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PixelatedGlory Brigitta Gnòthaire

Discussion in 'Character Applications' started by Pallas, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Pallas

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    #1 Pallas, Aug 10, 2019
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    Name: Brigitta Gnòthaire

    Age: 352 years old

    Birthday: April 13th, 1646 (cursed 1680)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Cursed Human (Merfolk)

    Category: Citizen

    Career: Taker of Souls

    Appearance Description:


    A menagerie of sea life attached to a women’s corpse and left to fester into something monstrous. Flesh host to barnacle and bivalve on that once fair skin. What little remains of that freckled epidermis now marred by grisly scars and corals erupting at the seams. Along the extremities of her arms her rampant mutation worsens, the skin flaking off to become scaly gray rot. Numerous unnatural growths on her body take hold such as a crab replacing her entire right hand.

    The sea was unkind to poor Briggita as it made mockery to her once pretty face. Scars criss-cross from chin to hairline. Fish hooks pierce though her nostrils as they do her lips. Adhered to her right cheek a purple starfish that hides a gaping hole directly to her mouth. Her crescent nose is bent to the left and her thin lips cracked and scabbed. What was once pearly teeth now yellowed and filed to sharpened, spear-tipped points. Upon her head sits perched a crimson devilfish, its squirming tendrils emulating what was once gingerly locks of hair. The Dublin green of her eyes remain the only visage left of what this woman was before.

    For all of the Briggita’s hideous proportions, none ghastlier as what lies below her torso. Where there should be legs is instead a white shark of great proportions, its powerful jaws forever locked around the woman’s waist. Its skin mutilated by scars, parasites, and rusted hooks just as its unwitting host. Of all the features stitched into this abomination, none more prominent than the spindly legs of large crustacean poking forth and the head of giant squid bursting from its underbelly. Wrapped around the length of its body is a rusty chain dug deep into the skin with a heavy anchor shackled upon its final link; a heavy and painful burden that carries the weight of her sins.

    Personality Description:

    Her boldness compels her to seek out danger with little concern for her own well-being, or other's well being for that matter.

    This uncouth, barbarous woman has no sense of decency nor tact. Running her mouth afoul vulgarities and obscene gestures that have no place in public discourse.

    Bellowing laughter, chanting limericks and brandishing her tall tales; such jovial displays invites vigor as she raises the spirits amidst her revelries.

    Weary of the world, the bottle has become one of her few comforts in this mockery of existence.

    Hard and as heartless as the sea, whatever empathy this foul hag once has for others has long since eroded to plain indifference.

    Malice born of languor and spite, this twisted fiend gleefully enjoys inflicting pain and suffering just because she is capable of doing so.

    Gravitates to folk music, particualy Celtic folk music, sea shanties, and limericks. A gifted herself minstrel, Briggita greatly appropriates those able to play her taste in music. Tends to hold the more "contempory" music with contempt.

    Behind her jolly laughter and a beguiling smile, there is sadness behind this women’s green eyes. Eyes that have seen too much… the spark of life gone and living on in hollow existence. For her there is no more joy to be had for all that she ever loved in bleak world was taken from her long ago.​

    Active Abilities:

    Black Lantern
    Bestowed upon Briggita by the Deep King itself, those whom die within the vicinity of the sea dog (about 10 feet or 3.3 meters) while out to sea with no land coastline in sight (3.1 miles or 5 kilometers away from shore). Their souls contained by cursed planes of glass and metal until delivered to the Deep King far below the ocean.

    On land one can sigh with relief as the lanturn as harmless as any normal lighting instrument. Yet the very sight of this lantern fills mortals with a sense of dread and unease. Those whom look into the trapped souls for too long and one may hear the lamentations of the poor souls trapped within. But to release these souls is an impossible task as the lantern itself is indestructible nearly all known physical and magical means of annihilation.

    Abyssal Arsenal
    Reaching to these eerie and ghostly lime-green portals, Briggita can reach into her personal treasure trove… or unholster ancient and terrible weapons. These items are bound to Briggita and she may summon them at any time so long as they stored within her personal grotto laying in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. Should she wish to expand her collection, she would must first bring whatever new objects to the physical location of her hidden grotto first before she will be able to summon these items in the future.

    It’s important to note that while she can summon and dismiss these summoned objects at will, the moment she lets go of her object it dissipates and return to its place in her grotto. Because of this fact, when gifting or trading her treasures she must verbally announce that she is relinquishing the object to which its bond to her is severed and will not teleport back into her grotto upon the transaction. This also leads to the amusing quirk in which she has to announce herself “gifting” musket balls when firing her summoned firearms which would otherwise send the ball of lead back into her grotto the moment it left the muzzle of the gun.

    Gun Carriages
    Old carriages meant to carry field artillery into battle, now given new purpose as a makeshift wheelchair so that this horror of the seas may carry itself onto land.

    Golden doubloons, silvered trinkets, and sparkling gemstones… any manner of riches and priceless artifacts lost to sea have come to be part of her ever-growing horde.

    Musical Ensemble
    Instruments played under a new tune, over the centuries she passed time honing her craft with salvaged instruments from all trades. Within her collection include violin, lute, lyre, piano, mandolin, tabor, bodhran, accordion and the flute.

    Boast of an extensive collection of booze of dubious "drinkibility". Vintages lost to sea throughout the various ages from the four corners of the earth have some way or another ended up in her vast repository.

    Has a sizable collection of rusted swords, many of which collected from fallen naval officers from all the great nations of the world.

    Grappling Hook
    Ghoulish hooks of iron attached to soggy hemp rope used for boarding, scaling walls, or sinking into flesh.

    Flintlock Pistols
    Simple flintlock pistols that fire heavy 0.50 caliber bullets. With 12 in stock and preloaded, she can fire each within 5 seconds of each other. The process of reloading each pistol takes about 15 to 20 seconds. These weapons are prone to misfire or malfunction about 33% of the time.

    A bronze breech loading swivel gun so called for its killing prowess. This small cannon works effectively like an oversized shotgun, spewing forth a cone of lead and death from its muzzle. Its construction allows Briggita to reload every 25 seconds in ideal circumstances yet is prone to misfire about 50% of the time.

    24 Pounder
    A true naval cannon ripped from a sunken warship, weapon lays as the most powerful gunpowder weapon in Briggita's arsenal. With a weight of 4000 pounds, Briggita is only just barely able to lift this massive gun by her own power and often finds it easier to place it onto a summoned gun carriage while firing from the land. Given the difficulties of reloading a cannon by oneself means that it would take several minutes for her to load and aim it. The only munitions she has avabable to use are solid cannon shot and the cannon has habit of misfiring 16.5% of the time.

    Passive Abilities:

    Should Briggita ever perish, she will reform within the dark abyss of the ocean after a about a week as the dark god grants no rest nor respite for the wicked.

    Sea Blighted
    Briggita's strange physiology means damaging her organs or bleeding her out (which while hurt) will not cause her demise. Only dismemberment is effective on Briggita detached body parts melt into a slurry of brine and congealed oceanic biomass. While capable of surviving decapitation, detaching her from the neck means her body will melt away but her head will remain snarling and biting! Thus smashing the head into bits is the only way to shut her up and destroy this monstrosity… for a time.

    Mutable Reconstruction
    When fully immersed in saltwater, Briggita can regenerate from any injury within 24 hours. This regenerative ability however is imperfect, often leaving behind rugged scars and scabs of oceanic biomass.

    A creature of unnatural strength, able to lift entire a 24-pounder cannon by themselves. Yet her strength is not without measure, for these 2 tone hulks of metal represent the upper limits of her brawn.

    Able to breath underwater like fish and capable of reaching speeds up 60 knots (70 mph or 110 mph).

    Extra Appendages
    Squirming tentacles on her head and belly are flexible and able to hold fast with powerful suction cups. Spidery crab legs bursting from her back in the meanwhile can lash forth like sharpened spear tips while the oversize claw can crush the most hardened of steels in its vice-like grip. Most inconspicuous is green moray eel the peeking forth from gash under Briggita’s armpit. The slimy, snake-like creature has made its home within the cavity of her chest and at times acts as third arm with jaws full of needle-like teeth.

    Those whom peer in search of a soul will find only an empty vessel. Is neither considered among the living nor the dead but something in-between.

    Soul Seeker
    While in saltwater, a lonesome soul in the ocean will draw Briggita up to 20 miles in hopes of reaping.


    Dulled Senses
    Briggita's ability of perception along the lines of an elderly human. Thus she has trouble with reading or making details up close with her eyes while her ears have some trouble making out conversations. Her sense of taste has lost much of its sensitivity and finds difficulty in making out all but the strongest of odors.

    Ocean Lubber

    Malformed and unweildy, Briggita's girth and aquatic nature makes her forays onto land a difficult task. Using an old gun carriage, she hauls her 18 foot long shark body onto land heavy anchor makes her slow and unable to crawl far without use of her "wheelchair".

    Adapted for water but clumsy on land. While using a gun carriage as wheelchair allows to her to be more maneuverable, she can only roll herself around at the speed of human walking at brisk pace and its wide dimensions means she has trouble navigating indoors or narrow spaces.

    Eldritch Touched
    The powers that changed her are eldritch in nature and thus more susceptible to their powers and influences.

    Edge of Madness
    This unsound mind makes her more susceptible to mental attacks or suggestions, to the point that one can easily influence her mind to either rile or pacify this beastly woman.

    Cursed Form
    Due to the effects of the Deep King’s “blessing”, Briggita is unable hide her hideousness from the world. Charms and illusions that alter the glory that is the Deep King’s herald have no effect on Briggita.​

    Common Magical Items:



    Life was not always so cruel to Briggita. She was once young lass whom on her wedding eloped to the sea. Disguised as man, she was doth admired and respected by her fellow crew. But when her womanly nature revealed and the captain ordered her dead, the crew refused and raised mutiny against him. They threw that mean captain onto leaky tub and elected Briggita to be their new captain. With this defiant act however, she and her crew knew that they would be branded as criminals and that piracy was the only course they had.

    As captain, Briggita and her loyal crew were highly effective, robbing many a merchant and stealing many a prize. As her escapades grew, she carefully constructed a fearsome reputation to inspire terror to all of her victims so that they lose their will to fight. For 9 long years she reigned as a pirate captain, but her end was meet not in glorious battle but by a jealous lover whom sold her and the crew out to the authorities while her ship was moored at port. In part due to her fearsome reputation (with some sailors even believing her to be the devil himself), she was not hung like the rest of her crew nor taken away like her children. Instead she wrapped in chains and dragged down to ocean’s depths by heavy anchor, so her evils may never surface again. Or at least that was the hope. While many thought this to be the wicked wrench’s end, in truth this was only the prelude of a more strange and terrible chapter of her life.

    As she was dragged down to that inky blackness, an eldritchian being known only by the moniker of the Deep King reached out to Briggita. That ancient evil thing made a bargain to Briggita, to give up her soul and become its herald; forever reap the souls of men for the chance of revenge. With burning vengeance and cold death looming, the bargain was struck and with the Deep King transformed that poor woman into a twisted, seaborne monstrosity. The dark powers coursed through Briggita as she gifted an ominous blacken lantern to collect the souls she claims in the name of the Deep King. Darker still, the Deep King also allowed her access to the sunken treasures for her service and waterlogged weapons to aid in her eternal hunt.

    From the coast of Barbary (North Africa) to the seas of Cathay (South China Sea), Briggita traveled far and wide to in her quest to collect souls. On the water's surface she took the souls of drowning men while in the ocean's depths she culled the poor, unfortunate merfolk whom strayed too far. Never forgetting her pirate heritage, Briggita made a habit of visiting areas of the ocean where such rapscallions frequented. Places such as Port Royal, Tortuga, Libertalia, and even Manta Carlos. While on friendly terms with such pirates, many were naturally wary of Brigitta and rightly so as she was opportune to steal their souls like any other whom may fall overboard.

    Years, decades, centuries… in servitude Brigitta perform her task at first as a means to extend her life and a chance of revenge but as time wore on so did her humanity. All of the conventional pleasures grew droll; drink has lost its sweetness, gold no became worthless, and that which was once warm now grew cold in her hands. Without soul she felt empty, finding only fickle excitement in tormenting her prey or singing shanties to hold together her ever fracturing mind. Recalling some ancient pirate hideout, she figured she would take an extended break and see if those pirates are still there… unaware of the magical city of supernatural beings that made their home at Mantra Carlos.

    When Manta Carlos authorities where alerted of Briggita's presence on the island, they were quick to intercept. Upon being offered a pardoned and promises of allowing her place on the island, so long as she agreed end her criminal and murderious ways she agreed. This though was but another one of Briggita's empty promises for she very much intends to go back to taking the souls of the drowned once she was done with her fun. Besides, not like the Deep King would be too bothered if she took break from her work for a few days. Or a few years. However Briggita thinks she can get away with putting up this farce.


    Briggita makes her residence on the island just offshore of the docks, making her home just under the piers. Much of her material items are keep within a hidden grotto deep within the ocean. However, with her Abyssal Arsenal ability she can access most of these items by grabbing them out of portals which connect to this grotto. This allows her access to a wealth of treasures, musical instruments, and weapons to be called upon at moment's notice.

    Additional Information:

    While history has forgotten her existence by purposeful omission, her legend lives on in fanciful tales passed down by of the sailormen of yore. Among the denizens of the deep however, Briggita is hated and feared by many merfolk for taking the souls of their kin.

    Even before her transformation Briggita was gifted minstrel and centuries have given more than ample time to hone her musical craft. She is able to play a large varity of instruments such as the violin, lute, lyre, piano, mandolin, tabor, bodhran, accordion and the flute. Given her many appendages she can be a one-woman musical ensemble.

    Briggita's insides don't seem to agree with her and lives life in some constant state of pain. Most days its a begrudging pain but occasionally the intensity flairs up, forcing her to heave over muttering curses.​

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