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Private Be Mindful of the Flower Serpent

Discussion in 'The Lake' started by Pallas, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Pallas

    Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2016
    By the lake just next the school, Pallavi rooted herself by the lake's shoreline where she rest within the protective petals of the parasitic synthesis flower. To the outsider, they would see only a massive singular flower folded up just next tot he school lake. Inside these these petals hide the main body of a young Pallavi, dreaming away while keeping a mental tab of everyone walking by as she pried into nearby minds. So much has changed... the world is no longer as she remembered it. Everything she hoped to come back to was gone... the hope that gave her the purpose to live had but mostly faded away as the reality of the present slammed into face first like a lorry. And though she was glad to be welcomed back to the school... she can't help but feel like a outsider even among a school full of outsiders. She yearned so much to be part of this world once again but somehow, dispute be so close to it she never felt further away from the life that she has lost long ago.

    As she awakens, Pallavi unfurls her petals and she emerges from its central cavity with golden syrup dripping off of her skin and silken garments. She removes the larger golbs as best she could and after grooming herself she looked out the lake, appreciating the shimmering patterns as sunlight dances off its tranquil waters... though so much has changed she was glad that the lake was still the much the same as she last saw it many many decades ago.

  2. Kaya

    "...we all live in a Yellow Submarine!"

    Apr 2, 2015
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    Minna sighed as she sat down near the lake. Her girlfriend had disappeared on her, all of their family as well. It was strange beyond the normal of the island, but now Minna was alone again. Her sister was on the island and she did talk to them. But Minna was always very low on friends so there was no one she could talk to about these things. There was the possibility of the bug lady 'friend' in the forest, but she didn't have the time for a visit to them.

    Instead she was now sitting here by the lake near what she thought was a rather strangely large flower that was here and she simply looked out into the lake surface like it could give her the answer to her problems. Her heart ached and she seemed adrift in thist world... "what am I going to do?" her voice quiet as she asked herself that question.

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