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Dhalia Slash

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by DaniMalice, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. DaniMalice

    Péché Rose

    Oct 7, 2018
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    Name: Dhalia Slash
    Age: 24
    Birthday: October 31st
    Gender: Female (she/her)
    Species: Human-Siren
    Category: Citizen
    Career: Touring Musician/ Starving Artist/ Tattoo Artist

    Appearance Description: Short and spunky, this girl packs a wallop when it comes to dark fashion. Standing around 5 feet, 5 inches, this firecracker has an almost inferno like hair color with a shaved side-cut. With golden eyes, and several piercings dotting her face, this girl knows how to have a great time. Dhalia is your typical heavy rock girl, heavily influenced by her hippy parents. Wearing cut up fishnets, rebel gloves, makeup that just screams 'this girl is dangerous,' and assortment of skull like jewelry. She has several tattoos up and down her body, but her arms are mostly clean of any ink for now. She has a fuller, round face and her lips are more drawn in than out giving a pouty, plump look accented by the double blue ring piercings. Often seen in rock clothing, and a cigarette dangling from her lips, Dhalia is certainly a head turner, whether because she is shouting obscenities at you or getting you riled up before a big concert.

    Personality Description: Dhalia can be loud, obnoxious, crude and has a flaming temper. She generally likes to have as much fun as she possibly can when she is out. She has gotten into trouble quite a few times with the law for drinking and bar fights, driving under the influence, public indecency and petty theft. She is a rebel at heart and her family cares very little about what she does with her life, not that they don't love or appreciate her, but they are a simple people with a laid back persona and would rather her live free than not live at all. While drunk or under the influence of some recreational drugs, Dhalia can be rather flirty and aggressive. If she is rejected, then she might end up throwing a fit or lighting your car on fire to get revenge.

    Active Abilities: Sonic Harmonics: Her Siren side can cause her voice to scream in very high decibels to glass shattering effects and hit notes that are otherwise difficult to hit. The sonic can damage eardrums or even knock a person down. She has perfect pitch and can control this ability quite well, however, she can't use it while under the influence of anything.

    Smoke Manipulation: While taking drags from a cigarette, pipe or anything that can create smoke in the air, Dhalia has some manipulation over this odd element. While it's dangerous, she does not use this ability to attack others unless she has to, but rather uses it as a fog for her shows to create a creepy atmosphere rather than relying on fog machines or something that might get damaged.

    Passive Abilities: Breathing under water.

    Weaknesses: --

    Common Magical Items: --

    Biography: As soon as she was Seventeen, Dhalia moved out of her parent's place and began to live her own life. With nothing but her guitar and her talent, she lived off the streets as a starving artist and doing freelance jobs as a tattoo artist. She doesn't work to live, and plays as often as she can even when she doesn't have the money. She has dreams of becoming a Rock Star, but finding members to fit her theme has been difficult. She sometimes does solo stuff has sleazy, ghetto bars and joints for a few bucks which is usually spent on booze or something else. Even if she is poor as shit most of the time, the woman seems to be pretty carefree and without any personal defects.

    Resources: Guiar and case she takes with her everywhere and a bag of clothes.

    Additional Information: <3
  2. Romi

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    Jun 18, 2015
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