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Nov 23, 2016
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I'm looking for someone to play a relative of Konpeitō Hatsu's dad, Hideyoshi Tanaka. He was a Japanese information broker who lived in Osaka, Japan. His identity was anonymous to the criminal world until Kon was found and taken to MCI during early 2019. Be sure to read the information on Konpeitō and NEK0s if interested. Message me here if you want to take the ad, then we can discuss in private messages or on Discord (Keen#0059). The latter will be quicker with me. This is not first come first serve, but what I think will work best.

The only things I really want are:
  • The player being comfortable with the uncomfortable topics that are affiliated with Konpeitō's story, such as
    slavery, non-con, (child) abuse, incest
  • Relatives of Hideyoshi being siblings, cousins, etc. I'm also up for boyfriends/girlfriends too, though I'd prefer relatives. He has never had kids and was not married during his 3-year period with Konpeitō.
  • Interest in magic. Hideyoshi was very much into the occult, mythology, etc., but he never succeeded in interacting with the supernatural, other than buying a NEK0. In this case, a relative may have succeeded where he failed and managed to get to MCI.
  • Interaction with Konpeitō. I like the idea of Konpeitō trying to get into contact with a relative and using them as a replacement for his dad to be one-step closer to his old, "comfortable" life as a slave. He would likely try to move in with them. I don't care if the relative wants to take advantage of this or try to convince Konpeitō that this is really unhealthy and uncomfortable on several levels.
Some information about Hideyoshi:
  • Was a 40-something CEO of a cyber security company.
  • When the Scouts learned about Hideyoshi keeping a NEK0, the Narrow Reality reason for his arrest was his information brokering and keeping a slave.
  • Konpeitō made a deal with a demon working for the wish-granting fae organization, Facade. He gave up his bond to Hideyoshi, which was then turned into a mask to be sold and worn. Whoever wore this mask took on Konpeitō's bond to his father. This led to Hideyoshi mysteriously disappearing from jail, as he was kidnapped by the fae who fell into hate-love with him.
  • Preferred keeping to himself and had a stand-offish, brusque personality. Kept the bare minimum of contact with his relatives... and the outside world.
  • Was an otaku for anime/manga. Kept it on the down-low, but he may have been more blatant about it when he was younger.
  • Wore masks when doing in-person meetings under his criminal persona.
  • His house was rumored to be "haunted" due to visitors noticing things moving, shadows, extra footsteps, etc. This was all the tricks of Konpeitō.


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