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Common Magical Items

Discussion in 'Character Applications' started by Polaris, May 31, 2018.

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  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
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    Common Magical Items

    Magical items are a common sight on Manta Carlos, but some items are more common than others. These items are not limited in the way normal magical items are, and are free for players to add to their characters on creation. If you're adding them post-acceptance, make sure you post in the Major Application Changes thread.

    This list is exhaustive and subject to change in the future. The items listed here are commonly available/cost zero posts to gain because they do not change the power balance of characters. Items not on this list, or variants of the items on this list must be put in either the active abilities or passive abilities sections.

    You can read more about nullification bracelets here. Please note that custom bracelets and human-capability bracelets are not considered common magical items.

    To use these on a character, just note which common magical items they have.​

    Nullification Bracelet: This nullification bracelet naturally disables all of a characters active abilities, and any outwardly projecting passive abilities (such as auras). This bracelet can be taken on and off at will.

    Enforced Nullification Bracelet: This nullification bracelet naturally disables all of a characters active abilities, and any outwardly projecting passive abilities (such as auras). This type of bracelet is provided for those who must wear a mandatory bracelet, either as part of parole or any other reason. This type of bracelet cannot be removed by the wearer.

    Simple Language Charm: This is the standard language charm provided to most characters. It translates a characters mother tongue into English, and allows them to hear English as their mother tongue.
    Please specify the language for this charm, like Simple Language Charm (French)!

    Human Shape Charm: While wearing this charm, the character appears human. They lose access to any abilities they had as a result of any non-human physical characteristics of their original body. For example, a character who uses wings to fly will be unable to fly while using a human shape charm. Characters wearing this charm always have a single set human form, which resembles their non-human form.

    Human Size Charm: While wearing this charm, the character takes on a normal human body size. Giant characters shrink, and tiny characters grow, but they all end up in the normal human range.

    Sex Swap Charm: While wearing this charm, the characters sex is swapped. They still look like themselves, and have a consistent other form that they'll take when wearing the charm. As a safety precaution, this charm also works as birth control for the one wearing it.

    The sex swap charm does not change who a character is attracted to, or how they act.

    Aura Warning Bracelet: While not actually magical, Manta Carlos distributes customized bracelets for those with auras. Depending on the shape and color, people can tell at a glance the approximate range and nature of the aura of the wearer.

    You can read more about Manta Carlos's laws on auras here.
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