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Jun 20, 2017
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Name: Basto Detike (Bass-tow De-Tea-key)
Age: 14
Birthday: Dec 29
Gender: Male
Species: Dungeon Master/ Tanuki Anthro
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 9th

Appearance Description: Black Eyes, Brown fur. Looks like a Bipedal Tanuki, Or Japanese Raccoon Dog. 3'11". Wears glasses and is completely blind without them.
Hakkabou from Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (official art)

Personality Description: Quiet. Spends most of his Time reading in class. Is Intelligent too, but doesn't seem that way when you talk to him. Often forgets what day it is, and bumbles over his words if he has to speak. Wants friends. Hates the Dungeon, wants to find another person to take over it but is afraid of what might happen to him.

Active Abilities: Dungeon Mastery- Inside the Dungeon, he can manipulate its design with a thought, and can create an infinite amount of items and monsters within, however, none of these things are able to leave the dungeon, and the effects and injury within disappear when a person crosses the threshold to leave. He can create and edit rooms, though once an Adventurer enters the room, he is unable to change it until the entire Dungeon is completely empty of Adventurers, and he cannot change any room he is in either.

Dungeon's Entrance- Basto is able to create a door out of any wall in MC to enter the Dungeon, bringing him and any adventurers to the first room of the dungeon. it takes ten seconds to create a door into the dungeon, but it remains until he makes a new entrance. Creating a door out of the dungeon though is instant, but the Dungeon master can only make these in the final room. The Doors made can reach any available plane as long as its more than 90% Human.

Passive Abilities:
Dungeon's Eternity- Being the Dungeon Master, he has an infinite lifespan, and inside his Dungeon, his body cannot be harmed in any way. In reverse, all Adventurers that enter the dungeon can be killed, but apparently outside the Dungeon, fully healed and with full knowledge of what happened, The dungeon puts a dampener to remove any chance of trauma from their death, though. It wants people to return.

Weaknesses: Inside the Dungeon, a crystal exists that holds his ability as a Dungeon master. When broken by an Adventurer, he loses his Status, appearing outside the Dungeon and without memory of what was inside. The Adventurer, though, gains all abilities and weaknesses and knowledge of how to use them. The Crystal always appears in the last room in the dungeon, and the location is up to Basto to decide. he, however, cannot change its appearance, looking like a large Orb made of Glowing glass, about a foot in diameter.

Common Magical Items: N/A

Biography: Born in another realm, where magic was common, Basto's family was a line of popular bakers, but his older brother Stem was looking for something more. Treating Basto like a squire, Stem entered this dungeon of legend, ready for adventure. Surprisingly, he was pretty good, or it was too easy and entered the final room without much issue, Basto in tow, carrying a sword. Challenging the Boss, a Lich of some kind, Stem defeated him but was dealt a fatal blow. Basto in a fit of rage began to strike at the crystal, hoping to bring back Stem. He was mistaken, as it didn't empower Stem, but Basto. The last thing he remembered before he became a dungeon master was the original dungeon master trying to remove him from the dungeon.

A long time Later, he had finally come to terms with the change, and knowing what to do, began to look for the best place to find strong fighters to take his place, he made the dungeon appear on different planes, and eventually found MC. When he found MC though, realised this could be a good chance at a new life and became torn whether to have others beat him or not.

Resources: Has an Extradimensional Dungeon to live in, but not much else.

Additional Information: Dungeon Looking for warriors.
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