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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 4:11 P.M. on November 5th, 2019

Characters: Alma Malivani (Kada), Iggy Hughes (Max!!), Morgan Maddox (Goblin), Estella Motley (Bloos), Tril (PixelatedGlory), Lottie Brightburn (Pallas), Ferret (Goblin), Alaric Drakenhardt (Max!!)

Summary: First time at the M3C. Alma's a student council member. Learns about Hereafter from Iggy. Gets everyone's name there. Tril's attitude towards humans and gods makes Darzih suspect that species tensions are high on the island, convincing him to be careful about how he words his species.

Time Left: 11:55 P.M.

DarzihBOTToday at 4:11 PM
Walks inside, bending down awkwardly to get his wings and horn through the door. Looks around the place curiously.

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:12 PM
is just. Super absorbed in what she's writing, scratching through, rewriting, etc.

DarzihBOTToday at 4:13 PM
Staaaares at Alma. Fiddles with his language charm, then says, "Hello? This is the community center, yes? For socializing?"

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:16 PM
her ears twitch at the sound and she looks up, blinking. "What? Oh, right. Yeah. Sorry, I got lost in my own head for a bit."

DarzihBOTToday at 4:17 PM
Nods. Looks around for a place to seat. Grimaces at the chairs and overlooks to beanbags. Eventually looks back at Alma while moving out of the way of any future visitors. "Right. That's alright. What had your attention?"

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:19 PM
"I'm just writing down some talking points for a public forum I'm hosting tomorrow and with all the new craziness going on I wanted to make sure I had enough research done on the topics that matter the most to people."
she blinks and pauses to take a breath. "Sorry about that. I'm Alma. You must be new here, if this is your first time at the community center."

DarzihBOTToday at 4:21 PM
He takes a second before speaking, trying to register all she threw at him. "I'm new here, yeah. Craziness is an accurate word for this place. I'm Darzih."

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:23 PM
she smiles a bit wider and floats closer to Darzih, offering her hand. "Well I'm a pretty active member of the community, so if you need help with anything let me know and I'll do my best to be of service."

DarzihBOTToday at 4:27 PM
Stares at the hand for a moment, then shakes his head. "I was told I should warn people before they touch me. I make magic stronger."

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:37 PM
she slowly retracts her hand, giving a nervous chuckle. "Thanks for that. I don't know what that would do for me, but better safe than sorry. Fair's fair then I guess. I have a, uh. Inhibition inhibition aura. Makes you more confident and less doubtful of things you want to do."

DarzihBOTToday at 4:39 PM
He smiles, trying to dissuade the awkward air. "Thank you for the warning. I'll think twice before doing anything." He looks Alma up and down. "You're an active member of the community? What do you do?"

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 4:42 PM
Walks in stretching and yawning

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:42 PM
"Well I'm on the student council, I organize and participate in direct action like protests and doing - Iggy! Hey babe~"

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 4:43 PM
"Hey Alma, what's up?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:45 PM
Looks over to Iggy, then back at Alma. Isn't completely sure if he should interrupt their greetings.

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 4:47 PM
He smiles and nods to Darzih, "I'm Iggy, Alma's boyfriend... er one of Alma's boyfriends"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:48 PM
"I'm Darzih. I'm new here. Alma was welcoming me to the community and telling me about her role within it."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 4:50 PM
"Well I guess you're getting a welcome from me too then. I'm not as active as Alma is, but I do run the Hereafter club at Starlight. I don't know if you're a student or not..."

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 4:52 PM
she slides over and hugs Iggy's arm, floating off the ground attached to him like a balloon. She grins at him.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:53 PM
"I'm a remedial student. I've heard of several clubs since coming here, but I haven't looked into any just yet. What is Hereafter?"

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 4:58 PM
"We're a club that focuses on keeping people informed about the various types of beings people can run into on the island. It's almost like a cultural class, but you can actually interact with people and ask questions more directly. We also do support stuff."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:01 PM
"That sounds useful. I've only gotten here a few days ago and it's been one thing after another." He looks around the room as he speaks. "I might sit in during meetings. I prefer learning by watching."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 5:04 PM
"Well, if you ever wanna drop in," he pulls a flyer out of his bag and has a little smoke gremlin carry it over to him. "We meet Thursday evenings."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:06 PM
Stares at the smoke gremlin. Heeeesitantly takes the flyer. He's also bending down far. Thanks, Iggy.

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 5:07 PM
Yeah he realizes that wasn't the best move... oh well.

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:07 PM
Strolls in and stretches

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:08 PM
Looks at Morgan. That's all the acknowledgement you get out of Darzih until he learns how to wave. He looks down at the flyer and reads it over. "I'll try to attend on Thursday. I'm still getting set up at the school and figuring out my classes."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:11 PM
Oh hey, that's an interesting looking dude. Waves at Darzih. "Oh, hey. How goes it?"
"Also, cool horn."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 5:14 PM
"Take your time. I more or less grew up here, but I know it can take some time to get used to... all this."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
"Hello. I... don't know how 'it' goes?" He looks over to Iggy and nods. "I was told I'm from another dimension. Everything here is completely new."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 5:26 PM
"Well, if you need some help don't hesitate to ask"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:27 PM
"I'll keep that in mind. The school has been treating me well enough, but it's interesting to see a community so open to helping me."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:28 PM
"Yeah, Manta Carlos is good about that. As long as new person isn't an asshole most people try and help them settle in.:

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:31 PM
"What about newcomers who make accidents? How do you differentiate them from assholes?"

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:39 PM
"Eh, that's different. In those cases people make an effort to adapt and get better, instead of just flipping a big proverbial middle finger and resuming business as usual."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:40 PM
"What does the middle finger have to do with this conversation?"

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:41 PM
"Uh, it signifies, like...I mean. It means 'fuck you'."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:41 PM
"So it's a rude gesture?"

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:42 PM
"Yep. Usually. Sometimes it can be used jokingly but for the most part yes."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 5:42 PM
Casually rides in on her hoverboard

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:43 PM
"Oh, hey. Been a hot minute."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:43 PM
Moves out of the way for Estella. "There's a lot of slang and gestures I need to learn. Much of the slang I hear doesn't translate well."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:44 PM
"It definitely takes a while, but putting yourself out there and just immersing yourself in the culture obviously the easiest way."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:46 PM
"That's why I'm here. I was suggested to look around and meet people. Things have been going well enough."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:46 PM
Grins and nods. "Awesome to hear. My name's Morgan, by the way."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:48 PM
Smiles gently. "I'm Darzih."
Goes to lean his legs up against a table. It's a bit awkward, but he doesn't know where else to sit.

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:49 PM
Drops unceremoniously into a beanbag. "Right on. So where are you from?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:51 PM
Opens his mouth to ask about the beanbag but decides to hold it for later. "That doesn't matter much. I'm from a different dimension and I traveled a lot there. I'm not from anywhere in particular."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 5:54 PM
Waaaaves to everyone and then steps off her hoverboard which just gets absorbed into her shoes
"Well hello nerds."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 5:55 PM
"Understandable. Dimensions and stuff can get pretty confusing."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:57 PM
"I wouldn't call it confusing. It's no big deal."
Looks over at Estella's shoes, then her face "Why call us nerds?"

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:02 PM
Walks in

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 6:02 PM
She just....shrugs. "Well I could also say heeey strangers."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 6:03 PM
Looks up at Hector and fingerguns. "Sup?"

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:03 PM
"What's going on?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:03 PM
"I'm not asking you to change how you refer to me. I'm trying to get my language charm to correctly translate what you're calling me."
Looks at Hector for a second, then looks back at Estella.

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:08 PM
He's just gonna find a place to sit

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 6:11 PM
"Ooooh you have a language charm! Well I did say nerds so it's just working fine."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:12 PM
Goes to say something, then shakes his head. Looks over to the beanbags. "You can sit on those? I couldn't tell if they were decoration."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:13 PM
"That's what they're there for"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:15 PM
Moves from the table he was semi-leaning on and squats in front of a beanbag. "Can I use multiple? It don't think I'll be comfortable sitting on one."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 6:15 PM
"Go for it dude."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:16 PM
Gathers up a few beanbags, then awkwardly lays on them, trying to adjust his tail and wings to be comfortable.

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 6:16 PM
Stands from his beanbag and stretches. "I actually gotta get ready for class though.I'm catch y'all later."

GoblinToday at 6:17 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:17 PM
"Alright. Have a nice night."

Morgan MaddoxBOTToday at 6:23 PM
Waves and heads out

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 6:27 PM
Waaaaves to Morgan

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:34 PM
"I thought there would be more people here. I must have come on a bad day."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 6:40 PM
"Maybe people are out at the club...because...it's tuesday." Snorts

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:41 PM
"Are clubs popular on Tuesdays here? I haven't been in one for some time."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:44 PM
"It's pretty quiet here tonight, I'm surprised..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:46 PM
"So it's not usually like this? I did come here on a bad day, then."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 6:50 PM
"It's on and off. Lots of people are here then no one is here."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:56 PM
"Shame. I'll have to look at other places I can sit in and learn about the culture. The park has been my top choice so far."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 6:58 PM
"Well, sometimes hanging around the courtyard helps a bit too."
"I'm Hector by the way."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:59 PM
"I'm Darzih. The courtyard is nice too, but I live at the school. I'd rather have a change in scenery."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 7:16 PM
"Weeeell here, the space station, the park, and the school is your best bet at finding lots of people."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 7:16 PM
He nods along

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:19 PM
"What's different about the space station?"

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 7:20 PM
"Well the space station is in space. There are a lot of aliens and stuff there aaaand a lot of shops and cool alien tech."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:22 PM
"Yes, I assumed that from the name. I want to know more about the community aspect. Is there an active community center in the space station?"

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 7:36 PM
"Well we do and usually you can just walk around and talk to folk at the kiosks."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:53 PM
"I'll add that to my list of places to visit. I enjoy the greenness of the island, but I'm sure the space station will feel cozy in its own way."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 8:18 PM
"I guess it will be more of a preference kind of thing?" Shruuuugs. "I live on the station and go to school there."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:20 PM
"It is definitely a preference thing. What is school there like? If I ever find myself unsatisfied with Starlight, I might give a look into another school."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 8:23 PM
"It has a different vibe to things ya know? Less magic and more fancy science stuff if that makes sense."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:30 PM
"I never had much interest in science. I can't say I've ever had much interest in magic either, but I learn more towards that than anything else."

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 8:34 PM
"Oh, huh. Well I don't have any fancy magic or any powers but I'm good with tech stuff. I made my hoverboard." Nods nods.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:36 PM
"Impressive. To make a hoverboard compact into your shoes is a smart idea. Are you studying to become an engineer?"

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 8:37 PM
Blinks blinks. "U-uh...noooo? I don't know."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:38 PM
"Is it a hobby, then?"

Estella MotleyBOTToday at 8:40 PM
Shruuuugs and just flop on a bean bag. "Yeah, I guess so. I just like tinkering and messing with stuff."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:46 PM
"That sounds nice. I haven't figure out what my hobby is. I've been encouraged to look for one, but I would rather it come to me."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:33 PM
strides in, looking like a tall buff dude

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 9:43 PM
stumbles indoors, looked fatigued and is busy rubbing her temples as she comes on in

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:46 PM
Walks downstairs. Mmm, all that mana radiating off of him when you look at him.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:50 PM
wiggles their fingers at both as they recline into a beanbag

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 9:51 PM
"Hrmmm? Oh hey everyone!" her eyes linger on the tall buff dude for a moment, then shifts to the giant furry creature coming downstairs "Whooaa!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"He...y." Eyes Lottie as she looks up at him. He smiles and decides to play dumb. "Is something wrong?"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 9:53 PM
"Hrmm? Oh nothing is wrong... well still recovering from that headache... heh... so whats up with you?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:54 PM
starts to grin, but then all the attention goes towards the big furball. They shift to be a young girl with black hair and a black dress
"what headache?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:55 PM
"A headache, hm? Is this a good place to recover?" His voice drifts off as Tril shape-shift, making him stare at them for a bit.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:56 PM
smiles and wiggles their fingers at Darzih. "Terrible place to recover or the perfect place. no middle ground in here"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 9:57 PM
"I dunno but... ughh I am so tired of being cooped up that I just wanted to get out and so something now that I feeling better. Or at least better-ish."
Flops onto the nearest beanbag and justs sits there rubbing her forehead for a moment

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:59 PM
"I heard it gets active here sometimes. I can see why that would be difficult for a headache. Good thing it's been quiet."
Readjusts his wings and tail so he can lay down on a group of beanbags comfortably.

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:00 PM
nods head, then just stares at the magnificent creature before her stretching their wings

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:04 PM
"You seem to really like looking at me."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:06 PM
"probably the bare chest" quietly snickers

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:06 PM
Wanders in grumbling

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:07 PM
wiggles their childish fingers at Alaric

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:08 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
Chuckles. "I've been told some people would question that, but I don't care much about it." Looks over to Alaric. Mimics Tril's finger wiggling.

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:10 PM
Waves back at Darzih

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:11 PM
"Oh? Sorry... can't help it! Your just very... wild looking. OH! Alaric!"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
grins wide. "Yes, definitely the wild look she was staring at"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:11 PM
springs up and gives Alaric a hug

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
Laughs some more. "Don't worry abo—" Cuts himself off as she runs over to Alaric.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
"and just like that her attention was stolen"

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
Zooms in and curls around a couch

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
"must be dragon night"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:14 PM
Grimaces when something suddenly appears. Forces his cool exterior to come back.
"So nocturnals come here more often?"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:14 PM
Aaand he's hugging Lottie back. "Hey Lottie," he just kinda watches Ferret run in

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
"I'm not nocturnal, I just sleep when I want."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:15 PM
giggles "Hee hee... sorry my boyfriend is very distracting~"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:16 PM
"No need to apologize for that. It's cute."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:16 PM
"I sleep when I want to too. Very little- too many faces to take and things to break.. I mean do."

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:17 PM
Yawns and rests her chin on the back of the couch like the noodly miscreant she is.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:17 PM
Eyes Tril. Flashes her a quick smile at that, then gives one of his usual smiles. "Don't take my face. I'm too new to have my reputation changed by someone else."

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:18 PM
"Well you're cuter than me," he says trying so hard to look calm

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:19 PM
"You should take mine and then we can be a dynamic duo and fuck with people."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:19 PM
"I hope that was to your girl?friend. I don't want to get involved in relationship drama."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:20 PM
gives Darzih a devilish grin. Doesn't agree or disagree to not take their face.

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:21 PM
"Why would that be to you? I don't know you."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:21 PM
"I was the one who mentioned cuteness." Shrugs.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:21 PM
"I don't need to be a noodle to fuck with people" @ferret

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:22 PM
"And then Lottie said I was cute... and then yeah. I dunno"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:23 PM
"Wait I did? I thought I called you distracting... well your cute too."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:24 PM
watches the awkward... misunderstanding? with glee

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:25 PM
"I'm not a noodle, you're a noodle."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:25 PM
"You don't know, hm?" He just leaves things there.

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:27 PM
"I get my looks from my parents, I can't help but be disgustingly good looking," he looks proud of that.
"But you're cute too."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:28 PM
"Hee... you sound proud of that. But you are handsome... and hot... and comfortable..." closes her eyes and rests her head on Alaric chest "... do you think we can sit down? I wanna us you as pillow."
((-use you as a pillow.))

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:29 PM
sticks their tongue out at Ferret

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:30 PM
Is immensely apathetic towards the lovebirds. Looks around at everyone quietly.

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTToday at 10:31 PM
Weinkles her nose a little at Alaric and Lottie.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:35 PM
Yawns. "How old is everyone here? It's hard to tell the ages of people here."

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:35 PM
"Yeah sure," he finds a beanbag for the two of them.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:35 PM
"And sexes, now that I think about it."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:37 PM
Shifts. "Fourteen."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:37 PM
joins Alaric on the beanbag and rests her head on him

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:37 PM
"...And I'm a girl."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:37 PM
"Sweet 16! And girl here!"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:38 PM
"I'm an adult. I just look like a child right now"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:38 PM
Squints. "What's so sweet about 16?"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:39 PM
"16, guy..." he wraps his tail loosely around the two of them.

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:41 PM
"Hrmm... good question actually. I just heard that somewhere."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:42 PM
"I am 79. After taking a test, I've been told I act like I'm in my late teens or early twenties. Recently-adult, to put it simply. I'm male, but I don't care much about how I'm perceived in a social-sense."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:43 PM
is comforted by the tail wrapping around and snuggles up to Alaric a bit more "Mhrmmm... thanks Alaric~ I could almost fall asleep like this."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:45 PM
Another nose wrinkle.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:46 PM
Looks at the couple, then at Ferret. If only he could drink tea to this.

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:46 PM
"Then you'd get kicked out of the center. I think sweet sixteen is a coming of age thing or something. Probably when people would marry off their daughters or something."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:47 PM
"Marriage sounds stupid. Sharing all my stuff with someone? No thanks."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:47 PM
"Stupid human custom"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:47 PM
Thumbs up at Tril

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:48 PM
"I've been exposed to so many customs I'm numb to practically all of them. If that's how it is here, then that's how it is, as long as I don't need to be involved with that."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:48 PM
shifts back into their 'normal' form, now wearing a scaled up version of the black dress

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:49 PM
"That's a good way to look at it. I do what i want and you should too."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:50 PM
"That's a slight misunderstanding of what I'm saying. I do what I want within the rules of the... society I live in, and as long as I don't get hurt by others, all is okay."

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:51 PM
"That's kinda fair I think"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:52 PM
"Oh. See, I just hate rules, buuuut...I've also been trying to adapt. Like, there weren't any rules at all before I came here."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 10:52 PM
"Mrhm... a good way of looking at things."
"Wait, no rules? That sounds pretty wild!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:53 PM
"What were things like where you are from?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:54 PM
"there's always rules. just different ways of making them"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 10:56 PM
"Sounds dangerous to me..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:57 PM
"The ones in power almost always make the rules, and oftentimes it's dangerous for whoever goes against them."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 10:59 PM
Chews her lip a little in thought, then shrugged. "I mean...to say there was a society at all would probably be a stretch. Everything was run down and broken and pretty much everyone tried to kill everyone else all the time. I was pretty much the only dragon around in my city, so i guess that's the main reason I wasn't messed with as much."

GoblinToday at 10:59 PM

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:01 PM
perks her head up "Sounds like total anarchy... and in no way the fun sort of anarchy."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:01 PM
snickers. "so the rule was to kill or die. that is still a rule"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 11:02 PM
Shrugs again, a little more muted. "It was definitely a lot different. I mean, I liked doing what i wanted, but things are mostly easier here. Aside from having to read and do other school stuff."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:04 PM
"I feel the same way about here. It's nicer here, but I'm ambivalent towards school. It's useful. That's all it is."

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:05 PM
stumbles in clumsily.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:06 PM
ignores the school talk and wiggles their fingers at Uzza

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:06 PM
Looks over to Uzaa. "Are you okay?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:06 PM
((claws, not fingers))

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 11:07 PM
Lazy wave at Uzza

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:07 PM
Gives Uzza a wave

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:08 PM
smiles and wiggles her fingers at everyone. Her fingers are unnaturally wiggly, but if you blink you miss thst detail.

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:08 PM
Also gives Uzza a wave, then yawns and places rests her head back on Alaric

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:08 PM
Unnaturally wiggly fingers? Seems normal enough to Darzih. Wiggles his fingers... I guess claws too at Uzza.

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:08 PM
"oh, I'm alright. Just getting used to walking with this body."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:09 PM
"used to a different body?"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 11:10 PM
"Sounds annoying."

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:10 PM
"... Yeah, that was a normal human thing to say. Fucking nailed it. That normal relatablr human activity where the humans get used to walking again."

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:10 PM
"Hey Alaric? How do you feel about about calling each other by pet names? You know like... babe, or huh, or cutie."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:11 PM
"humans are overrated... see?" points at Lottie's pet name conversation

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:12 PM
"Are humans disliked here? I thought this place was populated mostly by humans?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:13 PM
"it's too human here. All the rules are human rules"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:13 PM
blinks "Huh? Uh..."

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:14 PM
"eh, I wouldn't bully the humans too much. Even if it is funny."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 11:14 PM
"I don't mind humans either way. They're just another new thing for me."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:15 PM
"Humans made me come here. Some are ok, but that doesn't mean I have to like them all"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:15 PM
"Eh? I figured that stuff forms naturally over time. Be weird to force it I think..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:16 PM
Listens to this conversation intently.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:16 PM
shifts to be a younger girl again, but with green scales. Wraps their arms around their bent legs

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:16 PM
"fair." She says this to tril, then takes a seat.

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:17 PM
looks over to Tril "Well that goes for just about everyone right?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:18 PM
"depends on the type of 'everyone'."

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:22 PM
"Whether I like or dislike you has more to do with the individual and less about your species in general..."
"I'm gonnadislike you for being an asshole, not because you're a human or something."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:24 PM
"there are some kinds of people that are always bad. Like gods"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:24 PM
"Yeah... well said Alaric. And yeah I guess it would be weird to try force names for each other. I never done the whole... well... girlfriend thing and want to do things right and... bleh I guess I am just being silly."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 11:25 PM
Sniffs, squints, then runs out

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:25 PM
"Well, bad for you maybe."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:26 PM
"yes bad for me. How else would I judge someone?"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:27 PM
"A little silly... but it's all fine..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:28 PM
"Bad for you how?"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:30 PM
"You can't go checking your shitty experiences onto everyone around you...."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:30 PM
frowns. "bad"
"you don't understand. Why should I judge people based on some other thing than how I feel about them?"

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:31 PM
"Tril's just kinda allergic to them. In a manner of speaking."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:32 PM
squints at Uzza

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:32 PM
"Well saying I'm allergic to gods is different than saying they're bad"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:32 PM
"Oh, you know each other?"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:32 PM
smiles "Thanks for putting up with my silliness." then goes quite quite at the conversation going on around them

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:34 PM
"I didn't say my name. And if I think gods are bad they're bad to me. Doesn't matter why."

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:34 PM
"I mean you put up with my grumpiness, it evens out." he gives her a peck on the cheek.

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:35 PM
"... I know a lot of stuff and I can't always remember if I'm supposed to." She shrugs.
"anyway. I'm Zoe"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:38 PM
turns a shade of red as she was kissed, she rubs her cheek and smiles, then decides not to be outdone to and gives him a quick kiss on his cheek

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:38 PM
"That sounds confusing. I'm Darzih."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:40 PM
"people already heard my name so no reason for me to say it again," they sulk
they get up and head to the kitchenette to rearrange various bits and bobs

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:42 PM
"its really confusing"

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:42 PM
He wasn't expecting a kiss back, he's blushing a hint too now. "I'm Alaric. I don't think I introduced myself at all... "

PallasToday at 11:44 PM
"And I'm Lottie!"

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:44 PM
"And I'm Lottie!"

Uzza (Human)BOTToday at 11:44 PM
"nice to meet you if I haven't yet. excuse me for a minute" she ges upstairs

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:47 PM
Stands up from his beanbag and bends his arms to fix the feathers on his wings. Is also using his tail to do this too.

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:52 PM
yawns "Uhhghh... feeling sleepy... Alaric? Do you think you could be kind enough to walk me back to my place? Still sort of recovering from that major headache from a few days ago."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 11:53 PM
disperses into water vapor in the air

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:53 PM
"Yeah sure," he hops up and extends a hand

Lottie BrightburnBOTToday at 11:55 PM
happily takes the hand and walks out with her boyfriend

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:55 PM
"Looks like everyone is leaving. I'm ready to leave too. You two have a nice night." He wiggles his claws and leaves.

Alaric DrakenhardtBOTToday at 11:55 PM
"Good night" he says as he heads out


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 4:59 P.M. on November 6th, 2019

Characters: Uzza (Humanoid/Animal/Kait), Hella Magnusson (Kada), Tril (PixelatedGlory), Sushi (Mint), Hannah Moon (Goblin), Yuki Hayashi (Hope the Bard), Sazz Deceleus (Max!!)

Summary: Meets Hella. Uzza calls herself Violet today, compared to yesterday where she was Zoe. Darzih points this out. Meets Sushi (knows he has invisibility, does not know his name) and Hannah. Meets Yuki and Sazz. Is taught about root beer and caffeine. Learns about Yuki's gender.

Time Left: 11:44 P.M.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:59 PM
Walks inside with a lunchbox filled with fruit, veggies, and meat. Takes a seat in a beanbag.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 5:37 PM
walks inside

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:39 PM
"Hey." The planty-part of his lunchbox is basically gone. He's been watching some action movie on the television.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 5:43 PM
"Oh, hey, uhhh..." she's fishing for that name

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 5:50 PM
walks in, yawning

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 5:50 PM
"I'm sorry, remind me of your name?" @Darzih

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:53 PM
"Darzih. Don't worry about it."
Looks at Hella. Waves while wiggling his fingers.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 5:56 PM
strolls downstairs looking like a wolfman in overalls and passes by a table.. Very gently, and somewhat suspiciously, places a cup of green jello in the middle of the table and heads for the door

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:56 PM
Stares at the jello, then at the wolfman. "What was that?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 5:57 PM
waves to hella and then to tril, smiling

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 5:58 PM
wolfman turns at the door and grins at everyone. "have a good night" quietly snickers and heads out

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 5:59 PM
"You too~"

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 5:59 PM
she quirks an eyebrow at the jello. "Good evening, everyone."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:02 PM
stumbles over to the jello to get a closer look at it. does she sense a soul, or anything demonic/magical?

PixelatedGloryToday at 6:03 PM

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:05 PM
moves past it over to a beanbag but just trips and falls on her way over

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:05 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:06 PM
Sets his lunchbox to the side. "... Are you okay?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:07 PM
"I'm great." she just rolls onto her back. "Y'all doing okay?"

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:08 PM
"I'm fine. Sore from work, but that's normal."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:10 PM
"I'm fine as well. I'm still settling in on the island. All I have left is getting used to the school."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:12 PM
wanders in, looking like a pale teenage girl with auburn hair and folded wings, in jeans and a hoodie. Approaches the jello and stares quizzically at it

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:12 PM
sits up.
"Wolfman-looking guy left that in here."

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:15 PM
glances over at the girl, looking quizzically at her for a second but shrugging it off

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:16 PM
experimentally pokes at the jello cup and then falls backwards onto the floor

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:17 PM

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:19 PM
looks at this for a second, then nods a couple of times.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:20 PM
"Is this some kind of comedy routine?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:20 PM
"Eh, one of you guys should call an ambulance."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:21 PM
hops up and shifts to little girl with long black hair in a black lacey dress to flop backwards into a beanbag. "no"
"I thought there would be more fun reactions, but you all are boring"

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:21 PM
"Ah. She is the wolf man from before. I thought you smelled the same."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:21 PM
"What they said. Your smell didn't change."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:22 PM
"I'll do better next time"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:22 PM

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:22 PM
"You'll have to do a lot more than fall over from some jello to get me to react."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:25 PM
"I would have done something like, turn into jello when i touched it."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:26 PM
"You can do that?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:26 PM
"I'd probably have to get arrested to do something to make you react then" @Hella
"Why would I turn into goop? I steal faces not goop."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:26 PM
stumbles to her feet and picks up the cup of jello
(unconvincingly) "Oh no, it's jello, my only weakness!" her arm starts to turn translucent and green
"Curse you, wolfman!" her entire body goes all translucent and green and wobbly, including the clothes. she gently sets the cup back down and falls over melodramatically

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:30 PM
she smirks just a bit, covering her mouth with her hand.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:31 PM
"You should be an actor with skills like that."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:31 PM
"This is my superhero and-or supervillain backstory by the way."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:31 PM
crosses their arms

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:32 PM
"Superhero? Supervillain?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:32 PM
"thanks Darzih, I'm gonna play Scarlett Johannsen in her upcoming biopic"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:33 PM
"I don't know who that is."

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:34 PM
"an actress. She's pretty famous, especially recently for her role in a series of superhero movies."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:34 PM
"I should have just left the jello there for you all to wonder"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:34 PM
"she's also known for being really badly miscast in some movies."
suddenly gets really frustrated about something.

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:35 PM
she takes a seat, putting her feet up to take pressure off of them.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:35 PM
"Might have been funnier if someone else inspected it." @Trill

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:36 PM
"why do you look like someone just ate your jello?" @Uzza

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:36 PM
"And I haven't watched movies from this world yet. I'm early in my pop culture class."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:36 PM
lets out something like a growl. "excuse me" she turns back into a human and goes upstairs

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:36 PM
"I was going to just leave it but I wanted to come back and talk to people. I regret that now"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:37 PM
Looks at Uzza, looks at Tril. Puts his lunchbox on his lap. "What a happy crowd."

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:39 PM
"So much for a peaceful night, I suppose." She leans her head back and closes her eyes. "I'm as happy as I can be. Just tired. And not really in the mood for people pulling bullshit."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:41 PM
hops up to grab the jello cup and stashes it in a coffee cup in the kitchenette

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:42 PM
"I'm simply here to learn about the community. This place is known for representing the younger side of Manta Carlos."

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:46 PM
"I guess so, yeah. I'm not a great representation of that. I'm basically an old lady trapped in a young adult body."
"I just work, take care of my sisters, and relax with my girlfriend."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:50 PM
"Old lady? How old are you?"

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 6:50 PM
"I'm only eighteen, but I feel old."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 6:51 PM
hops back into a beanbag and kicks their feet. Just listening for now

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:56 PM
"I'm still getting used to ages here. I know the basic milestone ages. That eighteen means you're an adult."

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 7:00 PM
she laughs. "That's what they say. But I almost fucked up my taxes this year."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:02 PM
Laughs. "I don't know much about those. I'm being considered a young adult because I'm still learning how to be an adult. In that sense, it sounds like we're in similar circumstances."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:04 PM
"they like to make categories"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:06 PM
walks back downstairs. "I'm back. I'm fine. I wasn't mad at any of you."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:07 PM
wiggles their fingers in Uzza's direction from their position laying in a beanbag

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:08 PM
"Categories makes some things easier, some things harder. Like species. :)" Wiggles fingers at Uzza.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:09 PM
"Too true. Species are confusing as hell."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:15 PM
"I'm used to meeting different species. I try to speak to people based on their individual personalities, however. Easier than memorizing species traits."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:16 PM
"So, what's your story? You said you were new."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:18 PM
"my species is easy. I'm a fog demon"

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 7:18 PM
"I find that most people defy a lot of the normal categories people try to put them in."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:18 PM
Raises an eyebrow. "Heh, and I thought it was impolite to ask people why they came to the island. In case their reasons were traumatic." He leans back in his beanbag. "I'm from another dimension. I thought someone sent me here, but I was told that might not be accurate."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:20 PM
"some of us were sent here. Some people just end up here"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:20 PM
walks in completely invisible. anyone with good hearing or smell might notice though.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:21 PM
Perks up and sniffs the air. His ears are turning too.

Hella MagnussonBOTToday at 7:21 PM
wrinkles her nose a bit and glances in Sushi's general direction.
"It's only rude if you press the issue if people want to keep it to themselves."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:21 PM
shifts to have leggings under their dress and cartwheels over to crash into another beanbag

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:23 PM
"sounds complicated. But... yeah, you're right. I mean, if anyone asked me my story I'd probably just say no thank you. Or tell a fun lie." She shrugs.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:24 PM
Watches Sushi's general direction, then looks back to the group. "I don't mind. There's nothing interesting to my story. I wasn't here, then I was."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:24 PM
"I just tell the truth. No reason to pretend I chose to come here"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:24 PM
Stares at the people for a bit then starts exploring

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:28 PM
restlessly pops back up and heads for the kitchenette to rummage around

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:29 PM
turns into a little fox and scampers around a little bit

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:29 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:29 PM
Smiles at Uzza. "Cute."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:30 PM
"I'm adorable."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:31 PM
Gets himself out of the way of Uzza, then watches from a safe distance

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:32 PM
"Why be an animal? You can be an adorable person"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:34 PM
"Is there something wrong with animals?"

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:34 PM
"I dunno. I felt like it."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:35 PM
"No, I like animals just fine. They're almost as good as humans to eat." They grin

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:36 PM
Watches the others for their reactions.

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:41 PM
seems to think for a second. Then, she hops, makes a yelping noise, and seems to hide behind whoever's closer between darzih and hella

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:42 PM
His ears flicker. Looks behind him to see Uzza. "What's wrong?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:42 PM
(quietly) "I'm trying to humor her"

KaitToday at 7:42 PM
((that should have been animal form))

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:43 PM
"she's pretending to have a reaction to make me feel better"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:43 PM
Has discovered bean bag chair, he's circling it and gives it one small poke.

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:43 PM
pounces on the beanbag that just mysteriously distended

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:43 PM
Stares right at Sushi's general area. "Are you purposely hiding yourself?'

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:44 PM
Falls back and makes a loud thud, landing on his back, then becomes visible

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:44 PM
"I wasn't going to say anything"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:44 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:44 PM
"They got too close for my comfort."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:44 PM
wanders over to peer down at the scuba suit kid

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:45 PM
Stares back

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:45 PM
"why do you have metal clothes?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:45 PM
Just keeps staring

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:46 PM
"It's a real Look"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:46 PM
gets closer to stare into that window on the helmet. "helloooo" ((ftr they still look like a young girl))

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:47 PM

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:48 PM
"sorry for scaring you. I'm a terrifying predator. It's in my nature." she grooms a patch of her fur.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:49 PM
"I thought you were an adorable animal?" @uzza

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:49 PM
"You can be both."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:49 PM
Slowly gets back up

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:49 PM
"He gets it."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:49 PM
Stands up and heads to the kitchenette to clean out his lunchbox.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:50 PM
gets out of the way of the scuba suit

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:50 PM
"... actually, Darzih, what's your pronoun preference?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:51 PM
"What? ...Oh." He pauses. "I don't care too much. Masculine and neutral work best for me."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:51 PM

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:51 PM
Gets back to poking the bean bag chair

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:52 PM
"If you say so."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:52 PM
watches the poking. "It's a beanbag chair. You're supposed to sit in it."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:53 PM
Just keeps poking it and starts pressing against it as well.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:53 PM
"like this" somersaults into a beanbag

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
"You don't have to be all acrobatic about it. but it does give you bonus points and fill up your super meter."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
"Or this." Sits down in one normally.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
Watches Tril, then jumps sideways onto the ground.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
... "Does everyone just hate fun?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:55 PM
"If you consider that a hatred of fun, then it sounds like you're the one who has a problem."

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 7:55 PM
Ducks inside, wearing a collared dress that covers up her necklace.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:55 PM
shifts back to human and somersaults into a beanbag

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
Rolls himself to be facing Hannah and stares at her.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
"Of course. It's always me being the one that's the problem." Rolls their eyes and scrabbles around in their beanbag. Purposely doesn't interact with Hannah

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:57 PM
"If you say so. I will not disagree. You know yourself best."
Wiggles fingers at Hannah.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:57 PM
is sorta upside down in her beanbag. She waves at Hannah. "Hi hannah."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 7:58 PM
gets back up and walks to the beanbag again.
Throws himself sideways but lands on it this time.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 7:59 PM
gives Sushi a thumbs up

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:59 PM
claps for sushi

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:00 PM
Fish hand appears out from raincoat sleeve and gives a thumbs up

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:01 PM
"Hey, everyone." Glances over at Tril and frowns a little, but brushes it off quickly enough.
Then blinks at Uzza. "Wait, do I know you?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:04 PM
"...ah, damn it. You're right. You don't." She sighs. "I hate this."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:04 PM
"What do you hate?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:04 PM
"Why not just say they don't know you but you know them because magic?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:06 PM
"They don't know you but you know them because magic"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:06 PM
"Because it's more complicated than that."
"But, uh, sure. Let's go with that. I'm Violet by the way."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:09 PM
"You said Zoe yesterday."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:09 PM
"Ok, sure. I'm Zoe."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:10 PM
"I was going to ask if it was one of those gender presentation things."

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:10 PM
Naturally looks pretty confused but nods anyway.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:10 PM
Squirms about in the beanbag chair

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:11 PM
"maybe they change names with the other changes too"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:12 PM
"I'm gonna go with, I haven't decided on a name yet. I kinda broke my last one."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:12 PM
can't hold it in any longer. "You look much prettier today" @hannah

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:13 PM
"Aww. cuties."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:13 PM
"Doesn't matter. She will take it as an insult"
"i'm just being honest though"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:17 PM
"Oh. Awkward. I command you to forget I said that was cute, then."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:17 PM
"How do you break a name?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:18 PM
"Well, it ain't easy."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
"It can still be cute. It's not my fault people assume i'm being malicious when sometimes i'm not"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
Slides off the bean bag, gets up and wanders off into the kitchen

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:21 PM
Stares at Tril for a second, then blinks a few times. "Oh, uh...I got a new dress. Thank..you? Thank you."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:22 PM
"You do look nice."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:23 PM
looks slightly surprised there was no bad outcome so far... and then patters into the kitchenette to lurk and watch the strange scuba kid

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:23 PM
Opens everything that can open

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:24 PM
Has a mild black tinge to her cheeks now.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:24 PM
"Yeah, it's a pretty nice dress. So says I, Zoe."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:24 PM
follows Sushi, rearranging things behind them

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:25 PM
Stops what they're doing, turns around and stares at Tril

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:27 PM
stops what they're doing, stares at Sushi. Childish pokerface. Then shifts to be a big furry yeti-like person in a tracksuit

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:28 PM
Looks them up and down, then slowly creeps forward with one hand out to try and touch them.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:29 PM
allows this. yep, they're furry

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:29 PM
Pokes and prods with his fish hand

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:30 PM
"...Uh. So, for the people I don't know, my name's Hannah Moon."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:31 PM
pokes the helmet a couple times in return and then wanders back to the beanbags

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:31 PM
Stops poking when he gets poked, then follows Tril back

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:33 PM
"I'm Tril" flops back into a beanbag

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
"I'm Darzih. Moon fits you. Your horns have a crescent moon shape."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:35 PM
Flops sideways onto a bean bag chair again.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:39 PM
turns to scuba-dude. "What's your name?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:40 PM
Doesn't say anything and shifts upright

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:41 PM
Laughs a little at Darzih's comment. "Ha, yeah...guess it's just coincidence they turned out like that."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:43 PM
"Were you not named after the horns?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:43 PM
shifts back to 'normal' form, wearing a dress with leggings under it

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:44 PM
Gets off of the bean bag chair and tries getting it on top of himself

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:46 PM
"Wow, role reversal"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:48 PM
... "Helmet person doesn't like to talk apparently. Be a terrible shame if someone sits on them if they get under there."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:48 PM
"It would be a shame."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 8:48 PM
turns back into a fox and gets on the beanbag

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:49 PM
Has successfully gotten underneath the beanbag

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:50 PM
"Uh...no, I wasn't. That's just my family name."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
"A terrible tragedy has befallen helmet person."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:51 PM
Lies there, very still

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:51 PM
"buried alive" quiet snickering

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:51 PM
"A lot of people here have family names. Which name should I refer to you with?"

Hannah MoonBOTToday at 8:52 PM
"Just Hannah."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 8:55 PM
"Tril you followed them around the most and you taught them how to flop around, so that basically makes you their next of kin. Want to say a few words?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:56 PM
"Nice to meet you, Just Hannah." Smirks.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:56 PM
Squirms out from under the bean bag, then stands up.

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 8:58 PM
falls off as the bag is disturbed from below, and flops onto the floor

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 8:59 PM
Attempts to pick up Uzza.

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 9:00 PM
squirms a little at first, but then just sort of allows it.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:01 PM
Places them back on the bean bag and gives their head a pat.

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 9:09 PM
closes her eyes and appreciates the headpat -w-

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:11 PM
Finds a free bean bag and slides it into another one.
Keeps getting free bean bags and pushing them over into a pile with all the others

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 9:15 PM
climbs on top of the pile

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:17 PM
Tries to make the pile as tall as possible, then when there's no beanbags left, he stands and stares at his fort quite proudly

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:20 PM
Looks at the pile. Looks at the camera. Looks at the child making dangerous towers of beanbags

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:21 PM
starts squirming inside, loses a rainboot that flops onto the ground just outside the pile but otherwise he disappears into the beanbags.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:22 PM
"If someone gets smushed it's all on you nameless helmet person. I'm not getting yelled at by the police for this kind of thing... again"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:22 PM
"The police will come here for this?"

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 9:22 PM
snorts. "He seems to be having fun"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:23 PM
"something something falling on kids, blah blah suffocation"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:26 PM
"Do parents not watch over their kids here?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:27 PM
looks at Darzih. Looks at the clearly kid-sized scuba dude with no guardian. "Kids are definitely watched like a hawk." Quietly snickers
gets up and grabs the rainboot. "Oh look a treasure for me to keep and no one to claim it as their own," they whisper as loud as they can whisper (not that loud) and wander back to their beanbag seat

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
Head pokes out from the bean bag stack and stares at Tril

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:32 PM
dangles the rainboot in the air like a fishing lure

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:32 PM
"There's a lot to learn about this island's culture..."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:33 PM
pulls himself out, topples onto the ground then stands up. He's got one exposed fish foot, the other rain boot is still on though.
Walks up to Tril and holds out his hands. "Please."

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 9:36 PM
"He speaks!"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:37 PM
thinks about it. Puts the boot on his outstretched hand and dashes over to disassemble the pile and 'ruin' his fun oh so maliciously

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:38 PM
Sits down and slides his boot back on, then stares at Tril taking apart the beanbag mountain.
Gets up and flops sideways onto the beanbag that Tril just left.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:39 PM
... crosses their arms

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:43 PM
shifts back to human and takes up a free beanbag.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:46 PM
shifts to look like Uzza and sits in a different beanbag

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:46 PM
gasps "Twinsies!"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
Looks at one Uzza, then the other

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:48 PM
"Heh. You two could go upstairs, then come downstairs. See if the..." Looks down at Sushi. "If they can figure out who is who."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:48 PM
"we would have to not speak"
"but I would be the cuter one"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:50 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"Are you now? It doesn't sound like Zoe objects to that."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"No, I totally do."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:53 PM
grins. "I can prove it. Let's do the thing Darzih said and i'll show everyone i'm the cuter one"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 9:53 PM
Turns himself upside down in the bean bag

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:57 PM
Strolls in and pauses at the supernatural shenanigans. Heads into the kitchen.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:59 PM
"Hey." Wiggles fingers at Yuki.
"Prove it if you can." @Tril

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:59 PM
Smiles at Darzih.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:59 PM
also wiggles fingers at Yuki
"ok, fine" Scurries upstairs

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:00 PM
Holds out a hand and wiggles his fingers.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:02 PM
casually strolls back down and does a slow twirl. Is Uzza but dressed in a maid outfit and a burger king king's mask

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:04 PM
Blinks at all the finger wiggling. Is he missing some context?
Sits down on a couch with some tea.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:04 PM
muffled quiet snickering from inside the mask

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:06 PM
"Very adorable. I think a clear winner has been decided."

KaitToday at 10:06 PM
((Had to afk soz))

PixelatedGloryToday at 10:06 PM
((no worries))

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:07 PM
Strolls in with a cheeky grin

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:07 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:07 PM
"To see who's the more adorable Zoe-Violet."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:07 PM
BurgerKing maid Uzza salutes Sazz

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:07 PM
Finger wiggles at Sazz.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:08 PM
"I... I see."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:08 PM
stares at Yuki

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:08 PM
"Oh gross look at all these nerds"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:08 PM
Jumps a little at Sushi turning towards him.
Pointedly ignores Sazz's comment.
"Um... Are you alright?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
Just keeps staring

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
"The second time I've been called a nerd by someone here. So this is a usual greeting?"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:10 PM
"Hm New guy?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:10 PM
"Um... This is normally the point where you'd say something, haha..." Laughs nervously.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:10 PM

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:10 PM
also comes downstairs. She looks much taller and stronger, with claws, scales, big muscles, and sharp teeth. But she's still recognizably the same person. Also she has on a maid outfit

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:10 PM
"New in more ways than one."
Looks at Yuki. "They don't talk much."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:11 PM
Pauses. That was kinda funny. "Oh, so you can speak?" Turns to Uzza. Blinks. Wagss.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
"pipecleaner- face is the biggest nerd h-" turns to look at the monster-maid Uzza

Hope the BardToday at 10:11 PM
((*waves omg how did that autocorrect to Wagss))

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
"why did we both do maid outfit"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:11 PM
"Well to answer your question, it's a fairly common term of endearment. Or at least that's what it's become, there used to be negative connotations behind it."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
"i'm in your mind. Messing with stuff"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
"this is bullshit. Hi Sazz."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
Looks Uzza up and down. "Adequate cuteness."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:12 PM
"It's compliment day today, is it?"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:13 PM
"Pipecleaner, that's a new one. I gotta start thinking of mean names for you Tril. Hi...." he squints at Uzza. "You....."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
starts whipping their head dramatically at people to really give them the full effect of the lifeless eyes of the King mask

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:13 PM
Still keenly feels Sushi staring at him, but honestly wants to kinda ignore it. He seems a little creepy but harmless enough.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
"Noted." @Sazz
"It's simply a competition on who can wear a body better." @Yuki

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:14 PM
"Wear a...body." Bliiiiiiiiiink. "Are you both shapeshifters?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:14 PM
becomes a more normal looking human again.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:14 PM
"Looks like half of that question was answered."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:15 PM
"The other half?"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
"no, i'm the real one. She's the fake"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:16 PM
"Really? But you seem familiar somehow..."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:17 PM
"I'm a fake burger king maid. How far I've fallen."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:18 PM
disperses into water vapor in the air

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:18 PM
"Actually there's three shapeshifters here I just don't mimic people"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:18 PM
Sits upright looking a little surprised as Tril disappears

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:19 PM
"I don't mimic people either."
"oh, uh, bye tril"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:20 PM
"Well then what do you do? Person who knows who I am"

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:20 PM
condenses back into physical form behind Yuki. Looking like Yuki. In extra spooky whisper, "I dont mimic people either. I steal faces"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:25 PM
"You know what you do you tuna head."
He says to Tril

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:26 PM
"Well, I'm unemployed right now. Might try going to school."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:26 PM

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:26 PM
"you asked what I do."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:27 PM
"I did in fact do that"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:27 PM
Now he’s staring in Sazz’s direction

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:28 PM
"you did. Also, I think I'm either Zoe or Violet."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:29 PM
"tuna.... head?"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:30 PM
"It was the first thing I thought of, and... it worked."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:31 PM
Has completely frozen.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:31 PM
shifts back to their 'normal' form. "Mine at least make sense"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:32 PM
"...an error has occurred. YUKI.exe has stopped working."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:32 PM
"I'm not sure if I want to be two separate things fused into one thing."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:32 PM
"Are they a robot?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:32 PM
"hey kid, you oksy over there?" @yuki

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:33 PM
Puts tea down and puts head in hands. "I don't know if I ever want to go through that again, ugh..."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:33 PM
"He's always like this"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:33 PM
"I regret being curious to see what it'd be like to be mimicked."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:35 PM
leans over Yuki and looks down. "You were scared. Of yourself."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:35 PM
"Take this as a positive experience: you learned something new about your comfort zone."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:35 PM
"What they said"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:35 PM
"I'm not scared of myself! I was spooked by something with my face not having my voice! Two very different things!" He is NOT blushing, or embarrassed. Toootally.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 10:36 PM
"i have to go do a thing. Later."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:36 PM
"Later skater"

Uzza (Animal)BOTToday at 10:36 PM
turns into a fox again and scampers out very quickly

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:36 PM
"I'm a thing? How rude"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:37 PM
"Bye." @Uzza

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:37 PM
Watches Uzza leave.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:37 PM
"I figured you were surprised by the disappearing and reappearing."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:37 PM
waves at the fox. "Bye whatever-your-name-will-be"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:38 PM
"Huh... a rare pang of inspiration..." he grins like he's gonna be up to no good.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:39 PM
Eyes Sazz suspiciously.

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:39 PM
"you should celebrate with a cup of coffee" @sazz

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:41 PM
"Nah I want a root beer."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:41 PM
"Root beer..." Looks like he's considering one too.
Heads up to the vending machine and gets two.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:42 PM
"What is coffee and root beer?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:42 PM
Watches Yuki carefully

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:42 PM
"Coffee's a hot drink derived from a bean"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:43 PM
Gods, he was still here?! Smiles at Sushi. "Do you... Want one?" Holds one out towards him.

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:43 PM
"Gives you a little kick when you're tired because of the caffeine"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:43 PM
Takes the root beer

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:43 PM
"Oh. Does it have any life energy or magic?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:44 PM
Watches curiously.

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:45 PM
He just goes and buys himself and Darzih root beers. "These are cool fizzy, and sweet." He hands the bottle to him.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:45 PM
Eyes the can all around then sets it down next to himself on the bean bag.

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:45 PM
"Nah, just chemicals"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:45 PM
"It would be best to give it to someone else, then."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:46 PM
"he's trying to get you all arrested for drinking beer in here"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:47 PM
"If it's being served here, is it not okay?"

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:47 PM
"It's non alcoholic you're fine. Tril's being a Tril."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:47 PM
Looks at Sushi. "Do you... Want me to open it? You can drink it."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 10:48 PM
Stares at Yuki, doesn't respond.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:48 PM
"I wouldn't be able to drink it anyway. That's why I was asking about its contents."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:49 PM
"Ok... Just tell me if you want me to open it."

Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:49 PM
sticks their tongue out at sazz and disperses again. This time for real

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:49 PM
"Looks like their fun was ruined once again."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 10:53 PM
"Lame... I should talk to them... I've been meaning to talk with them anyway..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:53 PM
"Was what you were doing before not talking?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:00 PM
Looks over at Sushi once more.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 11:00 PM
A light flashes from inside the helmet and Sushi goes invisible. Then he wanders out without saying goodbye, leaving his root beer behind.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:00 PM
Watches him disappear, then slowly picks up the root beer.
"I think I'll just put this in the fridge. It'd be a shame if it went to waste...

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:01 PM
"Two extra root beers for two people."
"For yourself or for someone else?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:01 PM
Writes a label on it saying "for the scuba-mask wearing person" before popping it into the refrigerator.
"Well, I gave it to them... Maybe they'll come back looking for it later."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:03 PM
"If they wanted it, they would have taken it. That's what I think. I hope it doesn't go bad in the meantime. It's late, so they may have been heading home."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:06 PM
"That's true... If it's not gone tomorrow, I'll put it up for anyone to have. I don't particularly fancy more than one..." He says, opening the can and taking a sip.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:07 PM
Tilts head. "But don't you think that would be strange? Finding a beverage in a public refrigerator from a stranger? Or being given one from a stranger and not seeing that it wasn't tampered with?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:08 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:08 PM
"I'll let you sort through that problem yourself."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:09 PM
"I'll take it home tomorrow then, if they don't come back. Maybe I can give it to Ace or Mahalia.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:09 PM
"I don't know who those two are, but giving a drink to someone you know well doesn't sound like a bad idea."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:10 PM
"Yeah. They probably wouldn't mind. It's not even open, anyway." He smiles.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:11 PM
Leans back in his beanbag. "Problem solved."
"You've said names of others, but not your own."

Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 11:14 PM
Kinda flops down in a chair

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:14 PM
Blinks at Darzih. "Is that a roundabout way of asking for my name?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:14 PM

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:17 PM
"It's Yuki. Yours?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:18 PM
"I'm Darzih. While we're introducing ourselves, what is your sex... Or gender. Gender is more appropriate, I think."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:18 PM
Sex is male, gender is the same... Uh, why do you sound like a fraud questionnaire? "

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:19 PM
"I'm trying to be polite. It's hard for me to tell how to refer to people here."
Puts a finger to his mouth. "Hm. I should ask for pronouns instead, but I'd like to get better at discerning characteristics."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:25 PM
"I see..."
"I'm not sure if I would go for a good sample, haha. I look pretty feminine."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:26 PM
"There are other factors to consider, like voice and mannerisms. It's not too different from how other cultures will categorize themselves in different ways."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:29 PM
"My voice isn't developed yet, either, haha... It's pretty high pitched. But I mean, most people can look at me and tell I'm male. That's probably because of the way I dress, though."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:31 PM
"I'll note that. There are others I can learn from too. I like asking questions when I can, observing otherwise."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:43 PM
"Learning is always a good pursuit." Nods sagely.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:44 PM
Smiles. "I'm only doing so until I have what I need."
He stands up. "I'll be going now. Good night." Heads out.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 11:44 PM
Finishes his drink quietly.


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 1:04 P.M. on November 7th, 2019

Characters: Yuki Hayashi (Hope the Bard), Dorian Blake (Kada), Kalik (Bloos), Uzza (Humanoid/Kait), Hector Shaa'Ptros (Max!!)

Summary: Meets Dorian Blake, who shows his wolf form too. Learns about werewolves and packs. Talks to Kalik about his experience on MCI. Leaves for a few hours for food. Gets some bar locations from Uzza, who's in a new form and goes by Violet now. Learns about the Nintendo Switch.

Time Left: 10:38 P.M.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:04 PM
Bends down through the doorway.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:04 PM
Looks at Darzih and smiles politely.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:05 PM
... "No? I mean here on the island. At our house. I-" he glances over at Darzih, blinking a couple of times.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:06 PM
"Hey, Yuki." Looks at Dorian. He has learned how to wave. Wave wave wave.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:06 PM
chuckles just a little and waves right back

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:07 PM
"Hi, uh... I'm sorry, I don't seem to remember asking for your name!" Laughs nervously.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:08 PM
Moves away from the doorway and starts adjusting a group of beanbags to fit his body. "You did. It's Darzih." :)

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:10 PM
"Darzih, right. Sorry about that."
Not blushing. Not embarrassed.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:10 PM
"I don't mind. I'm not very memorable."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:10 PM
"Well, I'm not so sure about that..."
"To be honest... You kind of just give me a... I don't know how to put it. I suppose you just seem to give off an electric vibe."
"As if the air around you were crackling with energy."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:12 PM
"I have no electricity powers." Pauses for a moment to think. "Do you mean my mana? I have a lot of mana stored inside of me. People with magic often notice that."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:13 PM
"M... Mana? What's that?"
Tilts his head. You can practically see the question mark.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:13 PM
"It's the energy of magic."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:14 PM
"You mean the bread flakes from the Bi-- oh..."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:16 PM
"I'm not super versed in magic. But that's interesting. Guess we'll be seeing a lot more stuff like that now."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:19 PM
"That's not even the half of it..." Yuki turns towards Dorian. "Not only is there magic, but supernatural beings, auras, invisible abilities, shape-shifting and much more... It's a lot to get used to, if you're not used to it." He smiles.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:20 PM
"Supernatural beings? Where?"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:20 PM
he laughs and stands up, turning into a large black wolf as he takes a step forward.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:21 PM
"Like that."
Points at Dorian.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:21 PM
he takes another step and turns back, adjusting the sleeves on his coat. "I know all about the supernatural. Just never really dealt with actual magic before."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:22 PM
"I see... Well, I suppose it could depend on your definition of magic. I haven't seen many spellcasters around here, maybe one or two."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:24 PM
"Impressive." Does some awkward clapping. Doesn't really work well for the green-hard parts of his hands.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:25 PM
waves a hand dismissively. "Ah, everyone in my family can do it. It's kind of our thing."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:25 PM
"So then you're a werewolf, right? Will you join the pack here?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:26 PM
"Impressive is impressive if I'm enjoying the show. You should take the compliment."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:27 PM
"I guess so. Thanks. Oh I'm Dorian by the way."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:28 PM
A cloud of smoke seeps in through the cracks in the door and reforms as Iggy, with his raccoon on his shoulder.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:28 PM
"Nice to meet you. I'm Darzih, as I said earlier."
Awkward waving at Iggy.

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:29 PM
"Oh hey, what's up?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:30 PM
"I'm meeting a new person. Dorian." Points a finger towards him.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:30 PM

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:32 PM
"Oh cool, how's it going?"
"I'm Iggy"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:32 PM
he waves at Iggy. "Hey, nice to meet you."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:33 PM
"It's been going well. People-wolves have packs here?"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:34 PM
"We're a family, but yeah. I have my pack."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:34 PM
"Yeah, werewolves tend to form packs and the like. Family units, they're usually pretty tight knit groups."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:35 PM
"Ah, so you have your own..." Doesn't quite understand the whole packs thing, but enjoys learning.

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:36 PM
"Kinda the opposite of my species, but hearing them running around in the woods on full moons is kinda nice."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:37 PM
"I've met some species like that. Many of the animals here aren't too far off from many others I've met."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:37 PM
"Your species?"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 1:38 PM
"We're mostly blood relatives. But you can tell who is or isn't pretty easily."
"We also do our best not to do the 'run around the woods' thing. Too much trouble back home."

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:39 PM
"I'm a type of fae called a gravetender. Most of my abilities are geared towards encouraging others to leave me alone so..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:41 PM
"That would be a nice power. The magic inside of me tends to attractive people, oftentimes unsavory types."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:42 PM
"Members of the Fae." His ears perk up.
"I was wondering...have you ever heard of foundlings?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:45 PM
Quiets down as the fae topic continues. His eyes become a lot more focused as he listens to the conversation.

Iggy HughesBOTToday at 1:47 PM
"That's unfortunate, my kind sort of function like reapers. Kind of. If we manage to consume undead, or a soul it gets passed on to whatever afterlife it was meant for. Outside of our monstrous appearances, we can radiate fear.... stuff like that"
He looks at Yuki, "Do you mean a changeling?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:49 PM
"It is, but I've had decades to get used to it."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 4:44 PM
Waaaalks in

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:46 PM
Looks up from a book he was "reading." Waves. "Hi."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 4:49 PM
Waves back to Darzih. "Oh, hello there."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:50 PM
"It's been quiet here recently. I left a bit to eat, then came back and there was no one here. I'm happy to see another face."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 4:55 PM
"It's usually empty here every know and then. I actually don't expect a lot of people to be here everytime I enter."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:56 PM
"I've noticed, but the times I've been here there's usually two or three people with me soon after I enter."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:00 PM
He just nods "Well anyway. Hello I am Kalik, I don't believe we have ever met."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:01 PM
"We haven't. I'm Darzih, a new resident as of a few days ago."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:06 PM
"Well it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I would say welcome to the island but I think it might be more appropiate to say welcome to inside of the veil's pocket."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:07 PM
"The Veil's pock—Ah. I've heard of that. I was told that might be why I was randomly teleported here. That the island moved dimensions and mine may have been hit in the process."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:10 PM
Looks sliiiightly curious. "You accidentally got teleported here because we moved into another dimension?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:11 PM
"That's the best guess the experts at the school had for me. An earthquake hit the world I was on, the sky flickered, and the next moment I was in the woods here.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:15 PM
"Huh, well I take it that means you are stuck here?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
"Stuck sounds so negative. If I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be wasting time in a place of relaxed socialization."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:19 PM
Chuckles a bit. "Well usually the people who magically end up here isn't too happy or accepting about it."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:21 PM
"Unsurprising. If I was taken from a home I was perfectly happy with and thrown into a culture I knew nothing about with no friends or family, I would be horrified."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:56 PM
"So I can assume your home wasn't so perfect and happy then?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:00 PM
"That would be accurate. I had no job and no strong relations. There was nothing much to leave behind."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 6:07 PM
"Well that just means you get to start fresh like a lot of people here."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:17 PM
"That's the plan. I'm starting so far in the beginning, I have to learn an entirely new language."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 6:26 PM
Goes over to a chair to take a seat in. "I've been there before. I actually decided to learn rather than using a charm. I used to call earth e-arf."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:26 PM
saunters in with a fuzzy cloven hooves and a goatlike tail.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 6:27 PM
waves to Uzza

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:27 PM
Chuckles. "I have a class that teaches me English. Sometimes I won't use my charm, but I will if all I want is to talk."
Waves to Uzza, looking her up and down.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:32 PM
"I have some experience with learning new languages."
"how good's your english?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:33 PM
"I only started learning it five or so days ago. I barely know anything."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:35 PM
"ahh. I was gonna suggest you try taking your charm off for a bit. Immersing yourself in it does wonders"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:35 PM
"I immerse myself elsewhere. Here, I want to relax and talk."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:38 PM
"that's fair." She flops onto a couch, sideways with her feet up

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 6:41 PM
"So how are you both?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:43 PM
"I'm doing well. Every day I'm meeting one interesting person after the other."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 6:47 PM
"I'm..." She holds her hand out in a so-so gesture

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:53 PM
"That's how I feel most of the time. I tend to not feel any way in particular. I thought 'fine' and 'well' were the standard terms for that?"
Mimics Uzza's hand gesture to himself.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 6:56 PM
Nods. "Fine or well is basically what that means, or just kind of fine."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:04 PM
"I dunno, I'd say Meh is like a tier or two lower than fine"
"there's also like this unspoken rule where if you're not doing so good you don't just go and air that out on strangers 'cause it fouls the mood"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:08 PM
"I'll keep that in mind. I'm still learning about what's appropriate and inappropriate to discuss."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:08 PM
"so 'fine' means 'meh' and 'meh' means something like 'I've lost count of the panic attacks I've had over the last few days'"
"they usually dont mean that when they say meh, but it can mean that."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:12 PM
"I'll keep that in mind as well. I don't know how to help with panic attacks, however."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:18 PM
"you just learn to deal with it, man"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:19 PM
"When it happens to you or when someone else experiences one?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:19 PM
"oh, when it happens to you. What helps depends on the person I guess"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:22 PM
"I don't know if I ever had a panic attack before. I've never learned much about psychology, though. It would have to be a long time since I had a panic attack, actually."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:23 PM
"but like speaking of nonsequiturs. See any good movies lately?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:24 PM
"Movies don't interest me. I watched an action one here, but I only saw the middle part and it wasn't interesting."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:37 PM
"huh. Then what do you like?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:41 PM
Thinks for several moments. "I didn't need to like anything," he said blandly. "But... I like watching the scenery. Real scenery. There's a lot to learn from watching."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 7:43 PM
"Thaaaat's something I can agree with."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:52 PM
"...does your mind work different from a human or is this a traumatic thing we're not gonna talk about"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
Nods at Kalik, then looks mildly confused at Uzza. "I'm not human, so of course my mind would work differently, nor do I have any trauma. I simply had no use for hobbies or interests."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
"ok, cool. You never know here. I'm a whateverthefuck and I still have the kinds of problems a human would."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
"Are humans the center of the the majority of species here? The ones most have evolved from?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:01 PM
"nah, the stuff that evolved, evolved from microbes or something"
"theres nerds who plotted a lot of that out."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:03 PM
"I don't know what that means."
"Humans were made by another species?"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:04 PM
"Well i'm not too sure about evolution but on earth, humans are basically the main species."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:06 PM
"well, most people think that everything on earth started from microscopic life forms, then a lot of evolution happened for a lot of generations and now we have plants and animals and stuff"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:08 PM
Holds up his hand. "Stop there for a moment. I've never had an education until before this island. Science has very little meaning to me aside from random books that I've read. Humans aren't commonly known to be made by another species and they are the main species on Earth and presumably here. Understood."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:17 PM
"i mean i guess maybe some nerd like" (she says the true name of God, YHVH) "might have made em all. I dunno" she shrugs.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:18 PM
"Is that a name I should take note of?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
"...Oh, right. Actually try not to repeat that name."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:20 PM
"... Why?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:24 PM
"it's a religion thing. Also might make some people's ears bleed if you say it around the wrong person."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:25 PM
"I should bring a notepad when I come here. It's like being in a classroom, but more casual."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:43 PM
"You really do learn a lot by going out and meeting people. Especially when you're new."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:45 PM
"I agree. I need to find other places people hang around. I don't want to get bored of this place, or judge the island by one area. I think tomorrow I'll take a look at the space station's community center."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:49 PM
"if you're old enough to drink and you can afford one, there's bars."
"also you probably go to the school, so. There's the student lounge. People hang out there."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:56 PM
"I live at the school, so I've already been to the student lounge. But I am old enough to drink... Do you know of any quiet bars? I don't like crowded and loud places, nor do I drink, but I'd like other places to talk to people in a relaxed environment."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 8:59 PM
"for that, you'd probably want" (names a couple bars fitting that description)

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:02 PM
"Thank you. I'll try to keep these in my memory." Lets out a semi-tired sigh. "There's a lot of work to do."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:08 PM
Returns to the community centre from his house.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:10 PM
waves to Yuki

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:10 PM

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:13 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:18 PM
"We were talking about bars for me to visit so I could meet more people."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:18 PM
"I see... I don't think I could help you there, I'm afraid..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:19 PM
"It's okay, I was already given a list. Any more and I might start forgetting names."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:19 PM
"yeah, I got em covered"
"I would have recommended the dueling pianos bar but it's really loud sometimes, and it sucks except for the drink prices on happy hour."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:22 PM
"Dueling piano bar... Do the pianos genuinely duel, or is it a contest between musicians?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:22 PM
"My main concern are crowds. I don't want people touching me. And as I said, I don't drink. Unless their water is expensive, it shouldn't be an issue."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:24 PM
"so you know how people play the piano sometimes? It's like that, but bad, and with two of them."
"but if you drink enough it grows on you"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:29 PM
"Sounds annoying. When I could spend my money on good music, why wouldn't I?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:32 PM
"Bad musicians... Urgh..."
"People randomly pounding on keys doest not sound like something worth my time..."
Shakes his head, sighing.

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:34 PM
"I'm being mean. It's only usually mediocre"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:36 PM
"Still, I'm not sure if I would find a rival in going there. Not that I'd be allowed in anyway."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:37 PM
"Might be fun though. Just go on there and assert your dominance."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:38 PM
Wanders on in

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:38 PM
Waves at Hector. "Hi."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:38 PM

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:39 PM
"Good evening."

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:39 PM

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:40 PM
"What's goin on?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:42 PM
"i was just talking shit about the piano players at a bar i went to once. we were thinking of ways Darzih could meet more people"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:43 PM
"On my list are the bars suggested to me by..." Squints at Uzza. "I want to be certain: What is your name?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:44 PM
"we met. I guess I'm feeling Violet now"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:45 PM
"Your name is Violet?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:45 PM
"Alright. Anyway, bars, the school lounge, and the space station community center. I'm going to hold off on more suggestions until I get through those."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:46 PM
"Nice to meet you! I'm Yuki. I think we've already met though."
"Waaait wait wait... The space station has a community centre?"

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:46 PM
"Bars and clubs are where adults usually meet each other. Or like... school."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
"That's what I was told by someone who goes to school there. Why not a community center too?"

Uzza (Humanoid)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
"I gotta go do a thing. Catch you later."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
Nods to Uzza. "Bye."
@Hector "I'm an adult, so bars and clubs sound appropriate."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:48 PM
"Because there's a fifty fifty chance of people being here?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:50 PM
Waves to Uzza

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:50 PM
Walks right back in

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:50 PM
"I don't understand what you mean."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:50 PM
"You asked why not a community center"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"Why would there be a fifty-fifty chance? There's a school up there and I thought it was more popular with aliens? I assumed it was more of a neighboring city or similar with its own group of people?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:57 PM
Waves at Kalik.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 10:00 PM
Waves to Yuki. "Hello there."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 10:00 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:01 PM
"... Okay."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 10:01 PM
Nods to Kalik

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:01 PM
Looks over to Kalik. Waves.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:05 PM

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
"Oh wonderful, I see there is more people here."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:11 PM
"There are indeed more people!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
"And yet, it's quieter."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:13 PM
"It is..."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
"Maybe they just aren't the talkitive bunch or maybe everyone is just tired."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:14 PM
"I'm both. I'd like to stick around here some more and listen."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
"Listen to what exactly?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:16 PM
"To conversations."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:17 PM
Has taken out his Switch.
"I mean, I kind of just felt like being in the presence of others tonight."
Is quietly humming the Smash Ultimate theme.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:20 PM
"What is that?" Points to the Switch.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:21 PM
"It's a games console. You use it to play video games."
"This specific one is called the Nintendo Switch."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 10:25 PM
"Who knew this was what all of Nintendo's weird shit was going to become..."
"They just mushed the best parts of all their systems and this is what we got."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:29 PM
"Games, hm?" He looks it over from where he's sitting. "It's not something I have time to look into, but I'm certain it's in my pop culture course."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:31 PM
"I mean, the Nintendo Switch is arguably the best console ever. It's a hybrid between a handheld gaming device and a TV console."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:38 PM
"You have fun with that, then. I should head to bed." Stands up and starts heading to the door. "Goodnight."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:38 PM
"Good night!"


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Event Room 1

Time Entered: 8:10 P.M. on November 9th, 2019

Characters: Alma Malivani (Kada), Stefan Srambad (Awesome), Marluxa (Pallas), Kalik (Bloos), Hector Shaa'Ptros (Max!!), Yuki Hayashi (Hope the Bard), Dorian Blake (Kada), Sharpe (PixelatedGlory), Madeline Moore (Kait), Shir Fareed (Max!!)

Summary: Pirate's Feast. Was there at the beginning, then left some time later. Returned again. Makes sure Marluxa won't climb him. Talks about pirates and bounty hunters. Mini argument with Dorian over Darzih's lack of sensitivity/callousness. Things are a little awkward at that, and he doesn't appreciate being ignored by Madeline for a bit and then told Dorian was treating him as a child, but he pushes those feelings away. Mentions his slavery. Mini argument with Yuki, where Darzih loses control of his emotions and chews into Yuki just a bit too much. Yuki later apologizes to him. He very indirectly sort of condemns his own behavior. Gets a Club Empyria card from Kalik. Mentions his slavery to Yuki again.

Time Left: 1:51 A.M.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:10 PM
Walks back inside.

Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:10 PM
"It can be, but I think the challenge is kind of fun." @Marluxa (@Pallas) she stops to wave to Darzih

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:11 PM
Nods at Darzih as a greeting

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:11 PM
Moves over to Alma since he's familiar with her. Waves at her and the others.

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:14 PM
"Rhmm! Marluxa understand! Like hunt hunt a Tradoxian spy!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:15 PM
"Hey. What's being talked about here?"

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:17 PM
"Stuff that is hard hard yet fun fun." makes clicking noises as they seem to scan Darzih up and down

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:21 PM
"That's too vague for me to join in the conversation with."

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:27 PM
"I think they're talking about if its a challenge to be student council vice president.... I think?"

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:30 PM
"Yes yes! That!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:30 PM
"School politics. I haven't looked deeply into those just yet. It's not something I'll concern myself about until I've been here much longer."

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:32 PM
seems to be attentive of Darzih and asks "Marluxa ask ask what you are are? You are tall like tree... and Marluxa has strong strong urge to climb climb. Can Marluxa climb climb?"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
He sashays riiight on over to everyone

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
"Do not touch me." Speaks that quickly in case of any sudden movements. "I'm an alien from a different dimension."
Waves at Kalik.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:36 PM
blinks blinks. "Did I come at one of those weird and super unfortunate bad times?"

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:37 PM
"Nah you're good bud, everything seems fine.... to me at least" He says to Kalik

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:37 PM
"No, I'm simply setting boundaries."

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:38 PM
there was a moment where Marluxa was about to posture themselves to leap onto Darzih but held off, much to their disappointment "Fine fine... Marluxa will not climb climb then. Marluxa also an alien... but from another planet planet. Least as far as Marluxa know know."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:38 PM
Griiins. "Well that is just splendid! Setting boundaries is a good thing. Anyway, hello everyone."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:38 PM
Taking a few steps back from Marluxa.

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:39 PM
"As great as climbing things is you can't just climb people yea. Brings me back I used to climb tons of trees!" He waves to Kalik

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:41 PM
"Other than the fact that I don't like being touched, I also enhance the magic of people who touch me. I don't accept 'accidental bumps' into me as an excuse either."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:43 PM
"Oh, huh. Well then I should also advice that I also enhance powers and you all should keep your distance if you have any uncontrollable powers."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:45 PM
"No wonder I'm so hungry..." Grabs a plate and starts stacking fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:46 PM
"I always wondered what'd that be like if my stuff was enhanced... probably not good, glad i can control em"

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 8:48 PM
Walks in, grabs a plate, and starts going for thr fruits and veggies with a few slices of meat here and there.

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:48 PM
"Rhmm? Greet greet Hector!" walks over to Hector on all six

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
"It's good for any power to be controlled." Pops a few grapes into his mouth, then after chewing and sucking on them, he spits out a gray mass of chewed up grapes.
Oh his plate, for the record.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
"Anyway, for all who don't know I am Kalik or for now I am Captain Kalik, hahahaarrgh."

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:52 PM
"Ahoy. Whats your ship's name?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:52 PM
"Captain Kalik...?"

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:53 PM
"Rhmm? Greet greet Captain Kalik!"

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 8:53 PM
"What's up Marluxa?"
"Captain Kalik?"

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:56 PM
"Party party! Marluxa eat eat and talk talk. But Marluxa think think about leave leave. Feel feel... light head."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:57 PM
"Ship name? Hmmmm her name is The Red Guppy."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 8:57 PM
"Oh well that's no good. Gotta take care of yourself pal," he gives Marluxa a pat.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 8:58 PM
Looks Kalik up and down. "Is this a joke I'm not understanding?"

MarluxaBOTToday at 8:58 PM
purrs as they are petted, then scampers off

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 8:59 PM
"He's a pirate! Because this is the pirate feast and stuff, taking like a pirate and such..." He says looking back to Kalik "Love the name, if you need another deckhand i gotchu"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 8:59 PM
"Well it is the Pirate Feast and I am currently a pirate."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:00 PM
Shoves some food into his mouth. "Pirates... too much water for my taste."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:02 PM
"I'm not used to pirates who look like... that."
"The pirates I know didn't deal with water either... Not always, anyway."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:03 PM
"Sky pirates?" he asks

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:04 PM
Wanders in, not particularly to socialise but to enjoy the variety of culinary items present.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:06 PM

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:06 PM
"Kinda wish this place had cactus though... but maybe that's just me feeling time displaced and homesick."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:07 PM
"I am familiar with space pirates."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:09 PM
"Space pirates..."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:13 PM
Nods. "Yeah, they are not exactly fun to run into when you are out doing business in space."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:13 PM
"That's true. It can be difficult to deal with them when you're far away from reinforcements too."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:14 PM
"Sounds... kinda messy"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:15 PM
"Most of the time it is. Robbing someone cleanly without causalities is difficult. Even causalities could be clean, however."

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:16 PM
"As if space wasn't already dangerous enough huh..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:16 PM
"Everywhere is dangerous. Plants are dangerous. The weather is dangerous. People are dangerous."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:17 PM
"This is true"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:17 PM
"Space is only dangerous if you are dumb. Though I was a bounty hunter so I know how to handle space pirates."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:17 PM
"A bounty hunter, hm? That's interesting."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:21 PM
Notices Hector and wanders over, food samples in hand. "Hiya everyone, what's going on?"

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:22 PM
"Talkin about space and space pirates" He gives Yuki a wave

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:22 PM
"Space pirates ?!" He looks somehow excited by this.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:23 PM
Waves at Yuki while chewing on food. Spits out a chewed up and greyed remains of a piece of an apple.
"You sound excited about a topic that revolves around crime."

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:27 PM
"Don't blame em, space pirates sound cool on paper"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:27 PM
"W-Well, if you put it like that..." Looks away, but is still smiling.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:27 PM
"I don't view it as a good or bad thing, it's only something I'm taking note of."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:28 PM
"It's not really as fun as what people might hype it up to be"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:28 PM
"You used to be a space pirate?" Blink blink.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:29 PM
"You don't have to be a space pirate to know that committing crimes and getting away with them is a difficult task."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:29 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:29 PM
"It can be an adrenaline rush for some, but there's a lot that goes into it and can be emotionally and physically tolling."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:30 PM
Casually resumes eating.
After mouth no longer full: "Well I suppose so... There must be good space pirates out there too, though. Like ones who protect their planet or share out their loot to the poor..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
"I never said there weren't. Everything I said applies to that too."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
Just smiiiiling at this conversation

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:31 PM
"Doesn't that defeat the purpose of being a pirate though?"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:32 PM
"Define a good space pirate?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:32 PM
"I mean, they'd be the Robin Hoods of space. Robin Hood was a real thief, or so I heard. He genuinely distributed his wealth somewhat equitably."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:32 PM
"I don't see how it does. If you're stealing from other's ships, you're pirating."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:32 PM
"Some governments are shittier than the pirates that are stealing from them?"|

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:33 PM
"Fair i guess i just got confused for a moment.."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:34 PM
drifts in
"well.. I guess there's worse places to watch people stuff their faces"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:36 PM
Casually goes to get a drink to wash down the food

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:38 PM
"Hmm. Well I went after the ones with a more violent track record....or the ones that paid the most."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:39 PM
"High risk high reward?"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:39 PM
Walks in, looking around and taking a walk around the food

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 9:41 PM
"High risk, high reward, and better reputation. The better the reputation the better the bounties and contracts you might get sent."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:43 PM
Sees Dorian and smiles, waving before returning to the conversation.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:43 PM
Waves at Dorian.

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:43 PM
"Yeah... that makes sense"
He gives Dorian a nod

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:44 PM
gives a friendly smile and wave to everyone. "Evening. Nice spread here."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:44 PM
"Yes, though I wish I knew how recently the uncooked meat was killed."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:45 PM
"It really is! I'd recommend the seafood. It's absolutely amazing."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:45 PM
glances over at the meat and gives a little twitch of his nose. "Probably a few days, tops? Kept on ice most likely."

Hector Shaa'PtrosBOTToday at 9:46 PM
"Yeah it's probably reasonably fresh..."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:46 PM
"Fresh meat...literally. Actually, that makes me wonder..."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
"wow. Hey, i'm small but i'm not small enough to be invisible here."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:47 PM
"Now that the Mantra Carlos islands are a dimension of their own, how will we ensure food production is abundant enough for everyone?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
Nods. "I wondered the same thing, but I didn't want to let my hunger effect my judgement. But if others agree, then..." He goes to put some meat on his plate.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
gives everyone the claw

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:47 PM
Looks over to Sharpe. "Oh, are you now? My mistake."

Stefan SrambadBOTToday at 9:47 PM
He waves as he starts to walk off "Fun talkin bout pirates with everyone, i'm gonna head out!"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:48 PM
"See you!" Smiles.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:48 PM
"I didn't see any reason to respond to your comment." Waves at Stefan.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:48 PM
looks over at Sharpe. "Oh sorry there. Didn't mean to insult you, dude."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 9:49 PM
Blushes. "Sorry if that comment was meant to begin a conversation... Honestly, I thought you were just muttering to yourself, haha."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"I get it. You've all only got eyes for flesh and pastries"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"For me it's flesh and plants, but I'm happy you understand."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:54 PM
frowns ever so slightly, shoving his hands in his pockets

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 9:56 PM
drifts around to glance at all the food but doesn't take any "There sure Arr a lot of different things here. Guess i'll be stuck here for a while"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 9:57 PM
blinks for a second, then looks around at the decor and laughs. "Right right. What do you mean stuck though?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 9:58 PM
The joke went right over Darzih's head.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:01 PM
"Ah, I be chained to a poor excuse for a deckhand named Frank. Free grog and food'll have him be walking these planks right until he falls overboard. Nothing short of mutiny'll free this sorry cutlass"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:02 PM
"What... are you saying?"

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:02 PM
emerges from the crowd

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:02 PM
"I think my charm is messing up..."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:02 PM
waves a claw at Maddie

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 10:02 PM
opens his mouth and then shuts it. "I get the pirate references, but I'm not sure what all that means."

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:02 PM
did you just call yourself a cut-lass?

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:03 PM
"well I think I could make a pretty lass if I were so incline, and I do get plenty of exercise" @Maddie

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 10:03 PM
Smiles at Madeline. "I'll let you translate..."
Fetches himself some pastries.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:04 PM
"beware, there be word games and pirate references here" @darzih

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:04 PM
"Clearly. I'll focus on my food, then."

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:05 PM
"Oh, okay, I guess I'm on explain-the-joke duty for all the translation devices. Thanks for voluntelling me," she says in yuki's general direction

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:05 PM
looks around at everyone. "Got it, translation for the landlubbers here. That slob of a man over there is my wielder and I can't go very far from him. He's cheap and is loving the free food and drink"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:05 PM
"A slave. I understand."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 10:05 PM
"Wait what the fuck?"

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:05 PM
"I resent that. I'm a sword not a manual laborer"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:06 PM
"You can be both. A product, a slave, same thing in many cases."

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:06 PM
"Right?" she says to Dorian.

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 10:06 PM
"You're way to cavalier about that."

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:07 PM
"Sharpe is a demon sword and that means they have a contract and a wielder and stuff," she tells Dorian.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:07 PM
Eyes Dorian. "Would you like me to sound more worried? Cry in pity, maybe? I'm used to this topic, so I have no reason to act any other way."

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 10:08 PM
"You don't have to be an ass about it. Maybe a little sensitivity? A smidge of something besides callousness?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:10 PM
Looks confused. "I'm not being callous?"
"But if I'm causing so much offense, then carry on."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
"If you're asking for sensitivity for my sake don't worry about it. I have tough skin. You might even call it as tough as steel"

Dorian BlakeBOTToday at 10:11 PM
sucks air through his teeth. "I have neither the time nor the crayons." Slides over to pick at some food.

Shir FareedBOTToday at 10:11 PM
Kinda just strolls in, "Same dude." he says to Sharpe

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:11 PM
Smiles. "If anything, I'm being empathetic. I know how it is to be a product. A weapon. But you have fun now."

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:12 PM
"Damn. I'm stealing that one."
"I don't even care if he was right to say it or not. It was a good burn."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
"A burn? And I don't know what he meant by the crayons part."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
waves a claw at Shir. "Hmm you could cut the angst in here with a..." they grin

Shir FareedBOTToday at 10:14 PM
"A set of lion claws?" he pops his claws and smirks.

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:14 PM
rather than explaining things to Darzih, goes to scritch them ears >:3

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:14 PM

Shir FareedBOTToday at 10:14 PM
"Also gross, I found my girlfriend"

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:15 PM

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
"I was going to say 'a demon sword forged in the bowels of hell' but close enough"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
Goes back to eating then.

Madeline MooreBOTToday at 10:18 PM
"but yeah, a burn is an insult" she tells Darzih. "Crayons are something little kids use to draw. He was basically saying he'd have to explain stuff to you like you were a baby."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 10:18 PM
"Pft. And I'm the callous one with no sensitivity."

Shir FareedBOTToday at 10:20 PM
Makes a plate of food and slides over to Maddie

Dorian BlakeBOTYesterday at 10:21 PM
he's still here and he's just breathing deeply.

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:24 PM
oh shit he's back. She eats some of her food, then gives Dorian a little wave.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:25 PM
"If you're going to fight, can you avoid disturbing the beef dish? Gravy gets everywhere and it's a nightmare to clean out of my robes"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:25 PM
"Why would I fight? This is a party."
"I have no interest in an argument either. I'm here to relax and experience the culture."

Dorian BlakeBOTYesterday at 10:26 PM
"I'm not going to fight anyone."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:26 PM
"would you look at that, you two do agree on something"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:27 PM
"I'd appreciate tensions not being furthered with jokes that could be taken badly."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:28 PM
"I regret to inform you that i'm up to my hilt in bad jokes but i'll do my best. Probably."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:29 PM
"If you want to continue, go ahead. I'd just prefer not being in the middle of more squabbles."
"Anyway, other than all of that, I've been happy with the feast. The food is very nice. I was fortunate to come here at such a good time."

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:37 PM
FUCKIN ZOOMS in, sniffing and looking around like some kinda starved rat

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:37 PM
"I think someone just unleashed a fantasy roomba in here"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:38 PM
"I've seen her before..."

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:38 PM
"gotta love free food." She's been doing a lot of enjoying the food in silence

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:38 PM
Still peeking around, but finally looks at the other people. "...I smelled a lot of food."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 10:39 PM
"Right?" he leans against Maddie.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:39 PM
"excellent perception. A very keen nose you must have"

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:39 PM
"Good job" she gives ferret a thumbs up

Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:40 PM
"Yeah, I guess. Is it free?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:40 PM
"It's a feast. All the food is free for the public.'

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:40 PM
hooks a doughnut looking thing on one claw and wings it in Ferret's direction "Think fast"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTYesterday at 10:40 PM
Shifts and griiiins. "Fuck yes." She snatches the doughnut out of the air by just...chomping it.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:41 PM
"If you have any questions just ask. I'm an expert on food"

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:42 PM
wraps an arm around Shir and nuzzles him for a second.

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:42 PM
points at random food "yup, that's food"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTYesterday at 10:42 PM
Nod nod nods and then proceeds to rapidly start filling up several plates.

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 10:44 PM
"What an astute observation Sharpe"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
Walks back in with a fake parrot attached to his shoulder and wearing the eye patch over his left eye.

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
"Welcome... back." @Kalik

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 10:46 PM
"Ahoy Mateys!"

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 10:46 PM
"Of course, i'm quite sharpe" @shir
"eh, do mine ears be hear'in the arrival of another sea dog?"

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:52 PM
does an illusion to look more piratey, with an eyepatch and everything. she waves a hook hand at kalik. "Yar."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:53 PM
"A lot of shapeshifters here."

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 10:56 PM
"if we want to be all authentic though we should dress up like Ching Shih and say stuff in Chinese to each other."
"Like..." Madeline mangles a greeting in mandarin at Kalik. She stops having a hook hand and starts having a tricorn hat.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:01 PM
Just kinda stares at Madeline. "I am not fully familiar with earth's pirate culture."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:01 PM
"Well.. those were some words and syllables"

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 11:03 PM
"Arr I must sail away with Frank to the poop deck so he doesn't fall down too many stairs."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
"Have fun with... Oh wait. Sensitivity. I hope everything goes well. Good luck with your struggle."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
"Well... that sounds lame. Catch ya later"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
Laughs quietly to himself.

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
"ok. Avast or whatever. Make sure he falls down the right number of stairs"

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 11:05 PM
"don't strain yourself. You'll pop a blood vessel" @darzih

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:05 PM
"I'll try not to. That would be an awful end to this feast."

Sharpe (PixelatedGlory)BOTYesterday at 11:05 PM
grins noncommitally at maddie and waves a claw as they float off towards their drunken wielder

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:09 PM
"I really need to look more into the laws here. I only focused on what was relevant to me... but there's a lot of interesting stuff I'm missing out on."

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:11 PM
leans against shir again

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:15 PM
Wraps an arm around Maddie, "Seems like it's kinda dying down huh?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:18 PM
"It is late. I assumed the nocturnals would come out to keep things busy."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
"I'd say maybe it's work but... it's also sunday."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
Returns to the hall, having taken a break to update his social media with pictures of the most human-looking food and selfies that pointedly do not include any supernatural-looking beings.
"Looks like the topic changed, as have the people..."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
Just kinda feasting. Wow that is a lot of food.

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
"Yeah, but most people are diurnal. I just don't sleep though"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:21 PM
"Diurnal?" Standing as part of the group.

Ferret (Goblin)BOTYesterday at 11:21 PM
Finishes up and then just kinda abruptly leaves after getting rid of her plates.

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:22 PM
"Opposite of nocturnal. People who are active during the day."

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:23 PM
"I'm pretty much fed for the week now though. Wanna do something else?" she asks Shir

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:24 PM
"Ah, I see." Watches Ferret go, deeply confused. What chaos did he just witness?
"I suppose I'm... mostly diurnal. Although I seem to have a penchant for socialising at night. I wonder why..."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:25 PM
"Yeah sure, might as well."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:25 PM
"I'm more of a night person myself, mostly because I run a club."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:25 PM
"A club? What kind?" Remembering his trauma from the one time he ended up in a club.

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:26 PM
"Night club, right?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:26 PM
"I usually take short naps throughout the day, so I can be awake at anytime. I have school during the day however, so I've been mostly diurnal."

Madeline MooreBOTYesterday at 11:27 PM
is getting up and tossing her utensils and stuff, about to drag Shir on another adventure

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:27 PM
"Goodnight, you two."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:28 PM
"Have a good evening!"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:28 PM
"I suppose you can call it a night club. But yes, goodnight to you both."

Shir FareedBOTYesterday at 11:28 PM
"See ya!" he waves and heads out with Maddie

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:30 PM
Waves to Shir and Madeline. "I... don't really have the best experience with night clubs."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:30 PM
"Aren't you underage?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:34 PM
"I...would be, yes. I still have no idea as to how I managed to end up in one. When I realised it, I was just...there."
"I have suspicions that I wasn't the only underage person there..."
"If you see what I mean."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:38 PM
"You stated quite plainly, so yes, I do."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:39 PM
Kinda just...blanks. "No, I mean... I think it might have been a club for underaged people."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:40 PM
"I understood."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:40 PM
Scratches his head. "Really? It kind of seemed like you didn't..."
"But anyway, if you got it, that's all that matters."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:41 PM
"Pft. Seems like a lot of people see me as stupid. When you said you had suspicions you weren't the only underage person there, I was certain you meant the club was open to underage people."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:42 PM
"I see... I think it's the way you word things."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:42 PM
"Uh huh...so you magically ended up in a club?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:43 PM
"When you simply offer an agreement or disagreement instead of a comment, it doesn't really add much to the conversation." Thoughtful mode activated.
Feels the suspicion, and honestly he can't refute it. "I mean... I don't know how I got there, honestly. All I remember is being there. It wasn't even fun..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:43 PM
"I said I understood because I understood. Would you have preferred for me to repeat what you had just said?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:44 PM
Turning to Darzih. "Hmmm...not quite. When you repeat something someone said, it also doesn't really add much to the conversation..."
"Something like 'wow, I can't believe that' or 'huh. Surprising.' would be more contributory."
"It'd really show people that you understood what you just heard."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:45 PM
"So you would like me to disagree? To lie about how I feel?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:45 PM
"Wh-- no, not really! I mean... you could just say you didn't really have an opinion on it."
Is slowly becoming increasingly flustered.

Sushi (Mint)BOTYesterday at 11:46 PM
A wild Sushi has appeared. He’s back for a snack

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:46 PM
"All I said was that I understood what you meant. I was going to continue speaking, but then you started criticizing the way I spoke."
"I think you should look more into your own actions before judging the actions of others."

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:47 PM
Is red like a tomato. Speaks very quietly. "R-right... I'm sorry."

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:47 PM
"Wow, I can't believe that."
"Was that... better?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:48 PM
Isn't really paying attention to the conversation anymore so much as he's spiraling his thoughts.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:50 PM
Just watching this because kekw. "So has everyone been enjoying the feast?"

Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:51 PM
Casually heads to the bathroom to begin silently screaming his frustration with himself.

Sushi (Mint)BOTYesterday at 11:51 PM
zips by, heading right to the fish on one of the tables

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:51 PM
"Oh, it's been wonderful. I love the food. I can't say the company has been too bad either."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:51 PM
Waaaaves to Sushi

Sushi (Mint)BOTYesterday at 11:53 PM
Looks back after catching a wave. Does the same wave back before going and grabbing a piece of fish with his bare hands.
with fish in hand he hurries over to the guy who waved. “Hello.”

Darzih (Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:55 PM
"Hey. Are you going to eat that or just carry it around?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTYesterday at 11:56 PM
Looks up at Darzih, just stares for a bit “Hello”

Kalik (Bloos)BOTYesterday at 11:58 PM
"Well it is good people are enjoying themselves." He looks over to Sushi and smiles. "Hello. How are you?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:00 AM
stares at Kalik for a moment then looks down at his piece of fish. He tears a bit off and holds it up for him to take

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 12:06 AM
stares at the piece of fish. "Do you want me to have that?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:07 AM
"It smells fresh. If you don't want it, I'll take it."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:07 AM
Holds the fish up higher

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 12:10 AM
He's just going to take the fish. "Well thank ye kindly, arrgh."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:10 AM
rips another piece off and holds it as high as he can towards Darzih

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:12 AM
Takes the piece of fish. "Thank you. You're very sweet." Eats the fish, chewing on it for a bit, then turns his head from his conversational partners and spits the grayed, chewed up remains on his plate.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:14 AM
unscrews the lid of his helmet and takes the circle off with one hand, then tosses the fish in there.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:15 AM
"Oh, so you will eat. I wasn't sure if that was something you could do... or try."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:16 AM
pulls a stick out from somewhere inside his raincoat and pushes the fish down to his mouth using that, then eats it.

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 12:21 AM
Eats his piece of fish and then smiles at Sushi. "Thank you for the fish."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:25 AM
Once finished, he tucks the stick back into his coat and screws the lid back on his helmet

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:27 AM
Returns, but visibly more shy.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:27 AM
"Welcome back."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:29 AM
Nods silently.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:29 AM
Stares at Yuki “Hello”

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:29 AM
Visibly brightens seeing Sushi. "Hello..." He manages a small smile.

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 12:31 AM
Runs back to the table to get another fish, then hurries back and holds it out to Yuki.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:39 AM
"Thanks..." He says, taking it with a fork and putting it on his plate.
He smiles a little more now. Turning to Darzih, he musters up the courage to speak. "I... I acted quite out of turn earlier. I shouldn't have offered unsolicited advice. I humbly seek your pardon." He strains himself to speak loud enough to be heard.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:58 AM
Looks mildly amused by Yuki, but not too concerned. "I was more annoyed by being told I didn't understand what you were talking about. If you had simply told me I didn't sound interested in the conversation, then I would have agreed with you there. So don't worry too much about it. I don't show much emotion, nor do I stay angry for long."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 1:00 AM
Takes out his fancy dancy alien phone to check the time. "Hmmm I believe it is time for me to return to the club."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:01 AM
"Before you go, what club is this?"

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 1:03 AM
"Club Empyria." Puts his phone away and then takes out a business card to give to Darzih

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:04 AM
Takes the card carefully. "Thank you. I've been looking around for bars and clubs. Visiting one where I know the owner would be easier on me."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 1:09 AM
Grins. "Well come by anytime! The club ia located on the space statiom and majority of the workers and performers are aliens."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:11 AM
"That sounds suitable for me. I'll be sure to give it a look, but I won't hold you any longer. You have a good night."

Kalik (Bloos)BOTToday at 1:12 AM
He nods. "You have a good night too." Waves to everyone then quickly heads out.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:18 AM
Waves back.
"Thank you for your pardon." He bows curtly.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:22 AM
"You're so formal. Is bowing a normal thing here? Am I supposed to bow back?"

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:28 AM
"Oh, um... it just happens when I'm feeling strong emotions. I tend to revert to stiff polite forms."
Smiles, a little embarrassed.
"You don't need to bow back, hehe..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:30 AM
"Alright. I tend to be called stiff and formal, so I understand. Personally I think I'm fairly casual, but my way of speaking must give off a different impression."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:31 AM
"I see..."
"Did you enjoy the evening? It looks like things may be about ready to pack up."
"I've definitely had my fill." He grins.
"I might be wrong, though. Maybe things will continue."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:35 AM
"I don't know how long the feast will last, but it'll likely pick up in the morning. Anyway, for the most part I have enjoyed the feast. It's the first true feast I've participated in."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:35 AM
"First true feast?" He tilts his head.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:40 AM
"Ah, you must have missed it when I mentioned it earlier. I used to be a product to be sold around. The only time I visited parties and other similar things when it was required for my work." He says this very nonchalantly.

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:41 AM
"A...product." He does a double take. "You mean... you used to be owned by someone?!" He doesn't shout, but boy are those eyes wide.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:43 AM
Nods. "Don't get too concerned. It's nothing to worry about. I'm here now, and that's what matters."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:47 AM
"I...suppose so."
"And you're having a good time, which is even better!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:48 AM
"Good enough. I was indifferent to what I used to do. I'm mostly indifferent to what I'm doing now, but the freedom to do mostly do what I want is appreciated."

Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 1:49 AM
"Oh... alright. As long as you're happier now."
"I think I might head home for the night. I've had my fun, and it's getting rather late. Ace and Mahalia might get worried."
"I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening!"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:51 AM
"Mhm. If I wasn't, I would just leave. But yes, you have a good night too. I'll be head out as well."
Goes to put away his plate before exiting.


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 11:58 A.M. on November 12th, 2019.

Characters: Xid Arth (Humanoid/PixelatedGlory), Jasmine Kennedy (Kada), Destra Barathos (Max!!), Sushi (Mint), Violet Zatser (Uzza/Kait)

Summary: Meets Xid. Talks about Dark Crystal and the Forbidden Forest. Meets Jazz, then Destra, then Brody (does not get his name). Watches Sushi and Violet do their thing. Is semi-confused on Sushi's lack of supervision. Becomes bored and leaves.

Time Left: 6:45 P.M.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 11:58 AM
Walks inside. Notices Xid and waves. "Hey."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 12:09 PM
lowers half a footlong sub from his mouth. "Hello"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:17 PM
Take a seat in a cluster of beanbags. "Quiet afternoon we have here. Didn't mean to interrupt your eating."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 12:20 PM
takes a few big bites before replying. "You are ok. I was expecting more people but I have not been in here before"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:23 PM
Laughs. "I had the same experience when I first came here a few days ago. I had to stick around for a while longer for things to become more active. I've been told this place's activity has ups and downs, and so far, that's been proven true."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 12:29 PM
"Not sure if I'll stick around very long or not. But maybe if I come back after the sun goes down I will see more people"
munch munch munch

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:30 PM
"Not a bad plan. I've seen quite a few people come around during the night. Interesting too, as I was told most people here are diurnal. I would think everyone would head to bed for school or work in the morning."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 12:35 PM
"Even the best students like to find time to avoid schoolwork and put off sleep, in my experience" He laughs

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:44 PM
Smiles. "I haven't spoken to many students before coming here, but I've seen that happen with those who work. Long nights at bars and all that."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 12:52 PM
finishes one sandwich and begins consuming the wrapper. "This is true. I spent more time around a school than out here in the city, but it is similar. Everyone is busy, or busy not being busy."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 12:57 PM
"I spent my time with people who were working, but they were... er... Freelancers? Most worked when they needed to. Compared to that life, everything here is completely new. But in a good way."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:01 PM
contemplates that as he unwraps a second sandwich. "Moving between smaller jobs. This sounds like me right now"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:05 PM
"Oh? What do you do for work? In general."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:08 PM
"I worked for Dark Crystal Academy. Now I have agreed to do some demolition jobs here and there" Noms on the second sandwich.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:10 PM
"Dark Crystal Academy. That sounds... familiar? I've heard that come up a few times. Is that the school that isn't here anymore?"

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:11 PM
"Yes, it is shut down. Too much work to restore it for use. A great shame"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:17 PM
"Sounds like it. I'd have to look into that later. I don't want to be too behind on news of the island. I'm already far behind enough as it is."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:19 PM
shrugs. "Do not try to know everything. You will exhaust yourself and only realize it is an impossible task. Better to focus on the things important to you"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:23 PM
Nods. "That's good advice. I've been trying to balance relaxation and catching up. Luckily, remedial classes have been nice to me. I admire how nice the teachers and students are here."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:35 PM
"I am less familiar with the staff at Starlight Academy, but it is my understanding that they do well to teach people" Finishes his other sandwich and begins eating the wrapper and a napkin he used

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:46 PM
"What was—" Pauses at the wrapper and napkin eating. Not judging, just a bit surprised. "What was Dark Crystal like?"

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 1:51 PM
doesn't react to the pause. "It was more nonhuman and magically themed. I am a large arthropod and felt quite at home there"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 1:54 PM
Half-snickers. "It seems like I missed out. Or not. I don't mind looking different, but my entire creation is based around strengthening magic. I'm sure I would have been accepted with open arms there. Many open arms."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:04 PM
nods. "It sounds like you would have been popular. Maybe too popular. But plenty still use magic on the island. Unfortunately I cannot"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 2:06 PM
"Too popular for sure," he says with a laugh. "It's unfortunate that you can't, but if it's any consolation, it makes me feel reassured that I'm being spoken to as an equal. No worries that someone wants to befriend me to become stronger."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:10 PM
"it is what it is, I focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot." He then smiles, "And I am plenty strong when I am not contained like this"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 2:14 PM
"That's a good way to think of things. Focusing on your specialties instead of getting hung up on what everyone else can do. But contained doesn't sound good."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:18 PM
"it's not good or bad. It just is. Sometimes it's convenient, sometimes its inconvenient"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 2:39 PM
"Understandable. I thought about getting a size charm for that reason, but so far, most of the places I need to go accommodate me well enough."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:48 PM
"They do seem to handle that issue well in most places. But I spend most of my time outside the city anyway. Ah, I did forget to introduce myself though. I am called Xid" ((pronounced like Sid, with a slight non-human sound on the X))

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 2:51 PM
"I'm Darzih, and I'm the same way. I prefer to spend my time in the woods, but any place that's full of greenery is suitable enough for me."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:55 PM
"the regular woods or the ones forbidden for the weak?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 2:55 PM
"The regular woods. I was told to not go to the forbidden part. I'm sure I could handle myself, but just in case, I don't want to be known as the foolish newcomer."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 2:58 PM
"It is not a friendly place. But the others of my kind are there so that is where I call home"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:07 PM
"Someday I may take a visit there, once I'm more settled on the island. Are there signs that tell me where someone is living? I wouldn't want to accidentally walk into someone's home."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 3:14 PM
"most such signs are corpses, traps, or the immediate attacks of the residents. I would recommend not exploring any suspicious holes in the ground though"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:34 PM
"Ah..." Definitely some hesitation there. "In that case, I imagine everything would feel suspicious there. I need to rethink my interest in visiting."

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 3:43 PM
"It's not all dangerous. Just the dangerous parts are... very dangerous. I suggest being careful or taking a guide" He looks at the time. "I must go now though"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 3:45 PM
slips in, taking a lean against a wall to catch her breath.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:48 PM
"I'll keep that in mind. Have a nice day."
Waves at Jasmine, looking mildly confused. "Are you okay?"

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 3:48 PM
stands up to leave and looks at Jasmine. "Are you running from someone?"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 3:49 PM
"ah, no no. Just running in general. I, uh, I like to run in normal clothes because you might not be in work out clothes if you need to take off, you know?"

Xid Arth (humanoid)BOTToday at 3:51 PM
"I do not possess special clothes for working out. But if there is no immediate concerns I will go now." nods at both and heads out

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:52 PM
"I don't wear normal clothes or workout clothes, but I see your point."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 3:52 PM
"Yeah, well- oh. Okay I'll see you around."
she brushes her hair out of her face and moves off of the wall.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:54 PM
"Do you need a cup of water?"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 3:55 PM
"I can get it. Thank you though. I'm Jazz." She kinda smiles a little and stretches her arms over her head.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:56 PM
"Alright then. I'm Darzih. I was worried for a moment. It'd be boring if my only person to speak to was too tired to a conversation."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 3:58 PM
snorts a bit, grabbing a glass of water from the sink. "I'm used to being tired, so no need to worry about that. Nice to meet you."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 3:59 PM
"Nice to meet you too, and that doesn't sound good. Heh, I was talking with the person you saw earlier about something similar. Students and workers who spend too much time awake for fun."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:01 PM
"Not really fun. I've just got a lot to do. I'm always behind on homework and I have to keep myself in shape, ya know?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:03 PM
"Mm, I'm starting to know that personally, yes. I've only been in school for less than a week, and I'm still learning about what bad habits to avoid."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:05 PM
"heh. Yeah. Well good luck with that. I guess you're adjusting pretty well, then?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:11 PM
"Well enough. I've been accommodated for well. The language charm was the most help for me. Without it, I don't know how I would survive here."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:12 PM
nod nod. "Yeah, that's understandable."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:14 PM
"How about you? How long have you been living here?'

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:16 PM
she exhales a bit. "It's been uh. April? So a few months. I'm... adjusting well enough. My friends are doing better at it, but that's understandable. They're all just..." She smiles, "incredible."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:19 PM
"That's nice to hear. I came here on my own, so hearing you come with others sounds nice."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 4:26 PM
Stalks into the place with a large thing of fries, munching away and looking like quite the grump about something.

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:28 PM
she lifts her glass to Ferret and takes another sip from it. "Yeah. It's nice having them here. I mean, I miss home but what can you do you know?"

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 4:29 PM
Munch. "Hey."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:29 PM
Waves at Ferret. Looks over to Jasmine. "Mm, I don't know. I came here by accident, but I have no desire to go back to my dimension."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 4:32 PM
"Mine was kinda accidental. I got dragged here by someone else."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:33 PM
"Ours was- well, we opened the portal on purpose but we didn't mean to end up here."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:37 PM
"Both of those sounds troubling. I was told I likely arrived here because the island's dimension bumped into my dimension."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 4:38 PM
"ah. Yeah, that actually had me worried for a bit. The whole. Pocket space thing. Seems like it didn't really pan out into anything too terrible though."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 4:46 PM
"So far, everything has been working out well for me."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:02 PM
"What was it like? The whole pocket space thing."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:03 PM
she shrugs. "There was some weirdness. Like a whole... situation. And then it was nighttime for like... a couple of days I think? And then it just kinda...reset."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:04 PM
"I grieve for everyone's sleep schedules. How did they manage people who needed sunlight to live? That must have been a disaster."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 5:11 PM
"I was busy working on my reading mostly." She furrows her brow a little. "...Not that it really helped."

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:15 PM
Strolls in looking all banged up

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:16 PM
"I'm sure you're doing fine."
she nods at Destra

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:16 PM

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
Waves at Destra.

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:20 PM
Flops down in his usual corner, "What's going on?"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:20 PM
"Just talking. Drinking some water after a run."

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:21 PM
"Oh... fun I also just got done my daily workout"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:22 PM
"As Jazz, said, talking. I haven't been doing much today."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 5:22 PM
Loooks at Destra. Squints a little, then gives a small wave.

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:23 PM
He waves back

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:24 PM
"I'm Darzih, to those of you who don't know."

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:25 PM
"I'm Destra"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:27 PM
"Oh right. Jasmine."

Brody ArsenioBOTToday at 5:32 PM
Walks in like a super Chad bro. "Yooooo."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:34 PM
"Nice to meet you, Destra." Waves at Brody.

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:35 PM
"Yeah," he stretches

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:39 PM
she kinda waves at Brody "hey"

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:43 PM
"Well at least it's nice and quiet"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 5:46 PM
"Mhm. I prefer when more people are talking, but I've been talking all day. I just want to listen now."

Brody ArsenioBOTToday at 5:50 PM
Waves to everyone here. "So what are you all chitting the chat about now?"

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:50 PM
"Nothing really"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 5:50 PM
Scampers in

Brody ArsenioBOTToday at 5:53 PM
Waves to Sushi. "Oh huh...a...uh..ocean mask thingy person. Hi."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 5:53 PM
Walks up to Brody. "Hello."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:53 PM
"We were talking about how we ended up on the island. "

Brody ArsenioBOTToday at 5:54 PM
"Also nothing really implies that you all probably had a boring day which I doubt. There is no waaaaay any of you had a boring day."

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 5:56 PM
"I lost a fight... that's how I got here"

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:57 PM
she shifts a bit and winces slightly. "I mean I went on a run today."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 5:57 PM
Makes his way over to the vending machine

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 5:58 PM
she glances at Sushi. "Hey kid, you alone?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 5:59 PM
Doesn't respond, presses a button on the machine and waits for something to happen.

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:00 PM
"He's always alone whenever I see him."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:01 PM
frowns hard. responsible senses tingling

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:02 PM
Presses a button again

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 6:02 PM
"Do you need help?"

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:04 PM
walks in

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:04 PM
says nothing, presses a button yet again, third times a charm

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 6:05 PM
He nods to Violet

Brody ArsenioBOTToday at 6:05 PM
"What if he can't hear us because of that big ol helmet he has?"

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:05 PM
"Hey. Uh... nah, he can hear us."

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 6:06 PM
"So he's ignoring us... got it."

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:06 PM
"He just doesn't know language very well yet."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:06 PM
she inhales and walks over to Sushi

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:06 PM
"Mhm. He's very... clueless."

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:07 PM
gets closer. "Hello Sushi!" :)

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:07 PM
crouches down next to him, wincing slightly as she does

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:07 PM
Looks at Jasmine briefly then notices Violet. "Hello Violet."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:08 PM
opens her mouth to speak but sheepishly waddles back a bit when it seems like Violet might have this?

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:09 PM
:) "You remember!"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:09 PM
Turns back to Jasmine as she waddles away, then back at Violet again.

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 6:09 PM
Pulls an ooooold dirty looking piece of parchment out of her bag, squinting at it and growling a little under her breath.

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:10 PM
stands up with another wince and brushes herself off

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:10 PM
pats him on the shoulder

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:10 PM
"Are you watching over him now?" @Violet

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 6:11 PM
"Huh... well this is a thing," he figures Jazz and Violet have that situation taken care of. He's just closing his eyes.

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:11 PM
"Oh, no. But I met his dorm parent a couple days ago. He keeps sneaking out."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:12 PM
"Looks like you've uh... got it. Yup. I'm gonna just go. Make some coffee..." And she shuffles away to the kitchen.

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 6:12 PM
Mumbles something to the effect of 'stupid bullshit letters'. "...Destra. How long does it take to be able to read everything?"

Destra BarathosBOTToday at 6:13 PM
"I dunno, just stick with it until you're good at it."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 6:13 PM
"...That sounds like a long time. Ugh."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:14 PM
"I heard it can take around four years to become fluent in a language. I don't know the estimate for each language, nor the estimate for someone who knows how to speak the language but can't read it."

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:14 PM
"If any of you want to introduce yourselves to him I can tell you how. But anyway..."
turns to sushi. "What are you trying to do here?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:14 PM

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:15 PM
"... right." she turns to the others. "What was he trying to do?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:16 PM
"He was pressing buttons on the machine box there."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:17 PM
"Does he even know what the buttons do? I mean, he seems pretty young."

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:17 PM
"Oh. The vending machine." She gets sushi's attention. "Sushi. This-" she pats it a few times. "Is a vending machine. Can you say 'Vending Machine?'"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:18 PM
Stares blankly for another moment. "Vending Machine"

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:20 PM
"Good job." She pats him on the helmet. "I'd try to show you how to use it but I'm broke."

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 6:21 PM
"...Four years? What the fuuuck." She's visibly frustrated with this, almost looking like she's about to tear the paper she has for a second and then abruptly stopping. "They don't even teach any words that look like these ones. Waste of time..."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:21 PM
"Would it be okay for him to know? I have a feeling he doesn't have a good concept of saving money... Or if he can even eat what he buys."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:22 PM
Goes back to the vending machine

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:23 PM
blinks. "That's a really good point, Darzih."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:23 PM
Starts playing with the flap at the bottom

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:23 PM
"Well, now I want to try to teach this kid some words. But... I should probably tell his dorm parent he showed up here." She starts sending a text

Ferret (Goblin)BOTToday at 6:28 PM
Squints at Uzza. "You a babysitter or something?"

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:28 PM
Starts pressing buttons again

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:29 PM
"... sure. I could be."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:30 PM
Stares over at Ferret

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:32 PM
finishes sending the text. "So, who wants Sushi to know their name?"

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:33 PM
"I'm not too concerned. It's not like we can have a proper conversation."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:34 PM
Walks over. "I am Sushi."

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:34 PM
"I guess me."

Violet Zatser (Uzza)BOTToday at 6:36 PM
chuckles and pats him on the shoulder "I forgot that saying N-A-M-E makes him introduce himself. Wish I knew his story."
"Ok, so. You have to phrase it in a specific way. And I'm gonna tell you the script quietly so he doesn't get too confused."
gets a bit closer and speaks quietly to Jazz "start by saying 'hello,' then tell him 'I am,' and then your name."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:41 PM
Stares at them, kinda confused

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:42 PM
Looks over the room with a bored expression. "I'll be going now..." Stands up and starts adjusting his wings.

Jasmine KennedyBOTToday at 6:42 PM
nods. She looks down at Sushi. "Hello. I am Jasmine."

Sushi (Mint)BOTToday at 6:43 PM
Watches as Darzih leaves then turns back to Jasmine. "Hello Jasmine. I am Sushi."

Darzih (Keen)BOTToday at 6:45 PM
Walks out.


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