Douglas Shaw


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Apr 21, 2015
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Art Source: Myself

Douglas Shaw

37 | September 1st | Male | Werewolf | Starlight Academy Staff | Scout
Field Investigation + Social Work

Douglas is honestly just a big bipedal wolfman. He is just a really hairy boy, His arms, shoulders and back is covered in fur and his lower half is literally nothing but w o l f. He has a bushy wolf tail, bushy wolf butt….
Oh right. He is fit, super fit. He goes to the gym a lot. Douglas stands 6’3” ft tall on his furry digitigrade wolf legs.

Douglas fur is dark brown with a few graying spots here in there, similar to a gray wolf’s fur. He has a set if human ears and wolf ears which might look weird to some but he honestly doesn’t care. #HybridFormProblems
He has piercing yellow eyes along with bushy eyebrows and a bushy beard.
...He’s just bushy as heck okay?
Aaaand he has a resting tired face.

As for clothing, Douglas just wears what he wears. Nothing to extra, just plain and simple clothes and his stupid dumb shirts.

Douglas is…
Totally not a big ol softie. Nope. Nuh uh.
Douglas has a very cool demeanor about him, he isn’t some raging dumb brute which people tend to think he is. Like his shirt says, he is a Good Boys and like all good boys he is loyal. Well only as loyal as he needs to be, if his loyalty ain’t worth it then it ain’t worth it.
He has a playful side that usually comes out around those he is friendly or on good terms with.

Douglas is also a bit pessimistic to other werewolves. Just a tad bit… He honestly rather not deal with all their pack shit.​

Active Abilities:

Douglas can shapeshift into a large wolf or remain in his natural hybrid form; he does not have a pure human form.
Only on full moons can Douglas fully shift into his true werewolf form.

Super Awoo
After inhaling a great amount of air; Douglas can let out a loud and powerful howl that can bring anyone to their knees.
This howl affect other werewolves more effectively, it is the “Respect Me!” howl. The howl also tends to attract more wolves and howlings.
Passive Abilities:

Werewolf Physiology
Douglas has senses of hearing and smell are far greater than any human and slightly better than most wolves.
Douglas is faster and stronger than the average person, he can lift up to a ton and can run up to 75 mph in quick short bursts of speeds.

Douglas has a lot of stamina and in predator terms: can maintain pursuing prey for long distances and his skin is slightly more durable than a humans; gotta shank him a lot harder with that knife guys.

Douglas also has claws and fangs that are made for flesh tearing.

Douglas’s bones and body can quickly heal and repair itself from non-fatal injuries. The healing process can take mere seconds or a few minutes depending on how bad the damage is.


Full Moon

On the night of The Full Moon, Douglas loses himself to his wolf side and just goes full on feral werewolf.

Silver sucks a lot, like it really sucks man. It burns Douglas on touch and any wounds caused by silver takes twice as long to heal. If silver where to enter his body and remain inside him, he will become extremely ill and probably die if he doesn’t get it out.

Wolfsbane has varying leveling of effectiveness on Douglas. On one hand it can make him sick while on the other hand it could just limit his abilities. Best example: Wolfsbane incense can prevent his Full Moon transformation and give him a cold.
Common Magical Items:

Human Shape Charm

While wearing this charm, the character appears human. They lose access to any abilities they had as a result of any non-human physical characteristics of their original body. For example, a character who uses wings to fly will be unable to fly while using a human shape charm. Characters wearing this charm always have a single set human form, which resembles their non-human form.

Earns good money as a scout, Lives alone somewhere near the forest in a small cabin.

Douglas is a werewolf from Minnesota, USA.
He was once part of a pack of wolves who basically raised him up despite him being a bit of a defect as a child and even after his parents abandoned him. That pack has long been disbanded. The pack wasn’t exactly all that good of a pack. It was just a group of outcast werewolves who were trying to be something, anything.

Life was fine for awhile with the pack but things eventually started to worsen. The “family” and people he trusted started to change in ways he did not fully agree with and drama started brewing between the alpha and a few other members.

The pack seemingly split into two, one side believed that the pack needed a new leader and the other side didn’t so some left. This started the fighting over territories between the two packs and also caused people to choose sides. Douglas was dumb and loyal to the old alpha right up until the incident.

The fighting got messier and the alpha decided it was best to kill the “traitors” than to let them take anything from him at all. Douglas was against this and went to try and calm things down between the two packs but it was far too late.

The fighting started and then it ended. Some lives were lost….Douglas’s mate was one of them.
Holding his mate’s lifeless body in his arms, he simply left.

A few years later and Douglas found himself getting brought to the island by a few scouts. He didn't have nothing better to do or any goodCD amount of education so he went to the school and eventually became a scout.​

Awoo Awoo​
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Apr 21, 2015
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Art Source: Myself

Name: Douglas "Duggie" Shaw
Apparent Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Height: 6'3"
Build: Good Buff Boi

Notable Features: Douglas is a hairy man with digitigrade wolf legs, tail, wolf ears, and a lot of fur.

Physical Quirks: Stands tall and proud but looks tired af

Power Summary:
Is a werewolf with basic werewolf abilities like super senses, strength, and stamina.
Can shift into a wolf and has some regeneration going on for him.
Douglas has a super awoo!
Also has a human shaped charm

Reputation: A well known scout

Misc Information:


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