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    Starlight Academy is a laid back roleplaying community with a goal in mind: to have fun while roleplaying. We post at our own pace, we plot to our hearts desire, and you decide how your roleplaying experience will be.
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August 2017 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Aug 1, 2017.

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    August 2017 Announcements.
    Graduation time!

    What's new

    New School Year

    We are moving on to the next year! The Starlight Academy school year ends August 18th -- which means students are graduating and others are moving up a level! Please let us know if your character is moving up a grade by posting in the Claims thread.

    Staff Changes
    @Hyper and @Foxy have both been promoted to the role of moderator! Hooray! We are very excited to have them on board, so feel free to come to them with any questions you may have for a mod.

    New Wiki Page
    The fabulous lore Goddess @Kait has added a new page to the wiki! If you've ever wanted to catch up on the big stuff that's happened on the island the last few years, check out the Recent Events page! It will inform you of all the important things that have happened over the years that your character was likely impacted by. Thanks Kait!

    Power Change Reminders
    After a fair bit of backlog, the power upgrade process is now running at full speed again! People interested in upgrading their powers should start a conversation with both Kyros and Romi.

    Currently, the following players are in the midst of upgrading their powers. If you have sent a power upgrade PM that has not yet been approved and added to your application, you should contact Kyros and Romi:

    Ghost, Romi, Saber, Claire, Hyper, Kyrii, Nameless, Nightstripe, and Max.

    We'd like to remind members that all power changes goes to @Kyros with a CC to @Romi. If you've sent a PM and haven't gotten in a reply in a while, please bump the conversation, as we've gotten a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount and are slightly behind!

    We'd also like to remind members that you MUST SEND YOUR COMPLETED THREADS TO THE MODS. If you've upgraded your characters through threading in the last two months, your character STILL shouldn't have their powers, as you have not sent your completed threads to Kyros. Completed threads must be read over by them before you update your app and make the addition permanent.

    Survey Results
    The survey time has completed! Thank you everyone for contributing and helping us improve SA, this was by far the most positive survey we have ever had! A post addressing the survey directly will appear in the upcoming days, so keep an eye out.

    FAQ Update
    We've added some clarifications to our "What is an NPC" section on the FAQ! Please give it a read when you get the chance, as it helps clarify some things that might have been confusing.


    Club Festival

    Starlight Academy clubs, it's time to strut your stuff! For the month of August, the academy is turned into a festival ground. Vendor booths dot the campus, offering food and crafted knick knacks. Various clubs put on special shows and events for students and guests. And others still are just as content to go about their regular business, showing prospective members exactly what they are about. The whole school is abuzz with life and excitement.

    For newer students, it's a great way to see just what all the clubs as SA have to offer to better help pick which ones to join. For the graduating seniors, the whole event is a final hurrah as they move onto bigger and better things. Even the citizens of Manta Carlos can join in the fun. For the festival, the school is more open to allow non-students to explore and see just what kinds of things are being done.

    Join in the fun here!

    It's time again for Starlight Academy to thrust its newest batch of graduates out into the world. A time for reflection, for introspection, and for looking to the future, graduation is a bittersweet day for all. Anticipation for the future mingles with the nostalgia of your school days. Relief at leaving behind the trappings of childhood goes hand in hand with the fear of the unknown that stepping out into the world as an adult brings.

    But all of that can be forgotten at least for a day. Pat yourself on the back, graduates! You deserve to be proud of this accomplishment. Enjoy your newfound freedom or, for those of you moving onto college, get ready for a whole different world of academia. Either way, today is a day of celebration with friends and family.

    Check it out here!


    AU Contest

    The AU contest went wonderfully! We had so many wonderful entries and it was a privilege for the staff to get to read them all, and really made picking a winner a tough decision. It went wonderfully with the Alternate Reality Simulator event, and we definitely plan to pair these up again in the future!

    @Boop won with their character William! There was a unanimous consensus that this AU version of the character was wonderfully thought out, and although we had a difficult time choosing out of all the great entries, this one edged out. An honorable mention for the apps Sazz and Maya, which the team found to both be very compelling and unique characters!

    Congratulations to our spotlight winners! All winners should PM Kyros to claim their cbox name colors.

    Spotlight Member: Congratulations to Kyrii! @Kyrii is a delight in the cbox, a new member who has already hopped into plenty of plots and made many great characters, but we'd be doing them a disservice if we didn't point out that Kyrii's managed to post more than three hundred times in a month and a half. Kyrii has so much muse it's impressive, and that hasn't stopped them from hopping into the ICC either!

    Spotlight Character: William Brown is a beautifully created character. Both sympathetic and monstrous, @Boop has discovered a near perfect melody between monster and man reminiscent of Frankenstein's Monster. Tormented by the very Demon he had a deal with, William is in constant pain, but cannot fathom ending himself. The years have brought him a certain emotional numbness, though he can still recall what it was to be human and feel. @Boop has made an interesting take on the Wraith as a species that feeds off death, loneliness, and mistakes, who live in dark, cold places and torment humanity

    Spotlight Plot: The Brozo plot is an odd one, and another great example that plots often come where you least expect them. Lorenzo Moretti, a literal son of the mob, found himself banished to Manta Carlos for his own protection. Saddled with a veritable babysitter, Enzo ended up being forced to play big brother to almost a dozen children of various ages, found a ship, and was forced to realize that the criminal lifestyle he grew up in isn't fair to children even if their parents do care for them.

    Be sure to nominate for the August spotlights over in the August nomination thread!

    Posting Spree
    We will be hosting a posting spree August 11th-12th! Prepare yourselves!

    What is this...? A mystery contest! This is a special contest in response to the survey,
    so keep an eye out for what it might be. This special contest will be hosted the 15th-25th.​
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    August 2017 Mid Month Announcements.
    I think the heat is killing everyone, isn't it?


    End of School Year
    Starlight Academy is a year round school, with the school year beginning in September and ending in August. You can see the schools schedule here, including all relevant breaks. We currently have graduation happening for students graduating, but for all students who wish to move up a year, please post in the claims thread! Make sure to mention that your character is ranking up so that they get removed from their old grade and moved onto the next one.

    We're a freeform roleplay, and while we tend to run time 1:1, we don't hold people tightly to things. If you don't feel like your character has developed the way you want and you'd rather keep them in their current grade, feel free! We don't force year ups on anyone.

    As an additional thing of note, Starlight Academy regularly runs our Character Creation Month in September. This contest runs month long and encourages players to dust off those old applications you've been sitting on and get them out there. This year we've tweaked things so that even those who don't want to make more characters can get involved, but we'll have full details for you on the first of September. If you have a character idea you're not in a huge hurry to start, it might be worth holding onto it to see what September has to offer!

    Club Festival
    A reminder that the club festival is ongoing throughout the month. Club leaders are encouraged to start new open threads, and students and citizens alike are encouraged to hop in!

    We've got a new general contest starting today and running until the 25th of the month: The Suggest-an-Event contest! This is a contest we've run before, but based on very strong feedback in the bi-annual survey, we've brought this one back! You can see the full details over here.

    We also once again have our monthly Spotlight Voting happening, and this month we had a ton of great nominations!

    The Post Spree went amazingly, and I want to thank everyone for participating. We had 14 members with more than ten posts, and 7 of those who did more than 20. Our top three were @Kyrii, @ReD, and @Nameless, so congrats to them!

    Minor Updates
    A few quick things got touched up based on survey feedback. The forum that was previously 'characters' is now 'character applications' to avoid confusing new members. We also have a new FAQ question, clarifying what a power voucher is and how they work:

    What is a power voucher?

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