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Kada Emerald "Emy" Liala

Discussion in 'Character Applications' started by Lain, Jun 13, 2019 at 7:03 PM.

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  1. Lain

    Little Lamb

    Aug 19, 2018
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    Name: Emerald Anemone Liala
    Nicknames: Emy
    Age: 20
    Birthday: May 21st
    Gender: Female
    Species: Personification
    Category: Student
    Class: College
    Grade: 2nd Year
    College Major: Botany

    Appearance Description:
    Images are of an adoptable design owned by me, and created by manosdetrapo. Both images were drawn by manosdetrapo.
    Emerald has a fairly attractive figure; thin with enough curve at the waist to be flattering. Her lightly tanned skin is entirely without blemish, and has darker brown areas with white spots on her hips, legs, forearms, face, and neck + chest. Her feet are not human, but her legs instead fade into furry three-toed animal feet. Her hair is rather wild, yet beautiful in that way - dark brown waves that cascade over her shoulders, all the way down to her knees. She also keeps the front two sections done up in two braids. Her ears are furry animal ears at the top of her head, and she has ram-like horns that frame her face. A large cabbage rose floats above her head at all times, and she has a thick furry animal tail.

    Personality Description:
    Emerald is a sweet and caring soul with a deep love for everyone she meets. She's always prepared to dote on someone when they're upset, provide for them when they need help, and overall be as helpful as possible wherever she can. Her nature is very innocent, and she looks at the world with a childlike love for simply being in it. Nature in particular is her greatest joy, and she would do anything to protect it. Her loved ones are always her priority, and she's very loyal to those who have earned her trust. Despite her tender and sweet personality she does have a fierce bite to her, and will do absolutely anything to defend what she believes is right. She's no pushover, and will always stand her ground when people try to put her down or attack her, verbally or otherwise.

    Due to her past, Emerald is severely traumatized, albeit she has healed since coming to the island. She has very little trust when it comes to other people, believing everyone is out to get her, and has an especial fear surrounding gods and humans. She is deeply prone to feelings of shame and guilt, blaming herself for the tiniest accidents and getting worked up over any criticism or mistake. Her innocence can lead her to make blind decisions without fully considering complex consequences. She cannot stand environments like cities, due to having a stubborn dislike for manmade structures and generally any place where one can tell man has taken over nature. She's similarly stubborn in all her opinions, and is rock solid when she makes a decision, it's incredibly hard to make her deviate. In general she can be overly attached to nature, refusing to see when things like killing an animal, cutting down a tree, or constructing a building can be necessary for someone's survival or good.

    Active Abilities:
    Floral Growth: Emerald is capable of sprouting any kind of natural flower from the earth with a touch of her finger. The flowers grown from her ability are perfect in every way, and do not die like normal flowers unless destroyed. This ability will only work on surfaces a plant could naturally grow on, and she cannot grow a flower she's never seen before.

    Plant Manipulation: Emerald can manipulate natural plants using her mind. This includes growing them, shrinking them, and causing them to move in various ways. The bigger the plant the more straining manipulation is on her mind, and the most she can manipulate at one time is one average sized tree.

    Plant Shifting: Emerald can shift parts of her body to become like various natural plants. For instance, shifting her arm to be made of a certain kind of flower petal, or causing her leg to become made of oak tree wood. Doing so will naturally heal any injuries present on that bodypart, unless she shifts back to normal before 10 minutes have passed. She can only shift a single part of her body at a time, and only two parts of her body can be shifted at once. She cannot shift into anything she hasn't seen before.

    Unnoticeable: Emerald can make herself "unnoticeable" at will. This means that people will be able to see her, but it will be impossible for them to actually notice her - when they look away she will instantly fade to the back of their memory like another face in the crowd. She can remain like this for up to half an hour at a time.

    Concealment: Emerald can obscure her nipples and genitals from view at will, resulting in her body looking much like that of a doll.

    Passive Abilities:
    Supernatural Beauty: Emerald is blessed with supernatural beauty. Her skin is flawless in every way, her eyes sparkle and shine, her face is perfectly proportioned, and all who look upon her find her to be beautiful in some way. Attempting to apply makeup to her will completely ruin this beauty.

    Nature Communication: Emerald can understand and communicate with all natural plants and animals.

    Aura of Life: Emerald has an aura with a 10 foot range that causes all plants and living creatures affacted to feel more happy, healthy, and alive. This aura does not cure wounds, however, it simply causes a general "healthy" feeling. Even inanimate objects within this range will generally look more colorful and vibrant.

    Godly Command: Due to being created by a god, Emerald is weak to the commands of godly beings. If a god commands her to do something, she is required to do it no matter what she thinks of it. If an hour has passed and she has failed to complete the task, their hold over her will fade until she is commanded to do something else.

    Connection to Nature: Emerald is required to spend at least an hour in nature one day a week. If she fails to do this, her strength will rapidly begin to fade, and her lifeforce with it. Going three weeks without any time in nature will kill her.

    Common Magical Items: None

    • Emerald was created by a god from the natural energies of a secluded forest on earth, along with a brother named Sunshine. The two were created as personifications of nature, and were intendes to be guardians of the forest. Created at ages 7 and 5, they were given two rules: remain pure, never committing any crimes, and never get in contact with humans.
    • Emerald and her brother grew up in this forest, living off of what nature and their god provided for them. One day, when she was 12 years old, a human entered the forest unexpectedly - a child who had wandered very far from home. Driven by curiosity and forgetting the rules, Emerald revealed herself to the child and helped them find their way out of the forest and back home.
    • The god who created them was extremely angry at this, and decided they both needed to be punished for Emerald's mistake. The child's father was a very rich and influential single man with a large house and very few morals. The god planted an impulse in his mind to find the forest and travel deep into it, thus encountering Emerald and Sunshine. Assuming based on the first time that it would be safe, the two revealed themselves and let him guide them back to his house.
    • Immediately, after luring them to his basement the two were chained up by him. He decided that Emerald would be kept as his personal toy, while Sunshine would be sold on auction to a few private friends he knew would keep the secret. The basement door was kept locked at all times to prevent his child from discovering his secret.
    • Emerald was successfully kept under his care for 6 years, and suffered physical and sexual abuse during this time. She was snuck out only once every couple of weeks to keep her from dying due to lack of nature, and even then was kept on a leash of sorts. Eventually though he could hide her no longer. His child very cleverly stole the basement key in order to discover his "secret project," and was shocked to discover a person chained up down there.
    • It took ages for Emerald to be convinced that the child was safe, but when she was, they released her and helped her discover through their father's records where Sunshine had been taken. With that, she ran for it, using the woods behind their house as a cover for going down the road to where Sunshine now lived. Upon arriving she looked through the windows, and immediately saw Sunshine being hit by what appeared to be a rather old man. The pain of knowing he went through the same thing caused her to go into a blind rage - she knocked on the door, and when the man answered, she attacked him and choked him to death.
    • Having now broken both human laws and the second rule of their god, the two immediately ran for it for fear of being found by one or both, away from civilization and into the woods. However, it wasn't long before they were discovered by scouts from Manta Carlos. They were extremely fearful of the scouts, but after some very carefully chosen words from them, the two began to trust them and confessed everything that had happened.
    • Emerald and Sunshine were taken back to Manta Carlos and enrolled in the academy, where they became wards of the school. They were in remedial for about a year and a half before Emerald was able to start taking regular college classes. Therapy, education and a loving enviroment did them worlds of good, and they are now finally starting to enjoy their lives again.

    Resources: Emerald lives off of what the school provides to her.

    Additional Information: Just a note to be removed later: Emerald contains some similarities to Meadow, an archived character of Bijou's and the previous incarnation of this adoptable. All similarities have been discussed with Bijou, who has confirmed they're fine with it.

    Emerald is absolutely terrible with technology, and personally prefers to avoid it altogether.

    She prefers to wear as little clothing as possible, generally only wearing a green cloth around her hips or nothing at all.

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