Boop's Poor Unfortunate Souls


Little Bo Peep
Nov 30, 2016
she, etc.
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Sascha - Mentally ~18 (Appears 18)/Male/Familiar Spirit/Remedial/Single (Asexual Aromantic?)

S'loo Rukt'in - 15/Trans-Female/Dragon/Grade 9/Single (Heteroromantic?)
Believes she's defective because she has no actual dragon form and had to constantly deal with other dragons looking down on her or being overprotective. Has been able to participate more in things while on the island. Staying with her sister. She's discovered death metal and a love for riddles. I think it would be fun for someone to introduce her to James Bond or other spy movies. Needs some friends, and it would be good for her to meet other, more accepting dragons. I'd also like her to get into trouble somehow.

Minnie Gale - 17/Female/Changeling/Grade 11/Single (Demisexual Biromantic?)
Young teenage girl who insists she's human and is perpetually in denial about what she is and what most of the island is. Making herself sick because she refuses to admit she's a cannibal. She loves reading and writing, but just because fantasy is her escape doesn't mean she wants to live it. She also hurts herself and has dark things in her past. Looking for people to take advantage of her, ways to get her to taste more human meat, things to push her further into breakdown, friends, people to catch her hurting herself, possibly someone to play her therapist.

Cikňi Balogović - 19/Male/Half-Imp Werewolf/Grade 11/Single (Homosexual)
A werewolf who's terrified of other werewolves and is missing practically 2 years of his life from being in a child slave ring. Needs more positive interactions with werewolves. I also would like him to deal with his scars.

Ishvi Havilah - 22/Male/(Fallen) Angel-Nightmare/2nd Year College (Biology)/Taken (Homosexual)

Maarab Tselel - 35 (Appears Mid 20s)/Male/Shadow Demon-(Fallen) Angel/2nd Year College/Single (Pansexual)

Tanzi Price - Mentally 25 (Appears 20)/Nonbinary/Werehuman Rat/Production Sound Mixer/Single (Heterosexual? Aromantic)

Tam Te'oma - 816 (Appears Late 20s)/Agender/Lust Demon/Server at La Réserve/Single (Pansexual Polyamorous)

Supporting Characters
Caramel - Mentally 8 (Appears 12)/Genderfluid/Sloth-Gluttony&Lust Demon/Elementary Special Education

Michel Rothschild - 23 (Appears 18)/Male/Vampire/Owner of La Réserve/Single (Pansexual?)
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