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Mar 24, 2018
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Made on a picrew by moro_244

Diego Alvaro


December 24th




High school


-175cm; 5'9"
-Kinda lanky and thin toned, trains regularly. Long legs and surprisingly big feet. Has Hispanic heritage.
-Is rather cute with delicate facial features, has bright green eyes with dark lashes and thick eyebrows.
-Green fluffy hair, quite short and reaches barely his neck.
-Wears clothes too big for him, baggy t-shirts with band logos or funny pictures and shorts or sweats and hoodies. Prefers basketball or skating shoes as footwear.
-Has some long scars across his back and has a spine tattooed to her back, that goes along where his spine actually is.

Relaxed and laid back, or at least tries to seem that way
Cheery, smiles a lot
Easily disappointed
Realist, leans a bit towards pessimism
Kind of a dude bro
Occasionally sarcastic
Nervous inside
Worried about how others perceive him
Pretty cheap but generous with those he cares about
Blindly loyal to his loved ones
Bit possessive of his things and relationships
Crybaby but acts tough
Doesn't want to show weakness
Unsure of many things due to his father's influence
Knows when to shut up
Street smart
Gives up too easily
Closeted homosexual
Insecure af

Flight: Diego can fly, and the fastest he can fly is about 40mph. Diego can carry max 90kg while flying, more than that and he won't be able to take flight.

Wind Manipulation: Diego has minor wind manipulation powers and he can create gusts of wind from nothing or manipulate already existing wind. The most powerful wind Diego can create is a gust that's about 150cm in tall and wide and blows 12 meters per second and reaches about 3 to 4 meters away from him.
-Lightweight: Diego is very light, and he weighs about 45kg. This is due to his bones being hollow and tissue being thinner than normal.
Heavy Blows: Diego can't withstand heavy blows and he gets more hurt more easily than a normal person.

Diego was born in another dimension, in a place called Halcyon city. He was an accident to a young couple, and Diego's mother died soon after his birth. Giving birth to Diego had really taken its toll on the young, rather frail woman and she couldn't recover from the damage. Diego's father grew bitter and angry and only saw Diego as the reason his wife died.

Diego grew up very poor with his father, who only ever showed hate towards his son. First through words and when Diego turned 5 through fists. The first time Diego discovered his powers was when he tried to get away from a beating by flying the the ceiling and pushing his father away using wind. Both of these powers were those Diego inherited from his mother, and his father absolutely forbid Diego from using them in the house or he got a beating.

Diego had one safe haven during his childhood years and that was his best friend Gabriel and his mother and home. Every time his father beat him black and blue and every night he couldn't sleep because of the Diego took refuge there. Gabriel and his mother were also the only ones that knew Diego's father was abusive.
During his preteen years Diego realized he harboured feelings towards Gabriel, that were something more than friendship. But immediately after realizing that Diego buried those feelings deep down and never admitted them to anyone. Diego's father was known to judge and condemn many things, and homosexuality was one of them.

As expected Diego didn't exactly stay on the straight and narrow as he grew older. He didn't become a villain, but Diego shoplifted from time to time, skipped school like a champ, pulled pranks using his powers and did graffiti in places where only someone with flying abilities could reach. Diego's graffities were actually pretty good, but he never claimed himself to be an artist. It was embarrassing and gay, or so his father said. All and all, Diego was kind of an asshole, and he only showed his true nice side to the people close to him. And there were only few of those.

At one point, when Diego's 16th birthday was closing in, he was picked up and taken to a school meant for "delinquents", where Diego's evil ways were supposed to be weeded out. In reality this school brainwashed its students. Thankfully Diego was there for only a couple of days before he was freed.
Not long after that Diego was released from the hypnosis, that lingered from being in the school, and was offered the chance to be a villain. Diego was, at that point, ready to grasp at anything to get away from his father so he took the chance and thus became the villain Condor.

Diego didn't exactly enjoy being a villain, but he would've done anything to avoid going back home to his father. Few months after becoming a villain Diego and a team of other villainstook part in a raid of a certain warehouse, and Diego was surprised to see his best friend Gabriel was a part of the raid. During this raid Diego took a nasty blow from a tazer and was apprehended. Diego was put on house arrest and during this house arrest Diego received the worst beating of his life from his father, that nearly killed him.

After his house arrest ended Diego ran away from home, and his father couldn't care less. He didn't continue doing villainy, but he still stole enough to get by and relied on his friend Gabriel a lot. He did this all the way until the world he lived in started ending. Diego didn't want to escape just by himself, and went to check on his father in the chaos. But to his horror Diego found his father dead, he had committed suicide by shooting his brains out. Diego, in shock, fled the scene and left his father to be consumed by whatever thing was destroying their dimension.

Diego fled through the portal with the rest of the refugees to Manta Carlos. He was happy to see his friend Gabriel and other familiar faces had gone through too, but instead of trying to try and blend in to this new world Diego avoided contact with people. That continued for a few months, but eventually Gabriel was able to catch Diego and after a heart to heart conversation the two reconnected and Diego decided to move in together with Gabriel and his mother.

Lives with his childhood friend and his mother, is supported by them
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Diego Alvaro
Apparent Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Height: 175cm; 5'9"
Build: Kinda lanky, long legs and tough muscles

Notable Features:
-Dark green hair whose ends are feathers
-Moss green big eyes
-Brown skin
-Almost freakishly big feet
-Wears baggy, worn out clothes

Physical Quirks:
-Most of the time is airborne
-Says "dude" and "bro" a lot

Abilities Summary:
-Can fly
-Can control wind
-Is very light, only weighs 45kg

Reputation: One of the Halcyonites, and has earned a reputation as a bit of a delinquent and a loner. Was busted once for trespassing and vandalism and that's probably something people on his grade know.

Misc Information: Is from Halcyon city
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