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May 30, 2014

Every month Starlight Academy hosts a new set of monthly challenges. Monthly challenges are intended to push players outside their comfort zones, help them get engaged in monthly events, and introduce them to features around the site that they may have missed.

The Basics:

Every month has five challenges. One is standard (doing 25 posts in that month), while the other four change each month. Some will repeat, coming up regularly, while others will be completely unique. When you've completed one or more of the challenges you post a reply in the monthly challenge thread, mentioning which challenge(s) you've completed and linking any necessary proof. When a mod checks your claim over you'll get a like and you'll be given your prize.


Every challenge you complete will grant you a Star. The number of Stars you've managed to collect is listed on your site profile, and when you reach certain milestones you'll be granted a trophy. You can see all the trophies on the site here, so take a peek and see what your next milestone is to aim for!
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