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May 19, 2018
(Current) Name: Asteria Vrall
Age: 34 [Actual Age: Somewhere around 4500]
Birthday: February 4th (Self chosen)
Gender: Female
Species: Human(?)
Category: Teacher
Class: High School (rarely)/College
Subject/Work: World History and History of Magic (HS), Research of Magic Artifacts and Artificing I, II, and III (College)
Civilian Consultant for the Veil (as needed)
Magical Researcher for the Museum (as needed)

Appearance Description: Asteria’s body type could best be described as physically fit. She has wider hips than the average woman of her build, and stands at 5’8”. Asteria has long, red-auburn hair that descends to her mid back and is lightly curled at the ends. She often has it tied in a ponytail or intricate bun in order to keep it out of her face while working, but lets it hang loose otherwise. Her eyes are a dull green, but seem to sparkle when she is focused on something interesting. As far as Asteria’s clothing choices go, she will wear whatever she is comfortable in or will make the biggest impression. She would rather make a good impression on someone as she might want to call on them for a favor later. Regardless of the outfit she wears, however, she can almost always be seen wearing her ornate silver monocle that seems just a little bit off to be a simple eyepiece.

Personality Description: Asteria presents herself as a complex and mysterious individual, and in some ways, she absolutely is. Having lived for a few thousand years, she has seen the rise and fall of nations, been witness to many events in history, and overall tried her best to be a quiet observer to the world. However, she is not above raising hell simply for the sake of raising hell. She is very thorough in her work and research, whether it is a magical artifact or meeting a new person. Asteria is very much a people person and will often attempt to assess anything and everything about a person even before meeting them, and prides herself on being able to so expertly. She also gives off the feeling that she is aware of something everyone else isn’t. She will play coy about anything and nothing, all to sow the seeds of doubt into people’s heads.

However, Asteria, like everyone else, has faults. She can become obsessed with her work to the point of unhealthy living habits. Her tendency to think she is the smartest in the room, regardless of who is around, can become a major pain for those nearby. She can also be cruel and malicious when provoked, aiming to destroy someone not just physically, but also financially, emotionally, mentally, and any other form of pain she can cause when slighted. Also, she is very much in-tune with the capitalist mentality, willing to mostly sell her talents or self-made magical items regardless of where they stand on the morality scale as long as the pay is fitting. With childish whimsy but a methodical mind, Asteria is just as likely to feel at home in a boardroom meeting as she would in an arcade or laser tag arena.

Active Abilities:

Artificing: Asteria’s preferred trade and main method of financial gain, she is a master artificer (magical tinkerer). Asteria is able to create magical items as long as she has an object and knows the magical effect that is wanted to be applied on it. The less complex the magic effect is, the easier it is to create. For example, giving a glass orb the ability to flicker with different color lights is easier than making an umbrella that holds itself over its owner while they walk in the rain. She will take commissions for just about anything as long as it is in the realm of possibility, but her prices can fluctuate wildly depending on whether she likes you or not. Imbuing spells requires her to make a magic seal then bind it to the item she is artificing. However, if she does not know the exact effect that she is attempting to imbue, she will often combine magic theories into something similar to the desired effect.

Ancient Artifact – Oculus Arcanum: The Oculus Arcanum is a unique artifact that is bound to Asteria. Its form is that of her signature monocle that she always seems to be wearing. The monocle is able to assess people and magical objects within its vision, giving her an idea of ability level and powers. It is not all-knowing, but is able to learn and recognize patterns. It also works as a magical documentation tool of sorts, as Asteria can add personal notes to what she has observed and the knowledge is stored within the oculus and can be accessed at any time. Recalling information with the Oculus is akin to using a search engine; she can search specifically for a certain person’s name or magical effect and any possible knowledge she has input or obtained on the subject would appear for Asteria to view. In combination with her artificing knowledge, she is able to imbue or mimic a wide variety of magical effects. If she scans a person that is supernatural but not presenting any active abilities or signs of being supernatural, it will only state that they are 'not human' and will require more information.
It’s basically a magical version of Google Glass.

Supernatural Sealing: Despite claiming to be an insanely knowledgeable witch, Asteria has her focus mainly in the application of sealing and dispelling of magic and some supernatural effects. She can often come up with a temporary seal off the cuff, but for anything long term it could take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on what needed sealing. If the sealing magic is cast on a living being, the feeling could be described as similar to wearing a power suppression bracelet. Those who have very powerful magic can resist the seal and break it with willpower, some not even really being affected by her magic.

Minor Artifacts: Despite having lost a majority of her most powerful artifacts during her mission in Siberia, Asteria still has a multitude of minor magical items with simple effects. Most notably she has:
-A parasol that floats above the user without needing to be held
-A wand that conducts an orchestra whenever waved around
-An earring that keeps the wielder pristine
-A bracelet that releases a small swarm of ‘fireflies’ that work as a light source

Passive Abilities:

Immortality: Due to the ancient magical ring bound to her hand, Asteria has lived for well over four thousand years without aging a single day since finding the ring.

Time-locked Regeneration: Asteria has a curious form of regeneration that continuously restores her form back to the moment she put the ancient ring onto her finger. Wounds that she gets will heal quicker than the average wound, but by no means instantaneous. It takes longer for her to regenerate larger wounds, but there has been, so far, no limit to what can be regenerated. Poisons also have a limited effect, as they make her feel ill, the effects eventual fade. Even alcohol is affected by this regeneration, to the point that it takes far too much alcohol for her to actually feel drunk so she only partakes in drinks that have a pleasant taste. Although unknown to almost all except ones who have looked into her past deeply, she has even regenerated from things that should have left her dead, such as decapitation and being caught in a bombing run. She has not tested every possible theory, however, as she still feels pain and does not enjoy dying in the slightest.

True Awareness: Asteria is very aware of her surroundings, even if she does not appear to be. She has an innate ability to sense when a supernatural effect is focused on her and where the person using said ability is at. However, it does have a range limit and certain area based abilities will not give her a good read. Even if she knows that some sort of effect is targeting her, she might not know what the effect actually does until she is under it.

Enigma: Asteria prides herself on being mysterious as possible, as the more rumors surround her, the more intrigue builds around her, and the more business she can obtain for her services. As such, any sort of scrying or analyzing effect that targets her often comes out distorted and nonsensical. Whether this is another effect of her ring or an actual ability she had possessed is unknown, and if asked, she never gives a straight answer.


Magic Dependency: Asteria is extremely dependent on magic, to the point that wearing a nullification bracelet or being blocked from her magic results in leaving her in a state of withdrawal. While in this state, she becomes more frantic and violent, and her ring's abilities seem to go haywire and function in ways that they're not supposed to. Asteria is extremely careful to not get put in this position, and will often use whatever methods possible in order to avoid such a scenario.

Holy Magic: For a reason that Asteria refuses to expand on, any sort of holy divine magic cast on her causes her immense pain and slows her regenerative abilities to a crawl. She is unsure if a powerful enough spell would actually be able to permanently kill her, but she has no intention of finding out if that is the case.

Common Magical Items:

Biography: Asteria’s history is shrouded in mystery, often by her own hand. She prefers to be able to “choose her own backstory” and has done so on multiple occasions. Moderate research reveals that she first “appeared” around the 1200s in England, working as a healer and midwife for a time before travelling onto a new area to hide the fact that she did not physically age or contract any disease. She would continue to travel around Europe for a few hundred years to keep up the charade of being a new person, but was tried and executed at least three times during her travels, mainly for witchcraft but also was also a victim of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. She would eventually find herself on board a ship headed towards the Manta Carlos islands, being one of the early arrivals as a ‘supernatural being’ to the island. She would quickly set up a homestead where she could work as an artificer, providing a few magical trinkets to the fledgling island museum of magic. Realizing a good deal when she saw one, the artificer made a deal with the museum, offering to scour the globe for more powerful artifacts in exchange for financial compensation as well as a few other perks to be determined later. She would also take up teaching history and the very rare artificing classes at the academy, as she had lived through a large portion of European history and could provide valuable insight during the time periods.

As she continued her work and travel between the narrow reality and the island, she would take her wealth and invest it where she could. This allowed her to accrue more money until she was able to become independently filthy rich to the point where financial stability was no longer an issue for her. The work was no longer to keep her afloat; it was now simply a way to pass her time as an immortal. Her research caught the work of the Veil, who offered her a position to work for them. Finding the idea to be fun but their rules restricting to her freedom, Asteria instead chose to be a civilian contractor to allow her to make the most profit from her work while at the same time gaining access to valuable tools and knowledge to use while travelling.

Her last mission for the Veil was to investigate a mysterious magical fluctuation that was occurring out in the Siberian wilderness. She vanished for a year and a month, returning with almost all of her collection of magical artifacts entirely gone and a supernatural teenager who could not comprehend emotions without connecting to others with a unique aura. Many inquiries were pushed into what happened in the frozen tundra, but Asteria remained intentionally vague. One report she gave was heavily blacked out and classified, and the few who were able to dig the bare traces of information only reveal that she fought a powerful entity that would have caused a cataclysmic level event to the narrow reality and the Earth as a whole if not slain and the teenager was an innocent caught in the crossfire. She took the teen, who she had named Ezra as they did not apparently have a name prior, to the island to start their new life free from trying to hide within the narrow reality. Leaving once more to conclude her business with the Veil as an active travelling consultant for a while, she now returns to the island to once again take up teaching and raising Ezra properly.

Asteria is actually from an alternate timeline, one where Earth had very little in the way of technology but was heavily versed in magical arts. She was known as the Muse of Innovation, able to construct powerful magical items that could change the tide of war for any nation that had her allegiance. She had a team that she would travel with to stop major cataclysmic events, and ended up being with the group that ended up defeating the nightmarish lich-like entity that had been attempting to necrotize the kingdom it was hiding in for the sake of immortality. Finding a unique magical ring after slaying it, Asteria let her hubris blind her and attempted to restrain its power. Instead, she found it was a trap that the lich had left, and its curse activated. The kingdom would slowly begin to be drowned in death and decay, and in an attempt to stop the magic from spreading farther and causing more problems, Asteria would rend open a portal into another dimension to toss the ring inside. The ring, however, had already bound itself to her, body and soul, so she threw herself in for the sake of world safety.

She would arrive in the current Earth timeline; however, she had landed in the Bronze Age of the country that would eventually become England. So trapped in a new world similar to her own without most of her magical items, her loved ones, and the ability to comprehend the language, she was resigned to die in this new world. She would find out quickly that she could not do so, however. Any death she suffered she would return from. Any injury acquired would heal. Any disease that would wipe out the people she was nearby would not affect her. She was cursed with immortality and would be forced to watch this world that lacked magic as a mere observer and no longer a major player like she had been prior.

Resources: Asteria has a small home to themselves in the upper-class section of the island. The house is up a long road with a reinforced gate and brick wall around it. It is a simple three bedroom home, despite the property the house is on would allow for a much larger homestead. Between her freelance work with the Veil, her work with the museum and the academy, and her many investments over her long lifetime; Asteria has a lot of capital to throw around whenever she feels like. She is unafraid to use it to her advantage whenever she feels the need to, and will spend lavishly in order to impress a potential friend (or as a power move out of spite). Asteria has a professional crew that maintains the grounds, her home, and uses a grocery delivery service that keeps her kitchen stocked as needed. Her homestead is also protected magically from invaders via various traps and illusions designed to keep unwanted visitors away.

Additional Information:
-Asteria enjoys confusing people, often spreading rumors about herself and her history, often with outlandish claims that may or may not have truth to them. Some of her stories are one hundred percent true, however, most are likely exaggerations of her truths.
-Asteria maintains a British accent “as her native accent” despite being alive long before the British Empire was around. She also speaks multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin.
-Asteria is actually quite proficient in physical combat, being an avid boxing and kickboxing enthusiast and having hundreds of years to practice both. She is no means a professional, but she has been in enough scraps that she will put up a good fight if she has to. Or wants to.
-Asteria is a major purveyor of film, television, and the internet, and has a large collection of movies and television series at home for her to watch whenever she takes downtime from whatever form of occupation she is currently focused in. Her obsession with the internet, however, is simply for amusement, and will often attempt to find memes and references to annoy her students with by intentionally using them wrong.
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May 19, 2018
Name: Asteria Vrall
Apparent Age: 34 [Actual Age: Over 4,500]
Gender: Female [She/Her]
Species: Human/Immortal
Height: 5'8
Build: Physically fit

Notable Features: Odd glowing black and white weaving band of magical energy around her left ring finger, dresses in very nice and fancy clothing.

Physical Quirks: British accent, seems to either be in a state of perpetual frowning or amused smirk. Walks with purpose, always seems to me watching.

Abilities Summary: Can create magic items, has magical monocle that identifies magic, sealing magic, passive ability that has anyone attempting to scan or scry Asteria will come up with non-sensical or random information. Knows if someone is nearby and targeting her with a magical effect.

Reputation: Asteria is a known teacher at the academy, but also would hear often outlandish yet somehow entirely plausible rumors about her about anything and everything. Rarely confirms or denies if they're true or not.

Misc Information: She thinks she knows more than you. She probably does.
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