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Camille Abel

19, 20

December 31st







College Major:
Interior design

-183cm; 6'0"
-Slim, longs legs and arms, wide shoulders, hips are on the wider side. Pale, right leg ends at the knee, has a prosthetic.
-Looks androgynous, is quite beautiful. Wide mouth with full lips, pointed ears, sharp canines. Turquoise eyes with a narrow, almost white pupil.
-Pale violet hair, that reaches shoulders, usually keeps free, occasionally braids or keeps it in a small ponytail.
-Dresses in all latest styles, usually in a casual formal style. Prefers dress shirts and ties with vests, or sweaters or blazers. Likes to wear tall boots with heels, favourite colour is red.

Cam has a charming and charismatic kind of disposition. He has a way with people and is easily approachable and likable. When he flatters a person he also means it. Cam is quite good at reading the mood and people so he'll know when delicacy is necessary.
Cam is practical and organized and likes it when everything is in order. He gets stressed over details but surprisingly is the calmest midst a grand chaos. It's easier for him to be the rock for others to lean on in their time of need. But Cam is pretty bad at leaning onto others and wants to do everything by himself.
Cam can get a bit flirty with people but he is good at masking it as simply being nice or thoughtful.
Cam appreciates aesthetics and beautiful things, and he has an eye for them. If he wasn't a model he'd probably be an interior designer. He can see where everything would look the best, with surroundings and people. This is why he sometimes cannot stop himself from straightening a tie or adjusting a collar, or at least pointing it out. Even if he doesn't know the person.
Cam gets pretty heated about things he cares about and is quite protective of his loved ones. He is good with words and arguments but doesn't do burns, just facts. And those facts will hurt worse than the baddest burn.
Cam tries to live every day like it's his last, which is a remnant from the months he had cancer. Cam is fearless, curious and confident and likes trying new things out of impulse. Cam does know how to set boundaries and avoids doing drugs, other illegal substances or anything illegal in general. But sometimes his judgement is clouded by a chance for a new adventure.
Cam doesn't like other people trying to push him around or tell him what to do. He doesn't have a problem with authority but if someone he doesn't respect or like tries to order him without having a good reason Cam shows them the good ol' middle finger.

Fae Form: Cam has a fae form that he can can shift in and out of this form willingly. In this form Cam is a slender, slightly humanoid pale violet fox about the size of a lion, and he can speak human language. In this form Cam's paws are more humanoid than with a normal fox, and he can hold objects but not do any tasks that require finger dexterity. Cam can also stand on his back legs and take some steps, but again he cannot do anything that requires dexterity or good balance.

Telekinesis: In both fae and human form Cam can use telekinesis and lift objects that weigh less than 70kg with his mind. Cam has to see the thing he's lifting and it has to be within 6 meters of him.
Whenever Cam uses telekinesis his eyes start to glow.

Flight: Cam can fly in both human and fae form.

Aura Sight: Camille is able to see people's auras as a kind of coloured mist, that floats around the person. From this aura Cam can read person's temperament, motives, personality, mental and physical state and current emotions according to the colours and hues in it. By eye Cam can guess and estimate, but if he touches a person or holds his hands close to them and concentrates he can feel distinctively feel all the things the different colours in the aura suggest.
Longevity: Cam will live for a long time, at most for 2000 years, and he is unable to die from sickness. Cam also knows the accurate day of his natural death.

-Ageless: Cam will stop aging in his mid-twenties and will remain like that until his dying day.
-Strength & Speed: Cam is about twice as strong as a professional athlete, and his top speed in human form is 35mph and 50mph in fae form.
-Heightened Senses: Cam has heightened senses that are on par with those of a wolf.
-Animal Speech: Cam can understand all animals, and his speech can be understood by all animals.
Iron: Cam is burned by iron, and being closer than one meter from it causes him discomfort. If Cam touches iron for longer than 10 seconds he will receive second degree burns, and the burns heal twice as slowly.

No Lies: Cam cannot tell a direct lie, and if he tries he simply loses his voice and cannot say anything.

Urban Environment: If Cam spends too much time, over 12 consecutive hours, in an urban environment with no plantation that covers at least 100 square meters he will start getting weaker. If Cam spends more than 24 hours in such an environment he will lose consciousness, and after 48 hours he goes into coma. Cam must spend at least an hour for every 12 hours in nature so he doesn't get weaker.

Cam was born, along with his younger twin brother Morgan, to a pair of surgeons in France. The couple already had a 4-year-old son. Cam lived in France until he was 6 and then they moved to US.
Where as his twin brother was intelligent Cam was beautiful, outside and mostly inside. He was not in any case perfect, stupid or vain. But he happened to be average, if not slightly above, intelligence and whenever the brothers were compared Camille was the pretty one and Morgan the smart one. The brothers got along well and were each other's best friend.
But when Cam was 8 he came down with a case of bone cancer on his right leg. The situation worsened and in the end it was decided that Cam's right leg would be amputated. This greatly rocked the young boy's life, and though his whole family was behind him it was shocking to lose a leg at the age of 9. Rehabilitation and getting used to the prosthetic leg were a struggle, but Cam was able to fight through it with his guts and his family's support.
The next three years were peaceful but at the age of 11, just when Cam had completely adjusted to living with a prosthetic leg, Cam's cancer came back. This time it was even worse than before and had spread all over his body. Cam was told he didn't have long to live. He had to stop working as a child model, a job he greatly enjoyed, and was contained inside a hospital room.
This nearly crushed Cam's spirit and for many months the boy struggled to find meaning in living. If he was going to die anyway, what was the point. But Cam found reason in living through his family and friends. Cam decided, that if he was going to die then he should at least make the time he had count.
But then a miracle happened. One day Cam's cancer was just gone. It truly was a complete miracle and all medical experts, including Cam's parents, were baffled. But Cam honestly didn't give a damn. He had escaped death, and there was no more exhilarating feeling. Cam felt like he could do anything, and he adopted that mindset for the rest of his life.
After beating his cancer Cam threw himself in improving his modeling skills and he noticed his brother also buried himself in his studies. Cam tried his best to make his brother take a break from time to time, with differing results.
Cam was late in his studies at school, since he had had to stay behind a year due to cancer treatments. But in his modeling job Cam thrived. He became really popular fast and Cam, who was originally from a wealthy family, had several accounts for his own earnings.
Unfortunately, when his brother Morgan moved away to go to a prestigious private college, Cam caught the eye of a fae. This particular fae had interested in beautiful yet flawed humans. Cam, who was short a leg yet strong and beautiful and a model at that , was the perfect specimen for them.
The fae pretended to be Cam's fan and slowly made their way into his life. Cam eventually started trusting the fae, and thought of them as a friend. And few weeks before Cam's 19th birthday, in his apartment, the fae revealed their true colours. They were interested in seeing Cam in a fae form and so they turned him into one.
The fae gave Cam for his troubles a longer lifespan, the ability to shift and some handy little skills in his fae form. Then they went back to Underhill, leaving Cam with a set of confusing new abilties.
Naturally Cam was pissed and wanted to find the asshole to make them undo whatever they did. But when Cam investigated the fae it was as if they had never existed.
Cam was able to live normally for a few months, barely avoiding people seeing the random shifts that happened. But then one night Cam was on his way home and accidentally shifted. There weren't many people around, but there were enough. Some people saw him shift, and disappear into the bushes.
When the scouts came to take him to Manta Carlos he first refused. Why should he change his life drastically just because some fae had wanted to play with him? But when the academy explained the situation thoroughly to Cam he gave in and agreed to move to Manta Carlos. He resigned from his modeling agency and rented an apartment at the island. To his parents Cam told he'd go to a private college, like his brother did.
Cam had already finished his high school studies upon arriving on the island, and after spending several months there he enrolled into the college to study interior design.

Lives in a rented apartment
Has a lot of money saved from his modeling career

Twin brother of Morgan Abel
Has slight French accent
Boyfriend of Kaliyan Saetai
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Name: Camille Abel
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Gender: Male
Species: Fae Touched Human
Height: 5'10"
Build: As a human androgynous, slender, thin; As a fae just a big fox with long legs

Notable Features:
As a human:
-Gender hard to tell, pretty androgynous face
-Has no right leg knee down, uses a prosthetic
-Pale violet shoulder length hair
-Turquoise eyes
As a fae:
-No right back leg
-Pale violet fur
-Fluffy, long mane and tail
-Turquoise almond eyes

Physical Quirks:
-Limps a bit due to his prosthetic leg
-Has a slight french accent

Abilities Summary:
-Long lifespan
-Has a fae form
-Can use telekinesis
-Can see auras
-Can fly
-Is decently strong and fast
-Has heightened senses
-Can talk to animals and animals can talk to him

Reputation: Well-known around his college department, is very social and sunny and tries to talk to all his schoolmates at least a bit. Some well-informed people might know him as a model from Narrow Reality, is surrounded by some controversy and scandals as a model

Misc Information:
-Morgan Abel's twin brother
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