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Breaking knees and collecting fees
Oct 20, 2018
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Name: Pazra Rumblehide, prefers to be called "B.P."
Age: Mid-twenties
Birthday: Doesn't remember
Gender: Female
Species: Kobold
Category: Citizen
Career: Murderhobo Adventuring!

Appearance Description:

Art by FennWenn, used with permission

- Short (3'3) and chubby
- Blood red eyes
- Aquamarine scales, with a cap on top of her noggin that leans darker shades of blue. Front side of her neck, chest, and abdomen near white in color.
- Impeccably clean talons and teeth
- No fashion sense, tends to wear trashy leather armor with arm and leg guards
- Wears a headdress crafted with strips of leather, fur, and feathers from various beasts. Woven within these braids are various rings, precious stones, and coins that she's picked up while adventuring. The entire ensemble is swept back across her head between her horns, and reaches down to her shoulders.

Personality Description:

- Ten gallons of Chaotic Good napalm in a five gallon bucket
- Hella brave
- Will fight for her friends and for food
- Might fight you for your shinies too, if they are of sufficient value (of course they usually are to her)
- Suitably crafty, as is basically required of her because kobold
- Punches first, asks questions later
- Gets into trouble because of her greed
- Doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut

Active Abilities:

The T'sew Ey'nak Rings Of No One Man Should Have All That Power: Embedded in a pair of mythril chain gloves she wears are a set of rubies of various sizes that can summon magical constructs with a single thought from B.P. These constructs usually manifest as a one-handed mace, a two-handed battleaxe, an adequately-sized buckler, and a bow with a quiver of twelve arrows. Having lived a life of danger and fighting in the Forbidden Forest, she knows how to use these weapons rather well.

Passive Abilities:

Strength of the Kaiju: Rumblehide's spent her entire life swinging heavy weapons and punching things, and the smol has become rather swole. At last estimate, she's about as strong as four regular human beings.

Believe in me who believes in you: Rumblehide's ability to lead a party into the darkest of dungeons isn't because of her rambling speeches and uncanny knack to get everyone in trouble before they have a chance to object. She was born with a natural aura of bravery, giving everyone within a fifteen-foot radius a boost in morale and belief in themselves--allowing them to do things that they wouldn't have the confidence to do otherwise. This also has the chance to make people a bit more reckless... not that Rumblehide really minds.

Danger Zone: B.P.'s been in enough situations that ended up with her getting injured and/or almost dying that she can sense whenever she is in trouble, be it when she's stalked by a manticore while traveling through the woods or attempting to steal a set of diamond cufflinks from a lycanthrope mafioso during a rare visit to Manta Carlos City.

Animal Sense: Rumblehide's decades of living in the wilds has granted her the ability to communicate with regular animals on a base level. She can't boss them around, but she can ask them for help. Whether or not they do is an entirely different matter.

Dumped all my stat points into END and CON: B.P. can't get poisoned, nor can she get sick. Maybe because all the deep-fried food and ale have ravaged her body enough that there's nothing more that venoms and poisons and viruses can do.


The sun! It burns!!: Rumblehide's more used to living in caves and underneath the canopy of the Forbidden Forest. Whenever she finds herself out in the blazing hot sun, she gets more irritable and isn't as effective in combat.

Common Magical Items:

- Simple Language Charm (English)
- Nullification Bracelet (Bravery aura)

Biography: Way back when, a small family of kobolds living somewhere in the Andes Mountains hopped on a ship headed into the Pacific to escape the locals who were a bit too into their own superstitious tales and developed a hate for anything remotely lizardlike. Through events that none of them remember, they ended up on Manta Carlos Island, where they settled in the forest in the norther reaches, far away from the farmers and the pirates that inhabited the island.

As the years passed, their numbers steadily dwindled, their rapid birthrate hobbled by the dangerous creatures that inhabited the woods. Pazra Rumblehide was the runt of the litter, but the only survivor of the last clutch of eggs that the brood mothers gave birth to. When she was twelve, a pack of direwolves finished off the rest of her clan, leaving her orphaned and on death's doorstep.

She survived on sheer willpower alone. That, and from the care of a family of bears.

Now, she's found a purpose fighting the horrors and unearthing the treasures of Manta Carlos Island, banding together with other creatures that could be considered "monsters", but are also more humanoid in nature.


- Keeps a small fortune tied into her headdress
- Has a pack that is a lot bigger on the inside. Lovingly called Inventory
- Lives in a small hovel a few miles into the Forbidden Forest


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