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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Huilu Ehr'Sha
Age: 400, looks mid-20s
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Job / Grade: Freelance artist

Description: Around 5'9" tall, petite and frail-looking. Has small feet and hands with long fingers, is missing fingers and toes on all her limbs. Said missing toes and fingers have been replaced with replicas made of magical ice. Is quite pretty with delicate features, has mismatched eyes with the left one being yellow and right one green. Has bright Egyptian blue long, wavy hair. Often wears comfy yet elegant looking clothes, like sweaters and shawls, prefers to wear either leggings or long skirts.

Abilities Summary:
- Can shift entirely and partially into an ice-blue dragon
- Can create and manipulate ice at will
- Can calm a person via touch at the expense of her own body heat
- Lives for tens of thousands of years
- Is supernaturally strong and fast and has enhanced senses
- Has regenerative abilities
- Has an aura that makes the air around her colder; the aura is connected to her emotions

Reputation: Is quite known among the art circles on the island for her abstract unmelting ice sculptures made with extreme precision. Is also known for being a part of the Akt'Anir dragon community from the Alps.

Misc Information: Is the legal guardian of Eein Dresden and in a relationship with Irso Vudemo.

NPC Status: Anyone whose character has ties to Huilu can play her if necessary.

Adoption Status: Feel free to adopt her, as long as you ask me first, of course.

Art Credits: Art is a commission work made by klamblotblot
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