritual, whose purpose was to turn back the time of the curse and make it nonexistent. After what felt like ages the witches believed they were succeeding, only to fail and be hit with backlash, that made all of them age decades in mere seconds. Within minutes they were all dead, leaving behind about 12 orphaned children, the last members of the Reid clan. And now they were all cursed two times over, since the aging curse affected them as well.

The curse made all the children's bodies age significantly faster. The oldest child, who had been 14, aged to be 25 after one year. At this rate they would all die before even a decade had gone by. So the desperate children got to work, digging through their parents' magic books in desperate search of something that would help them. It took the almost three years to find something, and by that time one of them was almost elderly. They found an ancient way to stop the time of an individual, enchanted ornaments and accessories that could be made. There was no guarantee a group of children in adult bodies could be able to perform the enchantment, but they had no other choice if they wanted to live.
All the children picked wearable objects to enchant and got to work. The enchantment was very hard, and it required the time of several people, literally. In other words, some of them had to be sacrificed.
It took the children weeks of infighting and still they couldn't decide what to do. But the younger half of them, Saturday and 5 other children, made a secret deal to sacrifice the other half and live. At this point they were desperate, and making this decision was the most painful decision they had ever made and it killed a part of them.

In the middle of the night the children got to work, tying up the older children and forcing them over to where they'd enchant the objects. And with sobby words and despair distorded expressions Saturday and the other children chanted the words of enchantment, and watched as life left their friends and flowed into the objects. The enchantment worked, and they now had artifacts that would safe their lives. Saturday put on his object, a heavy metal collar that was from his father's medieval armour collection. And he could feel his time stop, the enchantment was working, and so it did with all the other children. But none of them cried happy tears that night as they buried their friends' dead bodies.

They were saved now, but they were all still children in the bodies of adults and they were all still haunted bu the horror, just waiting for them to step under the sky. Oldest one of them was mentally 12, and even Saturday was just 9 despite having the body of a 35-year-old. So they merely continued living like their parents had, taking care of crops and simply surviving. They practised their magic powers like their parents had showed them, and Saturday quickly noticed his powers were considerably more powerful than the others'.
This continued for a decade or so, until their minds started catching up on their bodies. They yearned for more, and the same flame of revenge and wish of freedom lived inside Saturday. One of them had been claimed by the horror, and now there were only 5 of them left. So like his father Saturday decided to try to free their family of the curse, both the horror and the one that had killed their parents and would kill them as well without the artifacts. Saturday began researching, going through all the magic books they had, but found nothing. He knew he had to go somewhere else, into the world, to look for solutions. Saturday and the others decided to make a bet of their lives, to summon familiars that would protect them and travel away in search of a solution. They all summoned familiars and went on their way, all in different directions in order to confuse the creature haunting them.

Saturday, completely new to the world, took his time just traveling around, making use of his ageless body. But he also desperately searched for possible ways to break his curses. His trip began from North America, where his famiky's hidden shelter had been, and after circling around Saturday traveled over the sea and explored European coast. All this traveling took decades, and wars and other such happenings restricted Saturday's trip. The horror never appeared, it was out chasing the other members of his family.

Saturday learned many things on his journey, he studied magic and enchantments, magical items and artifacts and mechanics. He got to know the supernatural community and made acquaintances along the way. But Saturday never made close friends or lovers, simply wandering without attaching. He didn't want anyone else to suffer because of his curses and the only way to protect everyone was to stay away from them.
Eventually, sometime after summer in 2018, Saturday was contacted by other descendants of the 7 families, that had formed the coven responsible for Saturday's curse. He was asked to come to Manta Carlos, to try and break the curse. Saturday, who had not found a way to break his curse, jumped at this opportunity and traveled to Manta Carlos immediately.

In Manta Carlos Saturday and 6 other witches from the rest of the families performed a ritual, that was supposed to break their curse. But even that failed, and instead gave Saturday yet another curse. Because of this curse Saturday hid the name Frollo Reid and instead took the alias Saturday as his name. Now he lives and works in Manta Carlos, still trying to come up with a way to break his curse with the other witches.

Works at a mechanics shop and gets more than enough salary
Lives in an apartment over the shop he works at with one of his coven members
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Name: Saturday
Apparent Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'4"; 194cm
Build: Lean and toned, long limbs and wide shoulders

Notable Features:
-Has long dark brown dreadlocks that gradually turn red at the tips
-Almost white eyes
-Looks mean
-Dressing style like a mix of a pirate and mad max
-Native american heritage
-Has a heavy-looking metal band around his neck
-Always has a parrot with him

Physical Quirks:

Abilities Summary:
-Wears an enchanted artifact that stops his time
-Has magic powers and can perform spells and rituals and such. His magic is more effective with time related spells
-Can see an object's or person's past or future through touch
-Has a familiar that protects him
-Gains power from being in direct touch with earth
-Always knows what time it is everywhere
-Has a bunch of curses on him

Reputation: Not much, arrived on the island pretty recently. Works at a mechanics shop in the city

Misc Information: One of the Week witches


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