Burning Memories--for Science


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Dec 17, 2017
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Chemistry sucked.

Gemma Castor actually liked chemistry--it was one of her most favorite subjects. Playing with all the variables and adding things to other things to watch the tiny booms and the color of the sparks that flew--it made her feel a little more like a real witch. But relational chemistry? Barf. The last time she thought she had great chemistry with someone, they treated her like a pile of garbage and then bailed.

And now she was burning their pictures.

Under the guise that she was doing some extra studying for the first big test of the new school year, Gemma sat in one of the school's few empty chemistry labs with a pair of goggles, some disposable rubber gloves, forceps, and a collection of notes and pictures of her once-friend Shiro scattered across the table. The star of the show? A lit Bunsen burner that she'd hooked up and turned on high.

Gemma thought she'd picked a good time and place to play with fire, so what she didn't expect was someone to interrupt as she held another picture over the flames.

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