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Centaur Farms

Discussion in 'Happy Pastimes' started by Nikki, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Nikki

    Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Centaur Farms

    *The red indicates the range of Centaur Farms
    *This is not an official map, just a visual reference as to the farm's location for anyone who may be interested

    Located less than 10miles from the city limits, Centaur farm is a place for the Equine humans to live, and flourish in safety. Established 18 years ago with only 7 individuals, it has since grown to accommodate 30 members and doubled in land size. The premise for its establishment was that Centaurs needed additional room to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    The farm itself has 100 acres of land encompassing a rectangle plot northeast of the city. It features large fields and pastures fit for the needed running room of Equine species, several streams and ponds, wooded areas, an established fruit orchard, workable fields for planting as well as built structures to accommodate up to 60 individuals, store food, and house cattle. The entire farm is outfitted with running water and electricity.

    Structures and Housing
    Centaur farms currently have several structures built with plans for more to come. Arguably the most important buildings are the homesteads, affectionately known as the stables. These buildings consist of three full-sized homes each equipped to house 20 individuals. Each residence offers its inhabitants access to two kitchens, two main rooms, and a single multi-use bathroom. There are twenty bedrooms to each residence with 10 of them being double sized to allow for couples. Each of the bedrooms offers more than enough room for a centaur to live in, and have built-in shelves, closets, and lighting. Even the smaller rooms can still manage to allow two individuals to live comfortably in them. The bedroom floors all consist of a foam rubber that makes them firm to walk on, but soft enough to allow for a comfortable sleep if they should choose to lay down. All residence have heated floors to help maintain temperatures even in colder weather.

    There are several barns on the farm. All of which are located in the center of the property. As the need for more equipment and lives stock grew, so to did the need for more places to store and keep it all. Since the farms founding, several of the structures have been erected to meet these demands. All of the barns are designed as large open storage complete with lofts and stables for livestock. The barns are also where many get-togethers are held.

    The silos are the last major structures on the farm. There are seven in total each one well over 50 feet high. The Silos are used for the storage of grains and produce over the winters. They are all climate and designed to act as a long-term cold storage for many types of food.

    There are several sheds and smaller storage buildings set up across the property. All of which house an assortment of farm-related equipment. There is also a rather large greenhouse that allows them to grow vegetable crops year round.

    There are several types of food produced on Centaur Farms. Most of it is grown, however, some things are produced on site as well.

    -Wheat and Grains
    20 acres of land is designated for grains and wheat. Planting takes place in Late April and early may and by late August they are ready to Harvest, These grains and wheat are used to make many of the baked goods enjoyed on Centaur farms. The grains themselves are one of the few items not sold.

    Vegetable crops are produced year round. During the spring, summer and early fall, much of the farms produce is grown outdoors, while during the winter and late fall it is grown entirely indoors in the large greenhouse. In order to maximize production, and reduce risks crops are kept to a few varieties rather than a wide selection. These include potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, radish, cucumbers, carrots, celery, ginger, and garlic. During spring and summer, there is an additional crop of corn.

    During the summer the Centaurs are able to make use of the well cared for orchards of their lands. These fruit trees take up several acres and produce a wide variety of fruits including lemons, oranges, apples, peaches, pears plums, and cherries. The orchard doesn't just consist of fruit trees, however, as many of the farm's berry bushes grow here as well.

    The farms do keep their own livestock. This includes 10 dairy cows, with the ability to increase this number as supply demands. Additionally, any Dairy Centaurs are counted as dairy producers given the amount of milk they produce and its noted health benefits. As of the moment, there is one Dairy Centaur, but that could change at any point. The farms have become well known for the sales of fresh milk at the local farmers market, as well as other dairy goods such as butter and cheese. They do offer a select few, Centaur milk and cheese for sales at the markets.

    No farm would be complete without livestock. On centaur farms, there are a few varieties of animals kept for multitudes of purposes. No animals kept, however, will ever end up in slaughter as none of the farm's occupants eat meat, nor do they associate themselves with the sales of meat products. Livestock includes cows, horses, goats, chickens, and sheep.

    Every member of the farm works together to share the workloads. Each member does, however, have their own chores and daily tasks that they themselves are responsible for. In the event that one cannot complete their assigned duties, it is not uncommon to see another assist them. All work and life on the farm are overseen by one Centaur, The Boss.

    Alliances and Special Privileges
    For the most part, the farm operates in its own self-sufficient way. The general public is traditionally not allowed to access certain parts or even most points past the main barn. There are a few people and groups however that have been granted these priveledges.

    In ancient times Centaurs from the western European regions and werewolves from the same area in the narrow reality were mortal enemies, killing each other with extreme prejudice. In these more modern times, with the help of cultural sensitivity laws, werewolves provide a valuable service to the centaurs. Given the location of the farm in relation to the islands large forests, one can expect that there is a great deal of wildlife that causes problems for the stability of the farms. Werewolves are allowed to actively wander the grounds in safety so that they may hunt off the vermin and dangerous creatures that threaten the farm. This grants the wolves a safe place to teach their pups to hunt while keeping vermin and boar populations to a minimum for the centaurs.

    -Ayr Morncer
    Ayr has been granted the special privilege for the services he provides in regards to healing various members of the small community when needed. In exchange for his shamanic services, he is allowed to wander the grounds at his leisure and even purchase produce year-round at a considerable discount. These privileges do extend to his children if they ever wish it.

    -The Witch
    Not much is known of the witch short of that she is a Cervitaur who lives in the woods north of the farm. She comes and goes as she pleases and trades herbs, mushrooms and other medicinal ingredients for food. Many on the farm are either enchanted by her presence or despise her existence. It seems there is no middle ground.

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