Ava Drakenhardt

Ava Drakenhardt


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Ava Drakenhardt

15, 16

June 24th


Lava dragon


High school


Human form:
Ava is bit on the shorter side with her 170cm(5'7"). Her body is slender but athletic and Ava has firm muscles.
Ava has curly red hair that's poofy and looks messy. It almost reaches her lower back.
Ava has a small head and round face and cheeks. She has big bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. Her face has freckles along her cheeks and nose, that's small and little flat. Ava has thin dark lips and her lower lip is bit bigger than the upper.
Ava prefers casual bohemian style in clothing. All her clothes are down-to-earth colours like brown, beige or forest green. Ava doesn't use any makeup aside from mascara once in a while.

Dragon form:

Lava Dragon(Blood Brothers), official art
In her dragon form Ava is sturdy and looks muscular and the outer layer of her body is entirely made of lava. Ava keeps the outer part of her body partly hardened so it looks like she has partly dark grey and partly orange skin. Ava can control the temperature of her body and she usually keeps her temperature low enough so she won't burn anyone.
Ava's head is a bit large compared to her body and she has large, boxy jaws and big, bit blunt teeth. Ava's eyes are really small and bright yellow. She has several jagged horns on her head.
Ava has wings on her back that she can fold so the lava covering them melts to her body and makes it look like she doesn't have wings.
Ava isn't that big and she is only about 3.5 meters tall from her front legs to the top of her head and 9 meters long to the tip of her tail.

Sarcastic - Sarcasm is a language Ava is fluent at and enjoys using.

Tactless - Ava is used to not holding back her words, and being delicate isn't one of her special talents. Ava can read the room, but she hates being in awkward or tense situations and will often blurt out something just to ease the tension.

Temperamental - Ava's first reaction to many things is annoyance or anger, and she has a short fuze. Ava has gradually learned to have some control over her temper, but even then her anger slowly simmers under the surface like molten lava. And when it builds up enough it Ava's anger will erupt whether or not she wants it.

Competitive - Ava loves competition, or more like she loves winning, and it isn't that hard to talk her into it. Ava is easy to get riled up and pumped and if you let her she'll make most everything a competition.

Headstrong - Ava is stubborn and prideful and she never breaks her promises and never backs down. Once Ava has set her mind on something there's no force in the world that could make her drop it until the deed is done.

Responsible - Despite often seeming juvenile and irresponsible Ava has lots of common sense and knows how to clean up after herself and others. She gives solid advice, and if Ava is put into position of power she takes it seriously and doesn't mess around.

Loyal - Like many dragons Ava is loyal to a fault, and once she takes liking to someone she will stick by their side and protect them until death.

Independent - Ava is proud of her independence and of the fact, that she can take care of herself

Whiny - Ava whines surprisingly much, and she uses it as a kind of coping mechanism to annoy herself to doing things.

Tough - Although it is easy to anger Ava she often won't let any insults actually hurt her, and she is tough both inside and out. She won't admit her weaknesses through anything else but anger, and Ava is determined to survive and live strong and tall just like her mother would've wanted.

Wild Child - Ava grew up surrounded by nature, running with wolves and wrestling bears and there's a part of her that will always be wild and act on instinct. This part grants Ava her adventurous spirit, and the need to not be chained down and just be free.

Shifting & Partial Shifting: Ava has the ability to shift entirely or partially into her dragon form. Ava's dragon form has some unique physical traits. Her body is covered by few inches thick layer of hot magma, and that layer is further covered by hardened lava in most places aside from joints and part of Ava's chest and head.
-Lava Layer: If the lava layer covering Ava's physical body were to cool below 20 degrees celsius Ava's movements will begin to slow down and her body will become frigid. If the lava layer begins to harden Ava will go into a coma of sorts, and if she stays in this come for longer than few days Ava will die.

Magma Generation & Manipulation: In both human and dragon form Ava has the ability to create magma and manipulate it at will, as long as it stays within 10 meters of her. Ava doesn't have to see the magma she is controlling, she can sense it. In dragon form Ava can create and manipulate about 300 gallons(half of an olympic swimming pool) of magma at a time, and in human form around 60 gallons. Ava can also control the temperature of the magma and she can make it as cool as 30-40 degrees celsius(without it hardening) or make it as hot as 3000° celsius.

Heat Generation: Ava has the ability to control the temperature of her body and surroundings. She can make her body as cool as 36 degrees celsius, and she can make it as hot as 3000 degrees celsius. Ava can also channel this heat into objects or surfaces, effectively melting them or setting them on fire. In order to do this Ava has to be touching the object or surface with her bare skin, and transfer the heat from her own body into it. Ava can't transfer heat into living organisms, and if the temperature around her drops Ava will be able to use this ability less and less and when it's below -10 degrees celsius Ava becomes unable to use this ability.

Volcanic Rock Manipulation: Ava is able to control volcanic rock, that was created from hardened magma she herself generated. She can't control earth or volcanic rock if it wasn't created from lava she generated. Ava has to be within 4 meters of the volcanic rock and see it in order to control it. She can control a mass of volcanic rock that's about the same size as her own body at a time.
Functional Immortality: Ava will stop aging in her 20s and is unable to die from aging or sickness.

-Enhanced Senses: Ava's senses are on par with nature's greatest predators.
-Strength & Speed: Ava is at the peak of human condition and in dragon form she can lift about 3000kg and in human form about 800kg. Ava's top speed in human form is 55mph and in dragon form 80mph.
-Regeneration: In her dragon and partially shifted form Ava can heal broken bones heal in about 15-20 minutes and small injuries and wounds heal in few minutes. Regrowing a limb and brain damage and spinal injuries take a few days to heal, during which Ava needs to stay in dragon form.
In her human form Ava can heal minor injuries in 10 or 15 minutes and broken bones take few days. Ava can regrow a limb in few weeks, but she can't recover from brain damage(even if she goes into dragon form after the injury has been inflicted).
-Fire & Heat Immunity: In both human and dragon form Ava is immune to the effects of fire, heat and magma and magic based on them has no effect on her.
Water, Ice & Cold: Ava is weak against water, ice and low temperatures and all magic based on them deals 50% more damage. The temperature of -15 degrees celsius and lower is enough to incapacitate Ava in 15 minutes. And throwing Ava in the ocean or other such big water source will cause the lava on her body to harden and make it near impossible for Ava to move, causing her to potentially perish.

Air Magic: All magic based on air and wind is more effective on Ava and causes 25% more damage.

Child Of The Earth: Whenever Ava is higher than 5 meters off the earth she will start feeling weak and sleepy, and if Ava stays off the earth for more than 30 minutes her physical condition will weaken by almost 70%. To recover from this Ava will have to stay in direct contact with the Earth for at least 30 minutes.

-Was adopted by Titus Drakenhardt and lives with him and Orsick Drakenhardt
-Inherited relatively large sum of money from her mother(cannot use until 18)

Ava was born to an earth dragon from the Drakenhardt clan and a fire dragon. Ava inherited her father's last name because her mother insisted it, even after he abandoned her. She thought the last name would protect her in case something happened to her.
Ava was the result of a short but passionate relationship between her parents. But the second he found out about her mother's pregnancy Ava's father disappeared and she was left to her mother to raise.
Ava's mother was a lone dragon with no clan or relatives who was just trying to get by. They lived in Canada near mountains, far away from highly populated area. It was the perfect place to grow Ava since her unique talents started showing themselves rather early on. Whenever she had temper tantrums, which was often, Ava's hair basically started dripping lava to the floor.
Ava's mother had a lot of trouble providing for Ava and raising her, since her being a lava dragon was something entirely unknown for her. But they got by, and the mother and daughter grew very close thanks to the hardships they went through.
Ava's mother worked as a truck driver, sometimes in dangerous conditions since she did transports to Alaska as well. When Ava wasn't with her mother she was home alone, and she learned to fend for herself. Ava explored the mountain and woods surrounding her house, fought bears and wolves as a dragon and learned how to control her abilities. Ava also learned the horrifying reality of changing a fuse, fixing a bike tire and unclogging a toilet. Not to mention dealing with expired foods and ordering more.
This kind of lifestyle continued until Ava was 14. She had been homeschooled through her entire life and when her mother wasn't home Ava studied independently. She didn't exactly enjoy it but didn't want to disappoint her mother. Ava was doing yet another worksheet by herself when a knock sounded from the door. Thinking it was her mother Ava was prepared to complain as she opened the door. But it was the police. They were there to tell Ava her mother was dead. Her truck had sank into an icy lake while doing a delivery. It took a moment for these words to register. And then Ava lost herself. She slammed the door on the police officers and just in time too before she turned into her dragon form. Ava, too enraged and sad to be able to control her temperature, set the house on fire and burned it down. The police officers outside just saw dragon's silhouette rise from the flames and then disappear into the woods. It was the middle of the winter and the air was cold, which Ava learned really was. She was able to run many miles before collapsing from exhaustion into a cave. She quickly started to shiver and freeze to death. But Ava didn't care. She was too busy being sad and angry. Angry at her mother, her useless father, the Drakenhardts, herself, the police, the truck, the world, everything.
That was how the scouts found her days later, on the brink of death. Her body had almost cooled down to critical levels. The scouts forced Ava back into her human form and quickly treated her. And then they brought her to Manta Carlos.
Ava woke in a hospital in Manta Carlos. They told her what had happened, and explained where she was. They also told her there were many people on the island who bore the name Drakenhardt. Ava wasn't sure if that was a happy thing for her.
Ava enrolled into the academy's high school section and was soon adopted by Titus Drakenhardt. After few months Ava learned, that her father had died and she was now without parents.
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Name: Ava Drakenhardt
Apparent Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Lava dragon
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slender and athletic

Notable Features:
Fluffy, curly redish ginger hair
Bright blue eyes
Bohemian clothing style

Physical Quirks:
Body can heat up when loses her temper or is otherwise agitated

Power Summary:
Has a dragon form where Ava is covered in lava, can partial shift
Has enhanced senses and is strong
Can make and manipulate lava

Reputation: Known as one of the teenage Drakenhardts, has a bit of a reputation for her rambunctiousness

Misc Information:
ICC image by Cherryandsisters
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