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Feb 24, 2020
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Name: Bjorn "Big B" Bjornson
Age: 46
Gender: Male, he/him/his
Species: Shifter (Bear)
Job Owner of Bearclaw Bakery & Cafe

Description: At a towering 6'8" and with shoulders to match, Big B is perpetually ducking under doorframes. His working man's muscles are hidden in a comfortable layer of fat. He has dark curly hair, a well-kept short beard, and enough body hair to make getting flour off difficult. He is usually in an apron with a terrible pun of some kind on the front, and his brown eyes are warm and welcoming.

Abilities Summary: Strength, endurance, and smell twice that of a mundane bear, and the ability to shift forms at will into a large black bear. Extremely good at shifting claws in and out to delicately fold pastry.

Reputation: Known for a warm demeanor and excellent hugs. He makes an effort to welcome students and citizens into his bakery, and wants everyone to feel safe while they're under his roof. His business accepts school credits, and he's known to slip an extra bearclaw or muffin into your bag if you're having a bad day.

Misc Information: Cares about his employees, treats them like family. Exclusively into men.

NPC Status: Big B is always willing to lend an ear, a scone, and a warm cup of coffee. Feel free to use him!

Adoption Status: If anyone feels like Big B speaks to their spirit they are absolutely welcome to adopt him.
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