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February 2018 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    February 2018 Announcements
    Spread the love!


    New Forum
    A new forum has appeared: A forum for in character announcements! This new forum will serve as a newspaper, helping characters keep up to date with happenings around the island. Did a new store just open? Did a crime get commited? All this and more will be featured in the Manta Carlos Print.

    The February Edition is out now, highlighting several events around the island, and for those hoping to contribute, you can submit your stories here. The newspaper runs weekly in-character, but will have an update at least once a month depending on how many events are happening on the site!

    New & Updated Lore
    We've got fresh lore, and updated lore to throw at you guys!

    We've made lore about an active anti-demon hate group on the island called Citizens Against Evil. Its membership's core belief is that Manta Carlos society has become too lenient towards demons and demonkind.

    We've had lore about the Behavioral Corrections Facility for a while, but we've updated it with clarifications and more details about how it works!

    Finally, we are happy to introduce lore about how animal control works on the island and the organization behind it, MCAC.

    Upgraded Cbox
    In case you missed it, we upgraded the cbox! This allows people to put links in their name even if they're using an avatar, which means you can now have avatars in the ICC. Go nuts!

    Every year we host a In Character Valentine's Day exchange! If you want your character to send a letter, card, or gift to someone (anonymous or no!) you can check out the info thread to figure out how.

    Taking place the weekend right before Valentine's day, head on over to the ICC event stoplight mixer, where your character can meet a new lover, find a new friend, or find a couple to go on double dates with!

    Don't worry if you don't find your one true love this time around; there's always the Love Cruise which is coming later this month!

    Thank you to everyone who voted for the Spotlights! And the winners are...

    This month's Member Spotlight winner is @Lucidity! Being a new member, they've come to be known for their interesting and well-thought-out characters and for their friendly demeanor in the CBox. They seem to be in ICC a lot, and when they are, things are always interesting, especially with their growing roster of characters! Even in threads, Lucidity's characters' unique thought processes stand out and immerse people in their plots with a style all their own - all in all, a chill new member who's quickly charming everyone with their quirky characters and their friendliness!

    The winner of the Character Spotlights is Klef! Klef is a character who has had a lot of unforeseen character development, from being blindsided by the March Virus to her quest to regain her vision. @Ballerina has crafted a lovely character, and we're so happy to have her be part of this site!

    As always, you can drop your own nominations into the nomination thread

    Good job to everyone who participated in the Fresh Start Contest! We had lots of participants and it feels great to get the new year off to a fresh start. Lucidity was the winner with a grand total of 21 points! That said, everyone is a winner in their own way, with everyone receiving vouchers equivalent to points. You can see how many vouchers you have available in the power vouchers thread.

    Keep an eye out for another contest coming out later this month!​
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    February 2018 Mid-Month Announcements
    And now, the rest of the month...!


    Vouchers Galore
    Last month's Fresh Start Contest was a huge success, but also made it clear that players really like being rewarded for finishing up threads. When a thread has mostly done it's business, the temptation is clearly there to leave it half-finished, and to counteract this we're offering a new incentive for getting them all done.

    Starting today, players will be able to claim up to three finished threads a month, earning vouchers for their completion. You can claim your vouchers and get all the details over here!

    Success Guide and Contest
    Starlight Academy is more than ten years old, and that means some parts of it are really out of date. To counteract this, we've got a new contest coming your way!

    First and foremost, the Success Guide has been completely rewritten. The new guide explains the site in a bit more detail, and does a better job of highlighting some lesser known features of the site, such as the Wiki, the power upgrade process, the calendar, the tag system, and the discord! While none of the information is new, we recommend that all players read the new success guide to make sure they aren't missing out on anything.

    Going hand in hand with this, we have our new contest: the Easter Egg Error Expedition. This contest has players searching the site for bugs, typos, inconsistencies, and out of date information, and rewards them with vouchers for doing so! If you've ever found a FAQ that talked about a system that was changed months ago, this is the contest for you.

    Newspaper and Lore
    We have a second article on our in-character newspaper, detailing the end of the Holmes Plot, which wrapped up earlier this week. We encourage players to submit their own stories here, allowing all characters and their plots to become a more recognized part of the setting.

    Valentine's Day Cards are now up! Check out the cards your characters have gotten, and consider returning the favor via the Post Office, available year-round.

    The Love Cruise is happening again this year. This event allows for couples (and those wishing to become a couple) to go on a week long cruise around the island. The ship comes with all the amenities you could wish for, and circles the island, docking each evening. Students are encouraged to stop by over the weekend, and both teens and adults have their own speed dating threads: Teens and Adults.

    Spotlight voting has now commenced! Check the voting thread to see all the nominees, and get your votes in before the end of the month!

    Courtesy of @Nameless, we have a new FAQ:
    How do I get a cbox icon without uploading?

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