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Art Source: Keen
Baeye “Storm” Yiimu
A storm is coming

18 | July 4th | Sexless (They/Them/She/Her) | Lightning Oricenta (Air+ Fire Elemental) | Student | High School Senior

Their skin is a greyish-blue and their scales are a lighter version of their skin. Their body is like the dark storming clouds as their hair, horns, and markings represent the brilliant bright lightning. Their color palette is basically very similar to a stormy sky.

Baeye appears mostly androgynous. They don’t really have any sort of sexual characteristics that would define them to any certain gender. Like all other oricenta, Baeye lacks nippels, a navel, and any sort of genitalia. This doesn’t stop them from appearing a little feminine or cute. Baeye is very lean and tall which is great for being imtimidating. Baeye’s humanoid height is roughly around 6ft, counting extra inches for the horns. In their kirintaur form, Baeye is roughly 6’11”

Baeye’s hair is what sets them apart from most of the others in their family. Actually, it sets them apart from most oricenta as well. Baeye hair is a beautiful mane of curly fluffy hair that literally resembles thunderclouds and lightning. Her hair flows and looks soft as the clouds and is colored in the way of what pure electricity would look like. Baeye’s hair actually glows vibrantly. Mostly due to the fact that their hair is charged by lightning.

Baeye has adopted the vaporwave trend as her style of choice. They just like the way the style looks and how the outfits can fit her element.

Just like expected of their element, Baeye can come off as a little hyper and energetic at times. They always keeps themselves doing something as they are a busybody and is very fond of multitasking.

Angry as the coming storm
It is too note that it ain’t very easy to tick off Baeye. Other than lying to them. Which is something they do make known and even tell people that they hate liars and lying to them will cause them to dislike you. It's the intentional lies and obvious lies that gets them upset.

As a result Baeye tends to be….brutally and bluntly honest even when it probably is not a good idea. Baeye does sometimes keeps silent when they do feel that being honest may cause “too much” harm than good.

Now when Baeye gets angry she becomes very very hostile and violent. She becomes more difficult to handle and is hard to reason with until she manages to cool off.

They are a “closeted” sadist. Technically they don’t exactly try to hide it but at the same time its kinda a swing and a miss thing. It's only ever evident when Baeye is hunting or fighting that they probably enjoy hurting others for fun.
And then there are those urges and desires they get every so often to just wanting to play with people.

Physical and Affectionate
Baeye is physical and very affectionate like the rest of their species. They will always offer hugs, pets, kisses, cuddling, and other things. Baeye will also always accept these offers if they don’t suspect anything wrong from the person offering or already have a bad opinion about them. Baeye is just very loving and kind in general.

Drawn to magic, mystery, and very old curse things.
Baeye thirsts for knowledge in all things related to magic and mystery. Specifically forbidden and supposed cursed things...of course she never has explicitly told anyone this directly. As a Yiima, it is very common for them to look into, study, and collect ancient tomes, relics, and other magical artifacts. It is just the idea of knowing forbidden knowledge that excites Baeye the most…..even if highly advised against going for such things.

Active Abilities:

Lightning Horns
Baeye’s horns (and hair) are effectively lightning rods. They can generate, attract, absorb, and store up to one billion volts of electricity. (Basically the equivalent to the power of lightning) Generating the full amount of electricity will take time, at most this will take three days to do without absorbing it just to get a full charge. Baeye can also get fully charge if they manage to get struck by lightning.
Anyone can tell if the horns are charged or not depending on how bright their hair glow.

The horns glow pure white and cackles a bit with electricity around them when fully charged. Baeye’s hair also glows when fully charged.

Baeye is able to expel the charges in varying strengths, from a simple static shock, to numbing and paralyzing, and even to the very explosive and deadly nature of lightning itself.

Baeye can shoot up to five explosive lightning blast from her horns (which makes loud boom and crackling sounds like a thunderstorm) with enough force and power to blow up oak trees and solid rocks per full charge.

The blast five fire can be fired in a quick succession; Baeye can shoot all five per second and can go far as 20ft before fizzing out.

Baeye can also save and charge up one powerful blast (like super kamehameha and as big) that will vaporize mostly anything in its path. This can only be fired once per month and immediately after doing this Baeye will feel completely drained and tired. She will most likely pass out. The blast takes two minutes to charge and it starts as a small ball of electricity in the space between her horns, but it gets fired at high speed and can cover 1100 feet per second. So a mile in five seconds IF it does not hit its target before then. It can only travel a mile before fizzing out.

Baeye can briefly paralyze people using the electricity from her horns for up to ten to thirty minutes.

Because this is lightning, Baeye’s blasts can cause fires.

Baeye can heal themself, other oricenta, and other lightning, air, and fire elementalists. They do this by coating their hands in a low electrical pulse and placing their hands onto the injured area. They can only heal bruises, flesh wounds, and deep scars.

Oricenta can change shape between three forms: Human, Kirintaur, and Kirin. This can be done at will. Oricenta can shift their hands/forelegs and feet/hindlegs to be hooves or claws/talons. Shifting makes the part changing glows and turn into a cell-like form for easier and painless morphing. Depending on how far they are, being interrupted can force them out of the shifting process into a half-shifted and disfigured form.

Human - Looks human. Can take parts from their Kirin and Kirintaur forms

Kirintaur/Humanoid - Hybrid between Kirin and Human forms

Kirin - Deer with scales, the tail of an ox, and no visible ears

Enchantment: No-Element
Oricenta have enchanted markings that, when turned on, can take away all of their elemental abilities and weaknesses.
Passive Abilities:

Lightning Oricenta Abilities
Average flight speed 30 mph, top flight speed 50 mph
Can lift 300 lbs
Enhanced agility, flexibility, and balance
Supernatural Senses: hearing; sight, only at night
Relatively buoyant: More buoyant than humans, less fall damage
Immune to intense heat, fire, and electricity
Above average body temperature. Can survive 5 days without water
In a 15' radius, the environment is more prone to gusts of winds.
In a 15' radius, the environment is more prone to catching on fire.
30’ radius aura boost air and fire magic by 25%

Oricenta Physiology
Species counts as a spirit
Predatory instincts (enhanced tracking and hunting)
Requires more sleep/naps throughout the day
Must consume massive amounts of food in a day
Blunt teeth with very sharp canines
No visible ears

Oricenta hit their prime at 24 and will not die until fatally injured.
Passive healing allows them to recover from wounds and sickness faster than a human.

If injured, as long as their aolin is safe and fueled, they will automatically heal as much as their magic is capable of.

Fatal damage will force their body into an "emergency mode" that puts all of its resources into healing, leading to the fatigue, and if pushed too hard, unconsciousness.

Active healing abilities allow them to quicken the recovery process in exchange for more energy.

Elementalist Trust
Oricenta are compelled to trust and serve elementalists. Oricenta are compelled to serve elementalists. Both Oricenta and elementalists are drawn to each other and tend to warm up to each other faster than they might someone else.

Elementalists of their element can give comments to an oricenta, with the degree of force being connected to their control of their element, their relationship with the oricenta, and how uncharacteristic a task is. This ranges from a slight nudge to mind control.

Asking an oricenta to do things they'd fight against, using a stolen aolin, commanding an oricenta to murder, or bringing harm to an oricenta can damage the bond, either with the specific oricenta or with all oricenta as a whole.

Oricenta who attack elementalists who still have the trust will find their abilities halved in strength. This effect is highly based on intent and would not include playful/consensual fighting.


Lightning Oricenta Weaknesses -
Feels an almost irresistible pull to be high up in the skies, windy areas, hot areas, and dry areas. The longer they are away, the more their mental and physical health degrades. Must set themselves aflame, be in windy areas, or fly for 20 minutes daily to not degrade.

Can only digest light and fluffy food; bread, bird meat

Can only digest burnt food; firewood, burnt meat.

Very fragile. Cannot take a hit, and normal interaction easily bruises them.

Average run speed 5 mph, top run speed 10 mph.

Can only safely interact with warm, or more preferably, burning hot water.

Cold halves movement speed. Being in the cold for 30 minutes to an hour can lead to death by freezing. Mild chilliness (15°C or slightly below) will not kill them.

Takes double the damage from earth and water magic.

Second Heart: Aolin
Oricenta are born with a second heart on the opposite side of their chest called an aolin. It is the core of their magic and soul.

Damage to their aolin makes their magic weak and unstable. Severe damage or removal leads to the loss of their elements, magic, and will to live.

Oricenta do not age. However, an oricenta who has overused their magic, or who has a severely damaged aolin will begin to age quickly. This aging does not revert.

Upon death, an oricenta's unique abilities are contained within the aolin. Those possessing it can harness those powers, or consume the aolin to gain the power for themselves. Aolins without owners will be transported back to Ilada for absorption.

Oricenta have difficulty processing foods not attuned to their element. If they consume a food too far from their elemental affinity (which is most human foods), it gives them painful stomachaches and takes around an hour for them to digest. During this digestion period, they're incapable of activating any elemental abilities but still have normal elemental weaknesses.

When their No Element enchantment is activated, they can digest anything a carnivore and herbivore could eat. If they turn off the enchantment, food that strives too far from their element will still turn off their powers until it is out of their body.

Non-bonded oricenta are always affected by this, bonded ones are only affected by eating things that are too much of the opposite: Fire oricenta eating soup, Air oricenta eating something really dense.

Common Magical Items:

Aura Warning Bracelet
While not actually magical, Manta Carlos distributes customized bracelets for those with auras. Depending on the shape and color, people can tell at a glance the approximate range and nature of the aura of the wearer.


Lives with a few other relatives

Baeye grew up and live entirely and only in Ilada. She was born into the l a r g e Yiimu family which was most known for their more adventurous exploits and artifact hunting. The Yiimu family are the ones to go out and hunt down magical items and bring them to Ilada for collection and information.

While never really allowed to go on such famed and bountiful “treasure hunts”; Baeye was allowed to study most of the items her family has found and collected over the years. Still this wasn’t something they wanted so they patiently waited for the day they were allowed to leave Ilada….which finally came.

Baeya arrived to the island with a few other members of her family and some returning oricenta after the thing.

Here in this realm and island they will be able to search and find, collect, learn, and experiment from as much magical artifacts she can get their fingers on. With no restraints of course.

Maybe find a few cursed things and learn some forbidden knowledge as well. She can even go for a guardian now.​

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Art Source: Keen

Name: Baeye Yiimu
Apparent Age: 18
Gender: They/She
Species: Lightning Oricenta (Air + Fire Elementalist)
Height: 6ft (Humanoid/Kirin) | 6'11" (Kirintaur)
Build: very tall and lean

Notable Features:

Shiny white lightning bolt shaped horns that sometimes glow pure white, glowing electrified like hair.
Greyish-blue skin and scales.
non-harmful lightning runs up their tail and back when electrically charged

Looks human. Can take parts from their Kirin and Kirintaur forms
Kirintaur/Humanoid: Hybrid between Kirin and Human forms. Baeye's kirintaur form is 11 inches taller than their humanoid and kirin forms.
Has an aura bracelet

Wears vaporwave aesthetic clothing.

Physical Quirks:

A foreign accent but is still very understandable.
Noticeably very hyper.
Likes being agressively close to people.

Power Summary:

-Can absorb lightning/electricity with horns to shoot at things to either blow up or paralyze people.
-Shifting + Half Shifting between forms.
No-element enchantment
-Average flight speed 30 mph, top flight speed50 mph
-Can lift 300 lbs
Enhanced agility, flexibility, and balance
-Supernatural hearing; and sight (only at night)
-Humanoid, kirintaur, and kirin Shifting
Enhanced healing +Magical lightning healing
Immune to heat, fire, and electricity
-Compelled to serve elementalists. Baeyw and elementalists are drawn to each other and tend to warm up to each other faster than they might someone else
-Aura warning bracelet


not much really.

Misc Information:
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