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Dressed To Dye

Discussion in 'Businesses & Organizations' started by FennWenn, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. FennWenn

    Hazy Cinnamon Smol

    Oct 25, 2018
    Posting Status:
    Dressed to Dye

    Dressed to Dye is a quaint little boutique started up at the very fringe of the Strip.

    Walking inside, one might notice that while the shop is small, it’s been gussied up to the gills with Victorian decor and frills. Lots of sample outfits are out on display. Most of the decor leans towards pinks, purples, reds, blacks, and whites. Possesses a backroom for the nitty-gritty outfit-making process, and a parlor-area complete with armchairs and little platform to stand on while being measured; a makeshift dressing room has been fashioned out of a series of curtains in the corner. The whole stop smells strongly of fabric and rose perfume, and faintly of decay.

    Offers custom tailoring jobs to creatures of all ken! Ever get frustrated because pants weren’t built for satyr legs, or wish your shirts better accommodate your wings, or feel you just can’t get a crop-top to look good with your many writhing tentacles? Dressed to dye is here to cater to you! Offers designs from all periods of history, and colors in all imaginable hues. Our service is to die for!

    Kaliste Proserpina - The boss. And, currently, the one doing most of the sewing. A zealous half-demon with a knack for the dark undead arts as well as needlework.
    Employees — None yet.
    “The Help” — Not exactly employees, but Kaliste’s rotating cast of small, dead critters probably counts for something.

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