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Jan 21, 2020
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Welcome to my (hopefully updated) plot thread! Here I shall record plot ideas or wants for my steadily growing list of characters. If you're interested in any of these plots or have an idea of your own you can reply to this thread, shoot me a PM on site or hit me up on discord. Any of those three ways work. Personally, I'd like PMs as that's easier for me to keep track of but I'm not going to be picky about it.

Profile links are found under each character's name. If you have an idea not listed in Looking For, then share! I'm open to anything and everything.

Jae Yi-Lin
Teen Merman
School Clubs:
Stage Actor in Theater Club, Member of Starlight Academy Mage's Association

Looking For:
- Threads with club members! I'd love for Jae to grow closer with his fellow club mates.
- Powers training. Jae is trying to develop his hydrokinesis ability. Mentors, friends to practice with, all would be welcome.

Delaney Lavoux
Elder Touched
School Clubs:
Character and storyteller of The Figments

Looking For:
- Will update this after her current personal plot is completed.
- Desperate students. Forgot to study for a test? Need tutoring bad? Delaney can help. She can give and take knowledge. Have a friend that knows what you need? Bring them along and swap that info! Bring the book of the subject you need tutoring in and Delaney can teach it.

Myrrh F'tero
Teen Harpy
School Clubs:
Member of the Gardening Club

Looking For:
- People interested in buying perfume. Myrrh sells at a farmers market in the Farmlands but also sells low-key at the school.
- Flying buddies. Myrrh loves to fly so. . . how about people to fly with!

Lebeda Smirnova
Swan Goddess
Waitress at the Skyward Dragon Pub

Looking For:
- Friends! Lebeda, though friendly, has a difficult time forging deep bonds with other people.
- Characters looking for transformation. Lebeda can grant people the change to become their ideal self or gain or lose powers. In addition, she can remove curses or serious diseases. The transformation, however, requires a trial that must be completed before the granted transformation. (This would be plotted out of of character)

Briar Rose Scribe
Quilt Dragon
Dream Walker at Dreamer's Haven

Looking For:
- Clients at his job.
- College study buddies!

Filomena Del Bosque
Cursed Rabbit
School Clubs:
Mentor of the Starlight Mage's Association

Looking For:
- Club members in need of magical mentoring!

Osmond "Oz" Rhichter
Real Estate Appraiser for Rhichter Real Estate and Construction

Looking For:
- Will update upon completion of personal plot.
- Characters interested in finance. Oz teaches free classes on finance and buisness at both the community center and at Starlight Academy. Characters interested in these lessons or private learning sessions would be fun!

Angel Dragon

Looking For:
- Sugar Daddy/Mommy. Alhmanic wants to live the easy life. He refuses to work, and desires a live of ease and luxury. He wants to be cared for and loved.

Katharina "KC" Cronstrom
Fragile Huldra
Starlight Academy Field Scout

Looking For:
- Plots in need of a scout.
- Threads with fellow scouts.
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Dec 2, 2019
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Adelaida would be a good fit for a friend for Lebeda or Briar, and I think based on a cursory glance at Filomena there could be something there as well since both share a deep love for complex magics, and Adelaida's always interested in dabbling in other arts.

I'm okay having threads with any of these characters, but I'd like to stick to just one so I don't get overwhelmed. If you're up, we can pick one of these and try to make something happen.
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