Basté's Upgrade


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Apr 16, 2019
Basté is going to lose the sword (planning it to break while she's sparring with someone), and in an effort to protect the essence of Amaterasu that she inherited she attempted to invoke it within herself before it faded into nothingness, unknowingly absorbing into her very soul and awakening a power to replace the Fang of the Azure Dragon entirely.

What will be gained:
Legendary Essences are a small portion of the "Essence of Gods" and in some case the "Essence of Legends" that are contained in various magatama (comma-shaped beads), each about three inches in length, created by an unknown master of onmyoudo. The essence can be absorbed directly by a person and bond to their very soul, dissolving the magatama in the process, allowing them to access this power more directly. Once absorbed, only a master of onmyoudo, the God from which the power came from, or death can free this essence or recreate it into the form of another magatama. Essences cannot be combined into a fused ability.

Essences currently in Basté's possession:
  • Amaterasu - Sunrise Grenade
    Basté concentrates the small essence of Amaterasu in her possession to create a small, baseball-sized orb of sun energy, capable of dispersing a heat and light (7 meters and a half) similar to that of midsummer sun under a clear sky. While held in her hand, the light has decreased reach and poses no threat at all, she can even absorb it within herself to harmlessly dispose of it. But if it leaves her hands for three seconds it will detonate into a flash of light and heat that can easily be witnessed and felt from fifteen meters away, lasts for a minute and may be harmful against undeads, demons, vampires and the like. As such, she exercises caution when using it.

What will be lost:

(Image by me)

This sword whose blade is made of an azure steel is sturdier than most Japanese swords, heavily capable of conducting magical energy, and light on the wielder's hands (about 0.6 kilograms or 1.3 pounds), with a total length of 1.52 meters (5 feet) while the blade itself is 1.23 meters (4 feet) long . Whoever created it seemed to possess vast magical knowledge and created various magatama (comma-shaped beads), each about three inches in length, most of which containing the "essence of Gods" (note: this only relates to a small fraction of their nature or power). So far, she has only found two of these:

  • Benkei
    A clear prismatic bead, and one of the "exceptions". Contains the sword in its sealed state and can be brought out by holding it in a hand and willing so, with or without words. The blade is cold to the touch (unless heated up somehow) and sharp enough to cleave a .50 bullet (sniper rifle's caliber, in other words) in half without getting a dent to its edge. So to say, the sword's base form.
  • Amaterasu
    This golden-colored bead can be absorbed into the Seiryuu no Kiba to infuse it with Godly energy, used in the purification of evil beings, delaying their recovery and possessing the potential to slay them. Particularly effective against undeads, demons, vampires and the like. When the sword is infused with Amaterasu's power, the blade gains a sunlight yellow aura, as warm as a sunny day, and the cloth at the pommel turns white.
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May 30, 2014
Swapping a power for one of similar power is free, so go ahead and edit onto her character sheet.


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