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Jun 18, 2015
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Evan's mastering replication, which was already kind of his power. So he's upgrading his existing power. I'm rewriting and clarifying the power as well.

Duplication: Evan possesses the gift of duplication, and is capable of splitting himself into three. Each duplicate has the same capabilities as the others, with no single duplicate being the 'original'. All duplicates share the same limitation, being unable to further split themselves as long as there are already three duplicates. When two duplicates meet, they can reunite, combining the knowledge they have and healing any injury that isn't possessed by both duplicates. The full memory of the pain suffered by the injured duplicate is retained, often leading to phantom sensations.

Clothes or other items that Evan is carrying when he splits are also split, allowing him to duplicate items for a limited period. However, when he merges, any items he has on him are merged (such as two sets of clothing becoming one), and any items left behind (such as bullet casings) dissolve. This makes it impossible for Evan to pay cash without effectively robbing people, requiring him to use credit cards.

In the event a duplicate dies, the knowledge they gained is permanently lost. Within ten minutes their body will dissolve into thin air, and all remaining duplicates will be aware of the death, although not the circumstances surrounding it or any other information. 24 hours after the death, they will be able to create a third duplicate once more.

It is unhealthy for Evan to remained split for too long. If a duplicate goes more than a few days without merging once more, it begins to degrade, and will pass away after about a week.

Duplication: Evan possesses the gift of duplication, and is cable of making four additional duplicates of himself. All duplicates share the same limitations, and can merge via physical contact. Merging two duplicates leaves the resulting Evan in peak condition, with all the knowledge and experiences from both duplicates.

In the event a duplicate dies, their body dissolves shortly after their death. All remaining duplicates are immediately aware of the death, and after 24 hours they'll be able to create a new duplicate to replace it.

Items in Evan's possession are duplicated without limitation.

Major Changes: 3 Clones -> 5 Clones. I've simplified a lot of how death works. I technically 'removed' the 'staying apart too long' limit. He can now duplicate items he's holding/wearing/weilding.


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