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Jul 3, 2016
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Heyo. I'm Saber. I'm almost always up for plots and love to thread. I love shipping and romance in general and I am perfectly comfortable with smut. My comfort with violet plots varies some so just ask, but I do not do plots involving sexual assault.

I'm easy to plot with so take a look below.

Below you'll find a list of some of my most active characters. While I likely have a few others these are the ones I enjoy the most.

Aedan Drago
A metahuman who was experimented on. Skilled, friendly and troubled. Works at a security firm, generally looking for friends and dates.

Aaron Erebus
A genderfluid demon/vampire hybrid. Friendly albeit somewhat troubled. Loves exploring experiences. Adopted sibling of Leandro.

A genderfluid servant genie bonded to a demon girl. New to the island, needs friends and mentors. Good and bad influences wanted.

Eein Dresden
A young dragon, member of a community of ice dragons. Friendly and fighty, loves sparring. Going through some troubles.

Ezekiel Stromthan
A human-nightmare hybrid, has a troubled home life. Loves visiting dreams and reading comics. Recently started dating a girl.

Shiro Yoshida
A young cat shifter. Troubled party girl who likes to flirt some. Has two siblings she often spends time with, is attracted to trouble, addicted to magic and power hoarding.​
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