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Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Schrodinger's Cat, Jul 7, 2018.

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    #1 Schrodinger's Cat, Jul 7, 2018
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    Name: Drake

    Age: physically 14

    Birthday: April 26, 2018

    Gender: Male

    Species: Half Dragonkin/Demon

    Category: Student

    Class: Middle School

    Grade: 8

    Appearance Description:
    4'11" with a slim build. Drake has Dull brown hair, thin eyebrows and green eyes that seem to have a bored look to them. He wears clothing in a neat fashion, but his hair always appears ragged, regardless of how much he brushes it.
    In his Demonic Form, Drake takes the form of an "Alien Dragonfly", standing at 9 feet tall, being 12 feet from nose to tail, and with a wingspan of 18 feet. His scales are a matte green and blue, with the underside being black. His "forelegs" are similar in form to human arms, having three fingers and an opposable thumb, while his hind legs are much more different, bending backwards and resting on three toes. Each of these toes and fingers ends in an inch long claw, tapering off in a sharp point.
    Art by Pallas for the Bug Bab plot

    Personality Description:
    A very serious person, Drake can be known to make unintentional threats purely by accident. On the occasions where it is not by accident.... well, stay out of his room and away from his things. Drake is very territorial and would label his side of the room when he has to get a room-mate.

    He has a strong suspicion of his other siblings, where-ever they may be. He knows that they know his weaknesses, and he knows that they wouldn't hesitate in trying to destroy him for a few more years.

    Dragons, however, are much worse in his eyes. He was born part-dragon, but it doesn't mean he shouldn't find pleasure in ripping apart scales and consuming his own kind, right? The fact they taste delicious is no laughing matter either.

    Active Abilities:
    • [*]Able to temporarily transform into a Draconic Dragonfly. Can sustain form for three hours, though extreme weakness (ie. low health) can cause him to turn back.
      [*]Grants the ability to fly. He can fly up to 100 Km/h for a maximum of 20 minutes, or about 60 Km/h for an hour
    • The cliche bad breath common among dragons. Is able to project flames up to a total distance of 12 metres. He can sustain it for 20 seconds, or until his mouth is closed.

    Passive Abilities:
    • [*]Increased Strength. Can throw as much as 500kgs without a struggle, but can lift up to 1.2 tonnes.

      [*]Can walk up walls when barefoot, but cannot run up them. He cannot carry anything with him when he does this but can interact with objects when on the wall.
      • Resistance to Heat and flames. Can walk through fires or hot temperature without issue, though the lack of air due to the heat would affect him.
        • Hard Scales- To most opponents, these scales appear to be as hard as steel. They can break off, though to reveal soft tissue. the lost scale can be used as a blade of sorts. Any lost scales will reappear next time he activates his Demonic form.
        • Wings- Can be torn or cut by a sharp enough blade, and will temporarily remove his ability to fly. They will feel flimsy when touched normally, however, and unlike the scales, can take up to a week to be fully repaired.
        • Claws- Sharp, and can cut through flesh and bone easily. Materials such as TItanium, however, would take him a while to cut.
      • Anti-Dragon Armor- His scales are virtually impervious to any Physical or Magical Attacks caused by a dragon (Hybrids of this species are only weakened if less than 50% dragon) however, he is more susceptible to attacks from other species. Aura Effects, regardless of the species, will always affect him.

    • Becomes Lethargic in low Temperatures. if the room temp or his body reaches below -40 degrees Celsius, he goes into a hibernative state, and won't wake until the temperature is above 30 degrees
    • Electricity- Compared to other students, he is more conductive, so he is more susceptible to electricity, and a factory-grad Tazer, would make him pass out. if he is struck by more than a billion watts (A normal bolt of lightning), Drake would die.
    • If he were to make contact with holy or blessed materials, he would feel great pain, and a severe burn would occur where it was. (If he were to eat a religious being, such as an angel or the Pope) Drake would technically burn from the inside out.
    • Lifespan limit of 5-20 years. This can be extended by killing one of their many siblings, upon which their remaining years are added to Drakes (if they had five years left, Drake can live five more years). They can become Immortal by killing their mother but are also at risk of being hunted by his siblings, as he too can expand their lifespan.
    • No sense of smell. Has a nose, but it's out of order.
    • Deaf in his left ear. He can hear heavy beats but are unable to hear regular conversation properly unless they rotate their right ear towards the noise.

    Biography: Part of the Cluster of eggs hatched by Nasci, He is responsible for some of the others not making it past the first few minutes. He would argue he is not at fault, but that he only ate the ones that had Dragon heritage. How he knew this, no one has any idea.

    He was quickly separated from the rest, and by some stroke of luck, was taken in by a loving Family, who tried to raise him as one of their own, however, his quick growth and selfish attitude lead to him leaving on bad terms when he started at Starlight.

    Resources: Small cheque sent every fortnight. lives on school grounds

    Additional Information: Part of the Nasci Bug baby cluster. Art by Pallas.
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    This awful child of Nasci's is approved.

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