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Augustus Tooth

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Schrodinger's Cat, Sep 2, 2018.

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    #1 Schrodinger's Cat, Sep 2, 2018
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    Name: Augustus Tooth

    Age: 217

    Birthday: [August 2th] July 9th

    Gender: Male

    Species: Fae

    Category: Citizen

    Career: Lawyer

    Domyouji Haruto from Game club Project

    Appearance Description: The guy looks like an Young Adult, though this is only in part to his Fae heritage. He also has a rigorous make-up routine, which may or may not involve magic (It does not, he just has a lot of concealer).

    He has Longer hair, reaching to the base of his neck, yet not quite his shoulders, and is a deep brown, appearing almost purple to some. Showing his age though are some long strips of grey hair, which he can never truly remove.

    Augustus' Eyes are purple, and seem to always have some sort of evil gleam, and with the smug smile he is fond of wearing, makes him appear to be scheming. Which isn't exactly a lie, though.

    Over his thin build, he can be seen wearing a custom suit. Overall though, the colour matches his hair. The interior of the jacket is white, with black trim, making him wear a white tie against a navy shirt. His pants are tartan, and he wears pointed Leather shoes.

    In his right ear, he wear a small hoop earring. 6’1”

    Personality Description:

    The Guy can be very smug around other people, especially the students, as he knows that someone his position cannot be harmed without consequence.

    With his smugness. it can often create problems, as he can intentionally provoke reactions from others. Sometimes he even go out of his way to irritate someone.

    He especially hates those that are demons or Supernatural hunters of sorts. When encountering these people, He would act rudely, and deliberately treat them disrespectfully, though he would feign ignorance, keeping within his realm of honesty.

    Around everyone else though, He would act in a way that others would describe as superior. Augustus has a thing for those in a pitiful state or otherwise in trouble. His help though, doesn't come for free though, and he keeps a few contracts for Servitude on his person at all times. It's not a permament thing though, just for a few years.

    Active Abilities: Able to summon certain objects to his hand. When doing this, his hands need to be empty with at least one palm outstretched. The targeted item should have his name on it, and cannot weight more than 10kg. The object will travel at 6km/h up to a total distance of 10m, following the shortest route to his hand.

    Passive Abilities: N/A


    Skin contact with untreated iron can cause his skin to blister.

    Unable to tell something that is completely false. He can twist the truth, but if he tries to lie, he immediately starts choking until the conversation finishes, or he passes out.

    Common Magical Items:


    Biography: Studying law in America, he dreamed of becoming famous, however, he knew to keep a low profile, as many Mythical Creatures were being hunted. He even underwent several painful operations to curve his ears just to pass among them more easily. Regardless, against his will, his ability to win almost impossible cases brought the attention of many, and during a dinner party in, his hand brushed against a metal bowl, causing him to cry out in pain. One man, a fool known for being the descendant of a famous Witch hunter, mistook him for a demon and caused a panic among the guests.

    Those that considered him a close friend defended him against this claim, but the damage was done. With the knowledge that at least one thought he was anything other than human, Augustus knew his business was going to find itself in hard times, either from the scandal or simply frightened clients too afraid to want his services.

    In the year 1897, after several months of little work, he transferred to Manta Carlos, to open his own branch for those not prejudiced against him and his kind.

    Resources: Well off, Runs the Lost Ears Law firm. Has an apartment.

    Additional Information: Out of character, I definitely want people to dislike this guy. He’s also a lawyer, so clients would be good.
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