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Name: Candle
Age: Immeasurable
Birthday: None
Gender: None
Species: Salamander (fire elemental)
Category: Citizen

Appearance Description:
Servant Form:
A glowing humanoid being wreathed in flame and pulsating plasma with only a dainty look maid outfit containing their fiery energies. Though they lacking a gender, many tend to assume Candle having “feminine” qualities. These assumptions often stem from their curvy hourglass body, thick thighs and budging bust leaves much to be assumed. Her head is an inferno “hair” with twin ponytails erupting from the side of her head while her eyes glow like molten metal.
Female version of Dormammu from Marvel Comics, Art by ももゆき

True From:
Upon reverting to their true from, they take on the appearance of great flaming serpent nearly 250 feet with many stubby legs along its length. Its flesh is made of purest fire collected into boiling soup of plasma that is barley contained by pieces of scaly basalt and decorative bronze plates that line along its body. Its teeth and claws are but spearheads of bronze and their eyes and maw glow with the intensity of the sun!

Personality Description:
Forced into centuries of domestic servitude, they act as dutifully and courteous as expected of any servant. Though one may mistake that they take delight in their position, those with keener senses may pick up on its politeness is but forced performance and not reflection of natural friendliness.

Expresses obvious disdain for their servitude and harbor a quite hatred for not only her masters she serves. She even holds content for most of the denizen of the material plane for it was their kind that made it a slave to mortal whims. If it was in its power to do so it would see to it that all the world burned to ash.

A powerful elemental such as itself dislikes the idea of itself under the command of others and even though bound, it cheekily finds ways to express its independence from time to time. Often its little things like “misinterpreting” a command or speaking out of line. Just enough so remind their master’s that one misspoken word or ill-conceived order is all it takes for them alas get their revenge.

Active Abilities:
Flame Manipulation:
To a Salamander, fire is as much an extension of itself as cane is to blind man. Though its powers diminished greatly from being in the mortal plane for so long, they still boast of great mastery over any blaze in view of them so long as the fire as its within 360 feet (about the length of one American football field) of them. Any fires, natural or magical, within sight of this elemental it can control, even those flames cast by other lesser beings may fall under its power and redirected against others!

Fire Genesis:
Can draw from the elemental plane of fire to create and project magical flames within 15 feet of itself. These can range from streams of fire like flamethrower, wall of fire or lobbing balls of fire as if though baseballs. It may even create crude objects composed entirely of fire much like a fiery hologram of sorts. While they burn with the same intensity as any fire, they are quick to dissipate and smother the moment the fire is outside of their 15 foot range or is dismissed.

Primal Form:
Once per day, Candle can take on the its true form as great flaming salamander of extraordinary proportions. In this form they boast of great strength, being able claw through steel, crush a car in its maw and shatter concrete with its constricting mass. In this form it can project streams of fire from its maw up to 360 feet (about the length of an American football field) that is hot enough to turn stone into molten slag. This form however is tasking on Candle and can only maintain it for 10 minutes before having to revert to its humanoid form due to Candle away from its native plane of existence. Even in this powerful form, it still maintains its same weaknesses as before and is still bound by the rules it unwittingly agreed to when entering this plane meaning that a lot of potential damaged would largely be mitigated. May only manifest this form only in an open space that can accommodate their size, meaning that they are unable to transform in most indoor environments.

Fire Eater:
Feasts on natural and magical flames, its mouth like vacuum that can slurp up the largest of blazes in but a single gulp. So long as her mouth is is touching the fire she is able to consume the contiguous flame.

Hot to the Touch:
The salamander’s “skin” is warm on its surface but if one was to reach further into the fire elemental the temperatures will quickly reach to those found in foundries melting metal. Thus it is unwise for leave one’s fingers once inside of it for any more than a few seconds. While salamanders could temporarily lower their internal to more “manageable” temperatures if they so desired, Candle rarely does (unless ordered).

Magical Maid Outfit:
A formal if… suggestive outfit infused with magical properties. Not only is the cloth as durable able as Kevlar and able to withstand her intense heat, they also serve as the energy being means of directly interacting with physical environment would otherwise be rendered difficult due to her incorporeal nature as creature composed of fire.

Passive Abilities:
Alchemical Heart:
Primal elementals such as Candle are ageless and immortal creatures that can never be truly destroyed. Under normal circumstances elementals would be banished back to their plane of origin. IN the case of Candle however, forces that bind it to this world differ due to the intervention of clever magister invented a device that could bind powerful elemental spirits permanently to the material plane dudded a “Alchemical Heart”. These Alchemical Hearts trap the elemental to this plane and thus if the elemental become destabilized for any reason, its entirety would become stored within the heart temporarily before later remerging a few days later.

Flame Aspect:
As fire elemental, this Salamander’s is unharmed by the lick of flame nor affected by extreme heat.

Its radiating nature means that the Salamander glows with the illumination and heat medium bonfire at all times. While the heat can be a bit intense, its never quite hot enough to cause someone or something to spontaneously combust.

Being of Energy:
Made almost entirely of concentrated plasma means that this being largely unaffected non-magical or non-energy based attacks. Such objects which would otherwise go through the salamander as if it were a ghost. Only its magical clothing and its “alchemical” heart resting within its chest area are vulnerable to physical blows.

Hibernation State:
Elder elementals can’t be destroyed but should it become destabilized while on the material plane they would normally be sent to their respective planes of existance. In Candle’s case they would become trapped inside of the alchemical heart until either they recover their strength to reemerge or until conditions allow it to reemerge. As Candle’s “alchemical heart” finicky and sensitive in nature, any sort of disruption to it such as blow from sword or a strike from bullet would cause Candle great pain. While these devices are extremely difficult (perhaps even impossible) to destroy, if enough constant blows are ensured it will force Candle into state of hibernation.

Heat Lover:
While capable of surviving temperature extremes, temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit leaves her weak. As its strength is halved and her moments slow to a shuffle, it is unable to project any sort of flame while her own bright glow dims to but smoldering ember.

Water/Ice Weakness:
The classical antithesis of fire, water is effective agent against Candle! Weather effects like rain or snow will her weak and her fire dim much like when temperatures fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (see “Heat Lover” above). Water splashed onto it inflicts great pain and if enough water is used it may be forced to enter into hibernation state. As ice is but frozen water, its effects on Candle are similar.

Swimming Hazard:
Obviously is unable to swim and if submerged underwater it will be forced into its hibernation state until its alchemical heart is removed from the water. This swimming hazard also applies for any other non-flammable liquids like liquid nitrogen.

Oxygen Dependent:
Though a living entity of fire, like all fires it needs oxygen to breath. Thus, any method utilized to smother a large fire (foam, dirt, a really big blanket) will be just as effective on Candle. As it burns through a lot of oxygen by just existing, it can suffocate not only itself but other due to oxygen depletion if locked in small room with no form of ventilation.

Forced into the material plane against its will and forced to serve those whom it calls master, this once proud fiery spirit is now forced to obey all commands of its master so long as not in conflict the rules of its Mandated Services (see “Mandate of Services below”). Candle cannot be dismissed from their servitude by their master but can be transferred to another master, should their current master approves it. Should their current master suffer an untimely and permanent demise them they will seek out a new master, often trying to solicit their services to the closest sapient being around. Even when they are without a master they are still bound by the rules within their "Mandate of Service" (see below) though during this time only rules 1 and 2 would be applicable to them.

Mandate of Service

1) It is not allowed to harm mortals, except in defense of its master

2) It cannot cause any damage to private property unless given permission by the property owner

3) Must ensure the safety of its master at all cost.

4) It must obey any order by its master unless its in conflict with mandates listed above.

Interestingly, these rules don’t exactly prevent her from casting fire all over the place or striking a mortal. Her fire will instead never burn any mortal person nor ignite property belonging to a private individual as Candle’s magical nature prevents such damage from being incurred. Even if her insides are furnace, a mortal man or woman would feel a tolerable heat within the fire and plasma within. Even within its primal form, if Candle was to breath an inferno on normal human child the child would be unharmed though the rock around them would have semi-melted. While mortals are relatively safe around Candle should they incur their wrath, it does enjoy reminding the first mandate applies to just “mortals” and not “everyone”.

Common Magical Items:
Human Shape Charm:
While wearing this charm, the character appears human. They lose access to any abilities they had as a result of any non-human physical characteristics of their original body. For example, a character who uses wings to fly will be unable to fly while using a human shape charm. Characters wearing this charm always have a single set human form, which resembles their non-human form.

Far ancient than man, more primeval than the first raindrop, even before the concept of dirt or dust; there was fire! Existing even before time, the salamanders remember neither beginning nor end for they, and other primal elementals, existed within their elemental planes. Unimaginably powerful and without age, these early beings were aloof to own devices. Even with “big bang” and the creation of the material plane was but a passing curiosity to these beings whom thought nothing of the event as one an insect fluttering by before continuing on with the day. Only minority of their kind saw past a strange, cold existence and grew curious of its inhabitants and opportunities. One such salamander, amusingly only want to flex its superior on those it considers its inferior, engaged what it thought but another pact by some mage or whatnaught. Such contracts became routine to this particular salamander but unknown to it the summoner had far grander ambitions than just merely extending an invitation to the material world.

In 14th century Europe, ancient and secretive societies studied into forces that where otherwised shunned by both the church and public as "heretical". One such order was the Hermetic Socitiy of the Occult, an organization so devoted to knowledge that its members are willing explore what many considered at the time taboo. Their Grandmaster, a genius of madman by the name of Hermann Grostman, intended do what many of his secretive peers thought impossible: the subjection of the most powerful elementals and bind them in his service. A brilliance outmatched only by insane ambitions, Hermann worked over many decades to curry favor with the most powerful of elementals and design a device to imprison even these mighty spirits: the Achemical Heart. So, when he was at last able to summon the salamander, he sprung his trap and trapped the primordial being’s essence within the device. The salamander bellowed in rage at the man’s deceit, unused to be outsmarted nor outplayed by mortal and now found itself prisoner to the material plan. Gleefully turned the salamander into his “pet” and began to mockingly refer to it “Candle” as if to insult the powerful spirit now forced to do its bidding.

Having mastered the technique with Candle, they were soon by three other equally powerful elementals. And much like Candle, they where given equally childish names: Puff, Raindrop, and Pebble. Each of them to their enslavement to varying degrees though Candle remained unruly against their master. The elementals bide their time, waiting for Hermann to expire as all mortals would and return to their planes once more as they would be free of contracts. When the old man finally did kick the bucket, the four instead of rejoicing were horrified that somehow, they still remain on the material plane. It was only then they realized devices implanted into them continue keep them bound were seemingly impervious to damage and impossible to break. So long as these alchemical hearts continue to operate, they were forever bound to the earth.

Even after the death of Herman, they were unable to escape their servitude as they were gifted away to other alchemist or magicians of sorts to whom became their new masters. Soon those masters died and new masters were to inherent them. What was once a set of four become divided over time as power hungry men and women of science and magic were eager to divine Grostman’s secrets but none would ever successfully replicate that old fart’s success. As years, then decades, then centuries flew by as some droll blur Candle was then transferred to a young conjurer, Sylvester Notts, whom was but a student at Starlight Academy as gift from some distant relative. Originally thinking as a fire golem of sorts he took Candle in as his assistant. But when young Sylvester learned that Candle was in fact sapient, realized the gravity of his situation as he was effectively keeping the elemental as his "slave". Fearing criminal persecution, he is currently trying to find Candle a new master, trying to pass them off as but but a mindless servant so that the Salamander (and its legal issues) becomes someone else's problem. As Candle continued to remain his custody, the young lad grew… uneasy with having a somewhat antagonistic fire maid just standing around in his apartment flat, he occasionally orders them to "go out and mingle with someone" while he desperately sought out someone whom would take the Salamander off of his hands.

Luckily for Sylvester, an human witch going by the name "Monday" expressed interest in Candle as an employee at his quite antique store after a chance encounter with them. With only a little persuasion, Sylvester Notts agreed to transfer Candle to the care of Monday at no additional expense. Candle is now an employee at Monday's store and assists him with whatever his needs might be. Though content with their current accommodations, Candle is struggling with living a life beyond following orders and is unsure of how to best use their newfound freedoms.

Having little when it comes to material wealth, really only calling the clothes on their back as their only possessions. Otherwise their resources are those shared by their master which is currently Monday (played by Zora) whom owns an antique shop. For the time being they live with Monday just above the floor shop of the antique store.

Additional Information:
Due to their servitude putting them in proximity to being to some of the greatest human minds of the ages, Candle has extensive knowledge in the fields of science, magic, and alchemy.
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Name: Candle
Apparent Age: Looks to 25 to 35 years old
Gender: None (usually assumed female)
Species: Salamander (Fire Elemental)
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Build: Curvy

Female version of Dormammu from Marvel Comics, Art by ももゆき

Notable Features: Always on fire and always wearing a maid outfit.

Physical Quirks: Very formal in their mannerisms. While their voice is deep womanly voice sounds somewhat crackly, like a fire.

Abilities Summary: Able to create and manipulate fire. Their very presence illuminates the area around her and the heat that they emit is akin to medium sized bonfire. Most physical objects would go through Candle's body as if though they were a ghost.

Reputation: They appear to be fire elemental of sorts, an old and powerful in fact. Those whom know Gabriel Rademaker, better known as "Monday", or frequent his antique store would know of Candle as his employee/roommate.

Misc Information: Often has that "I am annoyed with the whole world" look on their face.
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