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Cime Bleu is a privately owned multinational corporation whose shareholders are all members of the Akt'Anir dragon community. It represents an expanding portfolio of subsidiary businesses, sometimes under different names. Its portfolio includes, but is not limited to:
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • HVAC systems
  • Cold weather gear
  • Antiques
Cime Bleu MCI (Cime Bleu on the Manta Carlos Islands) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cime Bleu. While the larger corporation also operates in the Narrow Reality, Cime Bleu MCI can use magical processes and materials used by Akt'Anir artisans for thousands of years.

The most useful of these is a type of magical, unmelting ice that certain Akt'Anir dragons are able to produce. The process involves magical abilities believed to be unique to the Akt'Anir, as well as alchemical processes which they have thus far refused to show to any outsiders.

While some limited collaboration exists between off-island Cime Bleu employees and affiliates with Cime Bleu MCI, the company goes above and beyond to control the flow of information between the two in order to maintain the veil - as any Cime Bleu employee would be able to tell you after undergoing the extensive training required to ensure that the veil is maintained.

Cime Bleu sells its wares through third parties as well as through its own storefronts. Cime Bleu MCI has only recently opened a storefront on the island, as well as corporate offices (both falling under the umbrella of the "City Life" forum)

They are hiring.

Fweiu Rukt'In, the chief of the Akt'Anir, is the chairman of the board.
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