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Mar 30, 2018
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Location: The Farmlands

Nestled on rich farmland and having been in operation for countless years, Fairview Orchards is a fairly simple place. Their focus is on the ethical farming of fruit trees and a smattering of smaller plants necessary to keep a living ecosystem throughout the farm. From beehives to flowers, there's a little bit of everything but primarily Fairview prides itself on their fruit-bearing orchards.

The Orchards are not technically open to the public due to the need to limit foot traffic around the growing plants but they do frequently allow smaller, mostly school-based, groups to visit and learn about the various fruit trees and how they care for them.

Part time employees are always welcome, especially when it comes time for the periodic seasonal harvests. Any locals to the Farmlands have a much easier time gaining access to the orchards due to community connections in the area.

Current Employees:
Assistant Arborist: Ebbie Cedargrass
PT farmhand: Rowan Alabaster
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