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Jun 18, 2015
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Everything You Need to Know
This is, to say the least, a doozy of an update. While the original purpose of this downtime was to upgrade us from Xenforo 1 to Xenforo 2, we've opted to roll in a few other changes during the downtime, and thanks to one last minute 'I figured it out!' from Bijou, one big change.

The Dust
Going to get this out of the way: the site is still a bit of a work in progress. There's some stuff that's still broken, some stuff that still talks about how we did things before, and we're still in the process of going through it all to get it up to date.

You can find a list of current bugs here. If you spot any that aren't on this list, please make sure to post there.

While not a 'bug' in the strictest sense, we lost one very bizarre thing. Any threads which only had one tag (say, only private, or only finished) lost that tag. No, we have no idea how that happened. That said, it was a one time aspect of conversion, and you can just add them back in without issue.

The Plot
We are currently in the midst of a new, site-wide plot. While not everyone needs to be involved, this is a plot that will have lasting effects on the setting, and you'll see it reflected in the events, news, and other in-character situations.

This event began most noticeably with the summer rumors, and recently peaked with the discovery of Dark Crystal Academy in the woods. A press conference was held last Thursday, and you can find a summary of it here.

Starting on October 10th, the students, staff, and citizens previously paused at Dark Crystal Academy will unpause, allowing players to create characters who have spend the last twelve years frozen in time.

Going to get this right out of the way. Currently we do not have our previous ICC installed in the site, as it was considered a low priority feature. In the interim, we set up an alternate which you can find here. Having said that, we're going to be leaving it up for a few days and let people get a hang of the new setup, and then we'll check in with you and see how you guys like it. If people like the new system (which addresses a lot of concerns brought up in our round table discussion), there's a possibility we'll stick with it in the long term.

The Site
As I'm sure everyone's noticed, the site has considerably sped up. Similarly, there's no more mobile skin anymore. Instead, the site itself is built to swap immediately to mobile while using the same skin you already know from desktop versions. We're going to be working on new skins moving forward, but for the time being it's just twilight.

That said, this upgrade has also given us plenty of new features to gawk at!
  • We now have a very nice What's New page linked at the top of the site, which shows you all the new plots, unread posts, and everything you might want to see.​
  • Your voucher count as now been hidden under the 'your account' menu. Just click your avatar in the top right and you'll see it pop right up.​
  • You can now react to a post! Check the bottom right of any post for a 'like' button, and hover over it for options!​
  • Our wiki has now been integrated into the site. It's no longer a separate website you have to click around on. As a result, we've also built our guidebook into it. You can find it here. At this point we've moved over the majority of the staff content. If you had a player-species page you want to import, please let the staff know and we can get you set up.​
  • We've rearranged our forums. It'll take a bit of getting used to, but this makes for a sleeker homepage, as well as a more organized setup to begin with.​
  • We've now got several extra built in fonts, as well .​
  • Post Macros (previously known as Post Templates) are back, and now allow you to rearrange them!​
  • Even more! Honestly, I could not list out all this stuff if I tried. I'm sure you'll stumble upon even more as you go around the site.​

The Characters
By now, you've probably noticed the biggest change of all: the character tab. Right up there at the top of the site is a brand new feature, one that we've been wanting for ages but never quite managed to get working. Bijou managed to work their magic, and now here it is, ready to go.

You can read about setting your stuff up here, and you can check out our themed challenge here.

New applications are still posted in the Characters Hub forum, but upon acceptance they're moved to the Accepted Characters forum, which serves as an archive for all accepted characters. Once a character is accepted, you no longer have to worry about their original application, just their character sheet.

The Future
We've got a bunch more things coming over the next month. Of particular interest:​

  • The next part of our site plot.​
  • A replacement for our sites Patreon.​
  • New site themes!​
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