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Name: Erione
Age: 17
Birthday: June 25
Gender: Male
Species: God of Glass
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 12th Grade

FC is official art of Koi Kisaragi from Tsukiuta The Animation
Appearance Description:
  • messy pink ear-length hair that usually has a few ribbons or hair clips in it
  • Warm red colored eyes
  • Dresses in seemingly random eclectic styles. Bright colors clashing with dark
  • Frequently embellishes his outfit with pins, buttons or other shiny accessories
  • Usually seen playing with pieces of colored glass or little sculptures
  • Thin and light. He weighs only about 100 lbs

Personality Description:
  • Fragile- His usual happy demeanor can be easily shattered
  • Sharp tongue- Come at him the wrong way and he'll cut right back
  • Transparent- Pretty much unable to hide how he's feeling. Terrible liar
  • Never at rest- has difficulty sitting still, almost always fiddling with something. He's easily distracted

Active Abilities:
  • Transport via Glass
    • Can teleport using glass as the medium.
      • requires the destination to be clear of obstructions and for him to be touching another piece of glass to use as his starting point
      • Both surfaces need to be at least 2 square inches wide, though increased size makes it quicker and easier
      • The destination must be either within sight or Erione must have been physically near the destination glass enough to be familiar with it.
    • Cannot see or hear what is going on at the destination but does have a sense of whether it is clear enough of obstacles that he could safely exit
    • When teleporting he changes into an array of small shards of glass that quickly get sucked into the glass surface he is touching within the span of a few seconds and then they stream out of the destination glass to re-form into his normal humanoid form
      • His clothes and any items he is holding, up to 100 lbs, travels with him. He is unable to bring anyone with him at this time though.

  • Hyalokinesis
    • Erione can create pieces of glass and mentally control any glass within 20' of himself, causing it to break or re-form, reshape or move around as he wishes.
      • He can create up to about half his body weight per hour worth of glass (so about 50 lbs). This limit includes any glass creation he would use to repair damage to himself.
      • He is limited to controlling an amount equivalent to twice his own body weight at one time (or roughly 200 lbs total). This total must include his own body's shards if he is currently in shattered form and he will drop control of an equivalent amount of weight should he be shattered while using this ability

  • Shattered form -
    • Any injury that would be enough to cause bruising or more than minor cuts will instead shatter Erione into a random assortment of irregularly shaped shards of colored glass. A single decent punch is usually sufficient. He is stuck as a floating mass of glass shards for between 10 minutes and an hour depending on the severity of the damage before he will be able to re-form. He can only re-form however if he has first returned to 100% of the amount of glass needed to form his body.
      • Anything worn or in his pockets turns to glass shards with him but anything carried is dropped.
      • During this time he is fixing the damage by growing glass and repairing cracks using his hyalokinesis (including the same 50lb per hour production limit).
      • The time in this form continues to increase if he sustains more damage in this form and he is killed if more than 50% of his glass is removed or destroyed
      • Any attempt by Erione to make a physical attack with his unshattered body will result in shattering himself rather than doing damage to an enemy. His glass shards can still be used to attack however.
      • In this shattered form he is completely blind, unable to smell or taste and his ability to speak coherently is greatly reduced
      • His hearing is unaffected by the shattered form and he is able to "feel" via contact with his shards.
  • Erione can also choose to willingly enter this form when he hasn't taken damage but he must stay in shattered form for at least 10 minutes before he can revert
  • Deity's Mind- A portion of Erione's mind, locked since his birth but slowly opening as his worship increased, has fully unlocked.
    • This gives him access to the memories of his parents up until the time of his birth.
    • This also allows him to receive messages from his angels and his worshipers' prayers while going about his normal business with only minor distraction. He may also choose to mentally reply to them but that requires him to stop paying attention to everything else around him while he does so.
    • Receiving a prayer tells him who is praying and their message. If he replies he also learns their location. The prayer must include Erione's name and be done at a shrine to him or while holding a glass gift he created.
Passive Abilities:
  • Prismatic Glass Armor- Erione is immune to light, shadow and lightning as their energies are simply refracted and diffused harmlessly and he is non-conductive. He is also highly resistant to the effects of extreme heat or cold (except a sudden change from one to the other will automatically shatter him)

  • Godlike- Will stop physically aging at 20. Immune to diseases, toxins and poison. Drugs are half as effective on him.
    • if more than 50% of his body (or 50% of his glass shards if he is suffering his shattered form) is destroyed or removed then he is killed and resurrects within his home domain over the course of 5 days. He will instead permanently die if he no longer has any active followers, shrines or altars when he is killed.

  • Glass worship- Gains his divine power from people appreciating or treasuring an item made from glass. He feels a little spark of joy every time someone enjoys or is happy to possess/use something made of glass and he knows the location. An altar/shrine made of glass by his worshipers is the easiest destination for his glass transportation even across dimensions and he is always aware of their location and status.
    • He also feels crippling pain and immediately shatters for the full hour if an altar/shrine is destroyed

  • Dutiful dreaming- Instead of actually dreaming, every time Erione is asleep for more than 5 minutes his consciousness drifts out to his various altars/shrines to bring aide and comfort to his worshipers. This makes him difficult to wake up. If he is woken up abruptly he experiences disorientation as his consciousness is ripped back to his body

  • Vulnerable to all physical attacks/weapons - these types of attacks do twice as much damage to Erione's body or his glass shards

  • Weak body- Has only 50% of the strength and physical endurance as a human

  • An unbreakable holy vow prevents Erione from wielding any weapon not made of glass. Any other weapon simply falls out of his hands if he tries to wield it

Common Magical Items: Simple Language Charm (Illumi)- allows his native language to be translated to english for others and for him to hear english as his native language

Erione was one of several children born from the union of his father, Ibarus- the god of rocks and stone, and his mother, Kodea- the goddess of light. He comes from an alternate dimension (Lum) where a huge pantheon of gods compete for the adoration and worship of the mortals. Most of the power gains and losses are achieved through great displays put on by the gods and their followers. As a result their holy places are the universities, galleries and coliseums that show off the grandeur of the gods.

The gods of Erione's world gain the memories and knowledge accumulated by their parents up until their birth but it is locked away until they are able to handle that knowledge appropriately. Their emotional and physical development occurs in a similar fashion to humans although they usually stop aging physically by age 20.

He spent the first 5 years of his life being cared for within the domain of his mother until his own domain began to take shape. For the gods of Erione's world a domain is more than just the idea or material that they have control over. It also refers to a subsection within their heavens that is entirely their own, where they have absolute control. The lowest or newest of gods have little more than the equivalent of a dorm room while the most powerful and accomplished gods control entire metropolises full of angels aligned to their domain.

Once Erione's domain began to form he was allowed to leave his mother's domain but he was provided with an angel from both his mother and his father to advise him and nurture him in their absence. His own angels didn't come until after his domain was powerful enough to encompass the size of an average townhouse. At that time he was 10 years old and had a small but growing following and his first fledgling shrines in the mortal world.

Most of the mortals in his world consider Erione to be a friendly and goodhearted god that provides for beauty and enjoyment for his followers. The tenets of his divinity would be best describes as creativity, appreciation and wonder. His following mostly includes artists and jewelers but many professionals who rely on glass tools and nobles who enjoy having fine glass sculptures or well made windows have been known to keep a small shrine to Erione just in case.

Erione spent the next 5 years growing his followers within his homeworld and in turn expanding his own domain. Eventually though he drew the ire of some of the other gods his own age. They were upset that he seemed to be growing in power much faster than them and "stealing" all the followers from them. Rather than get into a battle of holy might Erione began to study with a friend of his, Oneas- the goddess of travel, and a year later was able to enhance his own ability to travel through glass.

He didn't know where his destination would be but he had resolved to test out the travel. After a full day spent in ceremony he touched the great pane of emerald green glass that served as his favorite doorway into his domain and found himself transported to a strange island.

Although in his home world Erione is able to see and hear and manifest himself through any surface of glass he found that he was much more limited in his abilities that far from his home

A little scared and unable to speak the local language Erione wandered the island of Manta Carlos for a few hours until he spotted a somewhat familiar sight. A school. Schools in the mortal world of his home were like beacons to the gods with so many eager minds looking for inspiration and learning. This school was not exactly like the ones he was used to but it was still a school so he approached to investigate.

Fortunately for Erione the universal language enchantments allowed him to speak with the administration of the school and they enrolled him as a student, though he was placed in remedial and cultural classes to catch him up to the customs and education style present in this world. They also helped him obtain a language charm to help out until he gains a better mastery of the english language.

After about a month of being on the island Erione had grown homesick. Though his consciousness traveled home to his domain and his followers while he slept he still missed physically being there. One day he decided to try to transport himself back home and found that he still felt the connection to the altars and shrines built for him back home. With a lot of concentration and effort he managed to send himself through the window of his dorm room and ended up back home.

Study with his friend Oneas revealed that as long as he had at least one shrine in his homeworld he would be able to transport himself back but if they were all destroyed he would be trapped and his domain would slowly die out. She could help send Erione back to Manta Carlos in the same way as before but his most important task upon getting back would need to be finding at least one follower to make a shrine for him on the island to make the travel much easier and more reliable.

By the time Erione left his home again his domain had expanded to the size of a very small town. The kind of town that only has about a dozen buildings and no traffic lights. There were 10 angels that were under him.

After several months of being absent from Manta Carlos, and probably a bit of a snafu with security looking into the report of a missing student, Erione popped back through the window of what had been his dorm to find out it had been assigned to someone else. After the shock and embarrassment Erione was taken before school administration to explain himself, be lectured greatly, and then eventually be reinstated as a student.

He now has become situated on the island, developing a small worship base and several shrines. As such he has reinforced his connection to his domain and his mind expanded to finish allowing him access to his parents' memories and the ability to hear and reply to prayers in the course of his daily activities. He has multiple pieces of art on display in galleries on the island.

Resources: Lives in a dorm but is able to access a great deal of wealth from his own domain or from either of his parents

Additional Information: Speaks Illumi, the holy language of the world he comes from, and is learning english
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Name: Erione
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: God of glass
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Skinny, not muscular

Notable Features: Messy pink hair, warm red eyes. Dresses in wild mixes of colored clothing, random assortments of pins, bracelets and other accessories. Short, light and skinny.

Physical Quirks: Very rarely sits still. Absentmindedly plays with shards of glass, especially when he gets nervous. Easily distracted. Despite not wanting to sit still he does tend to sit down and rest a lot while fidgeting

Abilities Summary: Controls and creates glass with his mind. Can teleport using glass. Vulnerable to physical attacks and will shatter into glass shards if he suffers more than the most minor of injuries. In shattered form he cant see and has trouble talking. Can only wield glass weapons. Is significantly weaker physically than humans. Immune to light, shadow and lightning and resistant to extreme cold or heat (except sudden switches between those two). Sleeping lets his consciousness travel back to tend to his domain but suddenly waking causes significant disorientation. Feels when someone enjoys or appreciates an item made of glass and knows the location. People can pray to him at a shrine or through one of his gifts.

Reputation: Happy if a little weird kid in 11th grade. Had shown up on the island several months back but disappeared suddenly after only being there for a month. There was a missing person report but no trace was found until he popped back up recently. Rumor is he popped back up in a dorm that had been reassigned and scared the student there quite badly. Has re-enrolled as a student.

Misc Information: Still learning english. Uses a common language charm to translate his native language, called Illumi.
FC is official art of Koi Kisaragi from Tsukiuta The Animation
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