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Canon ICC Mini-Announcement

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    Canon ICC Mini-Announcement
    We can tell some people are excited!


    If you haven't seen it already, this post summarizes the survey results, including how we'll be moving forward with canon ICC. The staff team have been hard at work hammering out details for how we're going to implement this.


    Ahead of these changes, we're updating the ICC rules for both versions of the ICC. In general terms, the rules haven't changed, although some have been clarified or reworded. All the rules that applied to the non-canon ICC will still apply to the non-canon ICC.

    The canon ICC has several rules adjusted. Beyond establishing that this is a canon ICC, there are several new rules or changes to rules:
    • The Canon ICC has a specific setting, which players can come and go from.​
    • In order to ensure there's less confusion and more accuracy, players are required to fill out a mini-profile before RPing in the canon ICC. This will be linked in the email / url field, and will allow other players to quickly get a feel for other characters while RPing with them.​
    • The canon ICC allows more leeway, both for your character choosing to ignore another character (ignore the character, not the player. Acknowledge in your characters actions that they're purposefully ignoring them), and for plots becoming more serious or tense. While fights and crime are permitted, the setting is heavily policed ICC. A character attacking another will not be met by mods stepping in, but instead by police (either characters or NPCs) stepping in, and characters will face consequences for their actions.​
    • The canon ICC has more clearly defined rules for when you need to retract something you said by accident, or when you want to retcon something larger.​
    You can find the rules here. Please read them over carefully.


    As mentioned above, mini-profiles have been adapted from the VR Simulator events for everyday use. These profiles should be around 150-250 words, allowing for easy reading while actively ICCing. They outline the most important visible traits of your character, their powers, and what other characters would know about them.

    Mini-profiles are mandatory for the canon ICC, and must be linked in the email / url field. Players are encouraged to spend the weekend making mini-profiles for whatever characters they plan to throw into the ICC. Mini-profiles should be posted in your own application, as the third post (beneath the standard application and mod acceptance post).

    The mini-profile format can be found here, and you're free to start posting them now!


    The setting for the canon ICC is the brand new Manta Carlos Community Center, located in Oceania Park! The MCCC is open to all occupants of Manta Carlos Island, whether new or old, and offers a variety of amenities.

    While the first floor of the MCCC is the setting for the ICC, the community center as a whole is also open to be threaded in within its new subforum. The setting has been clearly detailed in order to help avoid confusion, and you can find the full description here.

    Grand Opening

    To celebrate the grand opening of the MCCC, the Manta Carlos Government is throwing a party! The community center will be opening on the 11th, with the launch party officially running from the 11th to the 13th. After this point, the ICC will continue to be canon, allowing people to RP there freely in the future.

    You can find the full details of this ICC event here, and we hope to see you all there!​
  2. Polaris

    For official threads only. Do not PM.
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    May 30, 2014
    Grand Opening Launch Time

    Because we expect to see a lot of people hopping in on launch day, we've slightly adjusted the time of the grand opening. It'll be launching at 9AM PST. That's noon EST, for those on the east coast.

    ICC Chat Log Forum

    If you're hoping to keep track of your adventures in the ICC for later referencing, we're made things a bit easier! We now have an ICC Log Forum, where players can record their exploits, whether that be explicitly logging everything, or just summarizing what happened.​

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