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Mar 24, 2018
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Cazimir Volkov


April 22nd





-198cm; 6'6"
-Muscular, lean and predatory, wide shoulders and long limbs with big hands and feet. Has few bullet and slash scars on his chest, but none on his back, and most notable scars are the two on his cheeks.
-Long neck, boxy face with straight jawline and nose. High cheekbones and thin lips on a narrow mouth. Dark amber eyes with dark lashes.
-Black hair shaved short on the sides, longer on top. Often keeps the hair back with hair gel.
-Dresses mostly in business casual style, in dress shirts, either white or some dark shade, and suit pants and shiny shoes.

Seems emotionless
Tough and hard
Things don't get to him
Very stubborn
Can be charming when wants to
Doesn't brag
Steely self-discipline
Keeps his word
Loyal to those he awknowledges
Morals change according to situation
Chooses his battles wisely
Does not kill without heavy reason
Only judges based on abilities
Relatively affectionate with those he cares for

Shifting: Cazimir can shift into a large black wolf, or a wolfman that's 2.5 meters tall and a mix of human and wolf characteristics.

Bring The Pain: Cazimir has the ability to transfer the physical pain and injuries he suffers to another person if they have ingested even a drop of his blood. Transfering pain to another person removes it from Cazimir temporarily, but if he transfers injuries they won't disappear upon the transfer. Cazimir can transfer any amount of pain or an injury of any size to another, and he can willingly choose the person he transfers them to even if they are out of sight, as long as even a drop of his blood is still within their system. Cazimir can also tell the exact location of anyone who has ingested his blood, as long as they are within 3 miles of him.
-Heightened Senses: Cazimir has the senses of a wolf in all his forms.
-Strength & Speed: Cazimir can lift a ton in his human and wolf forms, and 2 tons in his wolfman form. Cazimir's top speed in human form is 55mph, in wolf form 70mph and in wolfman form 90mph.
-Regeneration: Cazimir has fast regeneration, and broken bones and medium sized wounds heal within a minute of two from affliction. Even lethal wounds can heal, if Cazimir is kept alive long enough with blood transfusion for them to heal, but Cazimir cannot survive beheading or major blood loss. He can only regenerate tissue, not blood.
Silver: Being less than few meters away from silver causes Cazimir nausea and dizzyness, and upon touch it burns him. Burns caused by silver aren't affected by Cazimir's regeneration.

Wolfbane: Wolfbane acts as a powerful poison for Cazimir, and if any gets onto his skin it causes severe rash and swelling, and if any gets in his system Cazimir will lose consciousness, and potentially die if any gets to his heart.

Full Moon: On every full moon night Cazimir is forced to go into his wolf form, and his natural instincts take control of him and he becomes a genuine wolf. When full moon is out Cazimir's bite will turn anyone he bites into a werewolf, unless they're already a werewolf.

Cazimir was born to the Volkov family and werewolf pack in Russia, to the brother of their current alpha. He was the oldest son and one of the first children born to the current generation leading the Volkovs. From the start Cazimir was, without exception, molded to take a leading position in the mafia. He was taught everything about how the illegal businesses operated and how a mafia was run, and though Cazimir in his youth tried rebelling against the practices he then saw as wrong he was time after time dragged back. And at the age of 19 Cazimir finally accepted his fate and stopped trying to fight against his father and uncle.

Cazimir, along with mafia practices, learned multiple different languages, martial arts, stradegy and even torture, because of his ability. Cazimir quickly earned a name within the mob for his tactical skills, good head for power politics and slyness, and in the shadows they whispered how the man could drag any information from anyone with pain. Cazimir was very much aware of this reputation, and if he hadn't been a humble individual he would've gloated for all its worth. But all this would change when Cazimir turned 25, and his father was revealed to have been planning to murder Cazimir's uncle and current alpha. Cazimir was shocked by this, and even more so when he found out the next person he was go torture was his very own father. And Cazimir did, or at least began to, but he stopped in the middle and refused to torture his father any longer. For this betrayal Cazimir was he himself tortured, then demoted and cast into the rank of a common thug. And his father was, of course, killed.

Cazimir, tirelessly, fought his way through ranks and became a whole new man on the way as he faced what he hadn't faced before, truly saw the ugly side of the business he had thought as even glamorous before. But now Cazimir received bullets and wounds and it was all for "The Alpha".
Deep within his Cazimir felt bitter and started hating the man that had killed his father. Cazimir rose in the ranks, pretending loyalty, just so he could one day get revenge.
But Cazimir didn't hate his whole family, just the alpha, and he quite liked his cousins and siblings and mother. But his corrupted aunt and uncle he was vary of, and their spouses.

Once Cazimir's cousin Rada, the oldest daughter of the alpha and an omega, caused a ruckus and she was sent along with her younger brother Malakias to Manta Carlos in order to establish a new branch of the mafia Cazimir was sent along as an advisor for the young future alpha Malakias. Now Cazimir lives on the island, in a large mansion that was purchased by the mafia, and he works as an accountant and financial advisor for the restaurant and as a mentor and advisor for Malakias regarding the mafia business.

Lives in a large mansion, is supported by the mafia and salary he receives from the restaurant
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