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Name: Cedar lavender Leighton-Octavius
Age: 15 16
Birthday: Easter
Gender: Female
Category: Student
Class: High school
Grade: Ten eleventh

Appearance Description:


Cedar wasn't put back into her original body because she was decomposed so the body that she was bound too is kind of new to her. It stands at a impressive 5'5, and as intimidating as that doesn't sound Cedar walks with confidence. Even if she doesn't take up a lot of space each step she takes is one that she does want to take. She has green eyes, not the same yellowish green as her brothers but close enough. They're very big and doe eyes, making her look very innocent. Her lips are pouty and plump, they're rosey pink
without her having to paint them. Though she does like to emphasis them with a little bit of red just to make her lip stand out.

Her clothes are on the bold side, she dresses however she wants, mostly with form fitting skirts, fishnets, tights, leather pants, leather jackets,ripped jeans, heels. She loves big sunglasses and has piercing all up her ears. Her tongue is pierced, and so its her lips, she also has a snake bites.

She wants to get tattoos but nothing is official yet.

Personality Description:


Cedar is a very quiet person, she's the type of person that normally doesn't take up very much space. She's really does like helping people as long as she gets something out of it. She's not the type of person to say no in most situations. She's a people pleaser and will go out of her way. She doesn't really care much about herself, and that makes her incredibly reckless and slightly dangerous.

She may come off as shy but she's far from it. She likes to observe, she diligently judges who is actually worth getting to know and who she can just get information from. She doesn't like using people but she understands that they'll use her in a heartbeat so she better stay ahead. Cedar is a genius, she hides exactly how smart she is because she doesn't wanna seem to threatening. She works very hard to maintain a very weak, damsel in distress persona and she really likes it.

Cedar doesn't want power, she doesn't want all the things her brother wants but she will help him get it even if it cost her, her life. She loves working with her hands, she likes creating things that people can use and she knows how to make things that are unique and one of kind. It was one of the reason her parents wanted to send her away.


Cedar isn't a leader, but she isn't a follower. She's the type of person that will stare you in the face and tell you what you're doing wrong and watch as you fail. As much as she wants to help and be a good person, she saw how much people were using her and she got tired of it. Spending five years in her brother's tongue wasn't much help. She pretty much witnessed everything from a bystander view. It made her a bit bitter, under all the awareness the only person she truly cares about is Leander. She blames her parents and how they were so quick to make choices to for on her haste thinking. She feels ashamed that she acted to so hastily and wishes she hadn't done such a stupid thing. She has a thirst for knowledge, she has to know everything, She will know everything it's her goal.

Deep Deep Deep Deep down inside she's a nice person, she's just been hurt to much to be nice to anyone but Leander.


Knowledge magic -​
Cedars magic doesn't involve chanting, but more craftsmanship and intent. Her magic, is more Knowledge based spells than anything. She excels really well at a lot of knowledge based spells. Due to being in bound to her brothers tongue ring, she has to relearn how to use her abilities, while they're active her brother zapped her control . The only thing keeping her power from being permanently reduce drastically was the compatibility of not only their soul but their familial bond. While she did permanently lose 50% percent of her power, them being twins, and being compatible soul and magic wise prevented her from losing all of it. Even if she'll never reach her full potential, she's still a prodigy and that's good enough for her. She has two Spells, the three she could've learned were lost with her 50% percent.

Knowledge absorption spell-

Cedar is Able to absorb information from books, computers,phones by touching them or getting close and then store them either in her mind or an inanimate container ( only ones she's made). It does not harm them (, book, computer) she merely copies the information as she absorbs it, leaving the person with no memory of her ever absorbing anything. The contact has to last until all the information She is looking for is absorb or she loses all of whatever she was trying to absorb. Cedar doesn't absorb everything, she's only supposed to get the information she's specifically looking for. At the moment she tends to get way more than she needs. The time it takes to absorb information actually varies, For instance for something like a small chapter book it could take five minutes but something as thick as a really big dictionary it could take two hours.

Using this power to much can overload her brain and cause her to go insane, so Cedar can't hold all the information she absorbs in her head.. Cedar can hold more information in her mind than most humans. It would be like, if humans could hold 1 gb she'd be able to hold 1.5 before she'd have to make room for more information. She can however store them in something and then reabsorb then later. She normally uses a crystal ball as stupid as it sounds. Though this causes her to have blank spots in her memory, as sometimes she puts more than she intends to in a container, She hasn't learned how to tell the difference between information she got from someone and things she found on her own.She doesn't keep memories of the the knowledge she stores so she keeps a lost, of the things before she stores them and marks them for before containing them

Magical troubleshooting- Cedar has the to detect errors In ritual magic. When looking at a spell, since it requires things to be drawn out (I.e circle work or runes) She'll get a feeling that something is wrong. Sort of like, when you're trying to play a DVD and you put in upside down, or a it's slightly scratched and you get a no disc messages. She'll be drawn to the problem area and the problem will stand out to her more than the rest of the ritual.

Cedar is able to enchant a mirror to see people she's already met. In order for this to work she has to demand to see something knows like "I want to see, I want to know.. Show me". Before the soul binding this worked any mirror, however now it only works on mirrors she has made herself.

Cedar has made mirrors herself, the glass, frame, the ornate carvings for the frame, the Latin written all of it handmade, thought it's only a hand mirror

Biography: note: mention of suicide

Cedar is Leander twin she doesn't really care who is older, all she knows is that she always looked out for him. It was really hard growing up with leander, not because she didn't love him but maybe because she loved him too much. She could tell they had different views, he saw kindness as weakness ands he saw kindness as something that was necessary. She didn't really want to step on people to get what she wanted, she wanted to be well liked and get it that way. From early on it was apparent that she was gift, they was she could make something from nothing. She could make the best more intricate sandcastles in mere hours. Her parents wanted her to use her talents on gemstones...so she did.

Then they started school and she soak up knowledge like she soaked up every crafting trick her parents taught her. She was always the first to volunteer to help people, she wanted to help people. She wanted to make the world a better place. Even if she was young she was smart for her age and she wanted to make a change. She helped everyone, she discovered her powers around the same time that Leander discovered his. She helped him perfect his binding circles, his runes even if she had a hard time drawing them if they weren't carved into wood or metal. it was kind of a joke...they joked about it. She could always solve his problems, but she could rarely solve her own....she wasn't happy... She knew that her parents wanted send her away she hid it from Leander. It was a prestigious school, they didn't have an open spot.They would for years...hopefully.

She was taking the attendance to the office, she had heard the desk ladies talking about her and how much of a kiss up she was. She wasn't a kiss up, she was just helpful. It hurt...she heard them say how they were just glad that she was taking up the work load, the filing and errands. It saved the time of walking. It really hurt...she wanted them to feel like she felt...it was a small spark...just a tiny bit of vindictiveness. She just wanted something to make them fear her...respect her. The secretary ask her to put her blackberry on the charger and cedar accidently absorb some of her text messages. She didn't mean to but she knew about the teacher sleeping with the very married principle and used it to get on the new broadcast team even though she was a year too young.

As her brother continued to work obsessively on binding she accidentally figured out she could enchant mirrors. She was in the bathroom mirror just staring at her reflection and she was worried about her parents she very clearly said I wanna know what my parents are up to and it showed her. She was visibly shocked and the connection only worked for a few minutes but she decided to build her own mirror. Unfortunately by the time she was finished with her mirror her parents had sawed her workmanship and pushed harder for her to get in the school. She continued to keep up the facade, she even managed to get info on the all the teachers in the school. She was working on a way to tell her brother everything. She wanted to tell him that she was tired of being so nice and being used. She wanted to learn how to stop caring because she didn't like how people were just assuming that she was going along with things. She was very unhappy.

That night her parents told her she was leaving for that school in the three days if she wanted. She wanted to say no but she swallowed back her wants and said yes. She knew that she worked hard and they expected her to follow the family business. If she did that then maybe they would leave her alone, they wouldn't be able to tell her what she should do with her gift. She really didn't want to go and even though she knew what her brother was trying to do she let him.

Logically she was sure they would just send the both of them to the school and so in a rush of panic and emotions she used the knife to kill herself. Her soul got bound to her brother's tongue ring and for five years it stayed like that.

She was basically a bystander as her brother lived her life and she really didn't care. Did she wish she would've made a different choice but she didn't care. She knew that ten year old her and fifteen year old her were different people. There was so much pressure on her back then that she made the wrong choice.

Flor and Leander found a way to bring her back and she was so happy, she hug her brother and apologized for acting so hastily.

Additional Information:
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